__________ March 17, 2016 ___________

Green Day Gibberish!

♣   ♣  Top O’ the mornin’ t’ya! ♣    ♣
(PS [and at the BEGINNING of an entry!]:  ALT+5 = clover.  Yay!!!  ♣ )

Well, I laid out green shirts all over the bed, this morning – with the anticipation that there’d be a mad rush for shirts so as not to get pinched.  We have a LOT of green clothing in this household, it turns out.  Probably because I buy the clothes, and green is my favorite color, by far.  We’re having green (mint) (generic) Oreos, green (food colored) tea…  My ‘Photo of the Day’ takes care of FB.  Ethan has concerns about his Lego people.  They’re not wearing green.

Neither is the Worm (from ‘Labyrinth’) that I’m attempting to crochet.  Yup… started on it yesterday. Took a few false starts before I figured out what would work best in re-designing it.  The lady who did it on-line switched yarns every eight stitches.  SO. NOT. going to happen, here!  I’m doing strips and stitching them together, which is kind of tricky, but I think it’ll be okay.  So far the face and chest are done, and I’ve started on the back of the head and back.  It’s… craziness.  But kind of fun.  A challenge!

Yesterday was ‘recovery day’ after our vacation.  EVERYONE was out of sorts.  It was pandemonium, here.  To the point where I turned on a movie in the middle of the day and sat them down.  It wasn’t really a movie – it was Riverdance.  The white people version of tap dancing, it turns out.  But I love Anuna, and they’re on there – there’s something about the Celtic music…!   << Funny, I didn’t even think about how it was pre-Irish.  Total unconscious selection! 

Although at night Brian just wanted to collapse, so I *did* purposely pull out another Irish movie for the family to see.  “The Quiet Man” – which I’d seen many times as a kid, but I never knew the song ‘Isle of Innisfree’ until we discovered the ‘Celtic Women’ a few years ago.  Anyhow, it was a sweet, calm movie.  They never know what to expect, when I pull things out

Speaking of [Brian], it sounds like there’s even MORE side work coming down the pipe.  He’s pretty stoked about it.  As it is, he’s got blueprints and CAD data and all sorts of files all over the place.  He’s totally in his glory.  I can’t complain – it’s nice to have the extra $$, and it makes him happy.  So long as he doesn’t neglect the family, I won’t be an impediment.

Wanna know what the Jewish sites are saying NOW?  (I know, but…!)  They’re saying that this is the warmest/earliest spring on record [ http://news.discovery.com/earth/global-warming/february-blows-away-global-heat-record-160314.htm ] because Nibiru is enhancing the heat of the sun.  Now mostly I blow off what they say as kind of silly and a LOT hyped.  But I’m watching for things to heat up globally.  The common theme in Revelation is that in the end times, the earth will get very much hotter, and if what I’ve previously been given was true, it’s on the list of things coming very soon to a planet near me. 

I personally had assumed that it was going to happen as a combined result of a) the Fukishima radiation problem, b) the fracturing of the sea floor [Deepwater] – BOTH of which are on-going but largely suppressed by the media- and c) the breaking apart of the ice shelf, which will cause a melt-off of the freshwater arctic stores (and fulfill the prophecy about 2/3 the freshwater on earth disappearing, as well as contribute to global warming).   But I hadn’t considered Nibiru as a heat source (or a reflective source of heat that would otherwise not be experienced by us).  Whoa.  Now THAT is worth considering!

Today is supposed to be our homeschool group meeting (and Sketch Thursday).  I haven’t been getting the ‘heads up’ e-mails to RSVP to, so if we’re going to go, I have to call at 10am and let them know we’re planning on attending.  Probably should’ve done it before now, but I was waiting for that dadgum e-mail.  Anyhow, it’s just ‘art projects’ today, so I can’t imagine it’s something we had to call in to be sure they have enough of.  Besides, I never got the e-mail last month, and didn’t RSVP, and they still had enough peet pot horses for each kid to have their own – I think they had something like 20 extra!  And they expect us, RSVP or not.  😛  I’m just that predictable, apparently!

I also have to take the car back to the body shop so they can determine if the crash is the reason our A/C is no longer working.  Crossing my fingers that it is, because it was working in the fall!  Of course, we didn’t use it all winter, so I really don’t know *when* something happened to it.  But it would be SO expensive to fix, if the insurance won’t cover it.

Holy COW is the sky out there gorgeous, today!  Super blue, with brilliant white clouds, but they’re dark, dark grey in the centers.  Too crazy.  Will make for a beautiful drive, today.  I’d take a picture, but I still haven’t gotten the photos from the trip off the camera, yet.  (It’s on the list of things to do, you know.)

Oh!  Speaking of cameras, I found this really great Meet-Up site, with weekly challenges for people to get out and use their cameras (and learn about focus, color, etc.).  It’s here:  http://www.meetup.com/Michigan-Photo-Walks/?scroll=true  I haven’t joined, yet, but I *did* talk to Brian, and we found a set of three point-n-click digital cameras (working Olympus, but very old)… and we got them for the kids.  I’d like to do this with them – get out this summer and take pictures, learn to use our eyes and be creative.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

Anyhow… I should go.  There are things that need to be done that I really need to come up with other constructive ways of avoiding.  Prob’ly shouldn’t admit that, but there it is. I just had Lydia help me figure out how to turn everything on my cellphone green.  I got the font and background myself, but the lock screen had me flummoxed.  It’s NOT a sign of old age – it’s gotta be the blonde!  LoL!!  ;

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