__________ March 18, 2016 ___________

Giddy & Green

It’s $$$ PayDay $$$!!  Another green day, but just of another sort!

❄ ❅ ❆  And it’s snowing!!!! ❄ ❅ ❆

Okay, just in the air, but there’s ALWAYS a St. Patty’s Day storm in Michigan – I wait for it – and I had been assuming that the midnight thunder-boomers the other night was the world+Nibiru version of the St. Patty’s Day storm, but…. it’s snowing!!!!!

Anyhow, I took a break (cuz… c-c-c-cold!!), and snuggled down on the sofa under my favorite afghan and proceeded to BREAK THE RECORD for TripleTown (<< in our house, anyhow.)  1,770,000(-some) points!!!  Woo-HOOO!!  Total geekage, this morning in Michigan!  😀  Now THAT’S the way to end the week!

SpaceWeather says possible incoming meteors on the 22nd from the flyby of Panstarrs.  Which reminds me, I did a post several years ago during Panstarrs’ last flyby… I should go reference that a second.  Hang on.  Oooh, I wrote THREE!  The last pass was March 5, 2013.  Oh… the article from 2013 says that it’s a non-periodic comment discovered in 2011 with it’s only pass of the earth in 2013.  Wait, then…?!  Nevermind – I need time to read about it!  It’s important because of the timing – March 22nd is Purim, you know.  😉

Hey, speaking of solar system-ish things… isn’t it LOVELY having so much daylight later in the afternoon?  I drove to tap class with the sun still in the sky, this week!  Felt really weird, but we’re loving it.  The kids are playing outside nearly every night, now. (<< Maybe not tonight.  It’s turned c-c-c-cold.)

We had a lovely Patty’s Day, yesterday.  I’m in still yellow-green – kind of like being a blonde lime.  {{snicker!}}  I love it.  It’s a great shirt.  Lydia let me borrow green eye shadow, yesterday, and I put it over my usual taupe-y sparkly shadow, up to the eyebrows.  Definitely an Elphaba kind of a look.  It was fun, vertigris-ing.

Lydia played Celtic Women all the way to Lake-O, and The Corrs all the way home.  Irish, Irish, Irish!  I played a lot of Nightnoise on the piano.  We did ‘Something Irish’ for our Sketch Tuesday, too… naturally.  🙂  But I missed on making corned beef and potatoes.  We haven’t grocery shopped in four weeks (my usual span is three), so we’re kind of eaten out of house and home, at the moment.  It was tuna casserole, because that’s what I had ingredients to make.

Anyhow, School-O was… frustrating.  It was an art week, and it turns out they were doing wax and chalk with a wash to create relief.  The idea was to try for batik, but…  Can I be honest?  The librarians at this place are seriously lacking in the creativity and logic department.  They’re nice, gawd love ’em, but they don’t know *anything*, and even with all the library resources at their fingertips, they are CLUELESS.  Back when we did Chihuly, they couldn’t pronounce his name, so they just kept calling him ‘the artist’… remember?

Well, this time they didn’t really know what ‘batik’ meant, and didn’t know what a ‘wash’ was.  The kids were to come up with a picture, draw it in chalk, color in the drawing heavily with crayon (not coloring over the chalk), and then the librarian would paint over the whole thing with a ‘wash’ – in their case, half water, half paint – and it was a MESS.  This is because the ratio of paint-to-water in a wash is significantly heavier on the water side.  So when I brought the kids up, *I* mixed their wash.  The librarian was like, “Oh, no, you don’t have enough paint!” until she saw what the wash was supposed to look like.  Then she understood.  Not only that, but the wash was actually able to do what it was supposed to do – remove the chalk.  You’d think they could’ve looked that up, if they were in question, but… ((((O_o))))

And I hate doing things like that.  Being a know-it-all homeschool wench.  It sucks.  I’m not really a know-it-all homeschool wench, I swear it!  There’s a CRAP-ton I don’t know and have to look up and wish I were better acquainted with.  Argh and Ugh!

(I didn’t get to try it.  It was for kids only, since she only had so much watercolor paper.  So I’m doing it, today, here at home, on my own.)   😛   Because I *really* wanted to give it a shot, myself.  Instead, I was Mom over the Herd.  Which… yeah, okay.

Brian came home later, looked at me, and said, “Wow, you look really good today!’  Apparently green is my color?  Because the man just don’t SAY things like that!!  And then I remembered… at School-O, there were two maintenance dudes who kept locking themselves out of the space they were working in, and had to keep coming into the homeschool event to get the key.  One of them was glancing at me a lot, and even made conversation, which… I thought that was really weird, at the time.  And then there was one dad at the event – there are never guys at the event – he was there with his wife, but every time I looked up he was looking at me.  Y’know what I mean?  Yikes, skeery.  As I was telling Brian this (and rationalizing it all away with green eye shadow), Ethan says, “I saw him, too, Dad.  That guy watched Mom the whole time.”  Maybe I should lay off the green eye shadow!!!!  If even my kids are noticing…!?   Terrifying.  He should be lookin’ at his own dadgum wife, hello!!

Oh, and both of the library ladies hosting the event?  They wore teal, too.  I wondered if that was a sad attempt at not getting pinched.   😛  Brian blatantly didn’t wear green.  I did, indeed, pinch him – in case you were wondering.  Not mean – with nails or anything, but he was begging for it.

Yesterday, BFF messaged me and said, “So are we still on for Friday?”  And… HOMIGOSH!!!  I’d forgotten about the painting class!  So I quick texted the man and asked permission, while reminding him at the same time.  He’s so good to me, y’know that?  It’s THIRTY-FIVE dollars to go slap paint on a canvas.  Highway robbery!  (<<Okay, so there’s the teacher cost, the canvas cost, the building op, the supplies… but I’m a non-working entity who feels guilty about spending $35 to go tra-la-la around with acrylics and a paintbrush.  It’s terrible… and he lets me.  Which makes me feel even MORE guilty…!

Spent a LOT of time last night researching homeschool stuff that we’ll be needing for the upcoming lessons.  It’s never a dull moment with that.  I was supposed to be working on photos [ad nauseum], but… *shiny!*  There’s a lot of good stuff out there, it’s just a matter of weeding thru and finding it.

Well…!  I should go.  There are bills to print off and do, and photos to edit and Worm to crochet together, and today is Flashcard Friday, of course.  And man… is it just my house, or is the WORLD in dire need of a vaccuuming?  ((<< I sound so domestic.  Someone stop me, now!!  Sick n’ wrong, man, sick n’ wrong!))

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