__________ March 26, 2016 ___________

Going Places

I play this weird little game, a lot.  The ‘what if I was writing to him‘ or ‘what if he had ended up with her as an e-penpal’ game.  It’s where I go to dance or the store or a library and look at someone, and imagine what it would be like to write to someone with a completely different outlook, lifestyle, weltangshauung.  You know what I mean?

For example, I have a pen-pal who loves the woods, is into music and art and reading and hiking and a lot of the same things that I am… BUT WHAT IF I’d landed the dude riding the mobility cart in the stained sweatpants at Save-a-Lot?  Or the skinny little yuppie dude in the car at the stoplight next to me – who no doubt lives in a really fancy development and sips chai tea from Starbucks?  What kind of e-mails would these people write?  What kind of an e-mail might I get if I’d answered an ad from the hot tub guy, or the chain smoker jaywalking in Alger Heights, or the bald dude with long fingers and kindly eyes working the register at the hardware out by Grandpa’s?  What kind of things would they write about?  What kind of life do they live?  What would these people have to say?

Mostly I figure they wouldn’t bother writing.  They just seem kind of oblivious, living little lives in a little bubble with the same routines and the same activities, no?  But do they dream of other places?  Other lifestyles?  Other places and cultures and driving out into the middle of nowhere just to breathe?  I don’t know, and this is probably driving home that I’m seriously weird, but still.  How far do other people dream…?  I can’t help wondering if having grown up military (moving, everyone around me moving, constantly), that it has made a big difference in outlook.  And my kids haven’t had that – how will that affect them?

I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff like this, because…

Brian’s sister has just quit her job in Chicago and is moving to Florida.  He found out yesterday, and his parents are *pi$$ed* about it.  His sister… she really is one of the most artificial and ridiculously brainless people I have *EVER* met in my life.  She’s beautiful – no, really, really beautiful.  And guys pick her up ALL of the time… for about a week.  The amount of time it takes to realize that she is so vacant, self-absorbed, annoying and has NO clue about anything.  And fake.  HomiGOSH, so fake.  Black guys like her for eye candy, and it lasts a week or two longer, with them.  But even they ditch her, sooner than later.

Anyhow, she had a friend in Chi-town who got her a gig as a nanny, and she moved there, taking a waitress job at night.  Just the nanny gig wasn’t enough to live on, apparently.  Anyhow, the kids grew up and started school, but the dad pulled some strings and got her into his law firm (?!) as a paralegal (she has NO training or experience, no college at all… I have suspicions I probably shouldn’t have, or at least not admit to having).  We’re not sure how that happened, but her roommate flaked out and stopped contributing to the rent, so they lost that apartment, and her new roommate is now moving in a boyfriend and asking her to leave.  On top of that, her last steady boyfriend had broken up with her and moved to Florida about six months ago, so she’s been friend-less, guy-less, and now borderline homeless.

Now all of a sudden the ex-boyfriend is willing to move her to Jacksonville (?!), and she’s going with the flaky friend to find a place to live in a totally different side of town from the guy (because he lives ghetto, and she’s won’t go there)…?!  Anyhow, no job lined up, no place lined up, and a flaky friend and ex-homie in the ghetto to her name.  She’s not going to be able to land another paralegal gig, so we can only guess what she’s going to do, now.  Brian says it’s “the beginning of the end – where she comes back here”.  I don’t know.

Regardless, this is the BIG news of the day.  I think his parents are mostly upset because from Chicago, she could drive home a half dozen weekends a year.  From Florida, she won’t be coming home regularly.  And since they don’t see us, that’s the end of the offspring thing.  For a while, anyhow?  I don’t know. His family isn’t happy, though.  Although… quite honestly, they’re rarely happy.  I just do it all, hearsay, these days.  It’s much nicer, that way!  😀

So apparently growing up in the same place doesn’t *always* mean a ‘stuck’ lifestyle.  Although I have to admit to you, there are days when I feel seriously ‘stuck’.  And it’s not that we don’t have a good set-up, or that we’re not in a good place.  It’s not that I’m not happy.  It’s just wanderlust, y’know?  Vacations are supposed to help that.  And I think mostly they do.  It’s just March… and it’s getting time for the week-long, annual adventure, apparently!

Speaking of, I’ve been researching an adventure.  I wondered if we shouldn’t ‘go’ somewhere for Ishtar the way we did for X-mess, so I started looking into Jackson.  It’s only an hour and a half away, and I’d heard about a huge man-made waterfall called ‘The Cascades’, there.  Doing a little research, I found out the Republican party was formed there, in a place called ‘Under the Oaks’.  They also have the oldest still-operating passenger train depot in the United States – AND it’s open on Easter.  And another 15 minutes south of there is a park with 17 footbridges made out of cement that were made to look like they’re made out of gnarled wood.  So this is what I was doing, yesterday… looking into a Jackson day-trip.  But we’ve decided to leave it until summer, because The Cascades don’t flow until Memorial Day.  Bummer!  Anyhow, I should be researching Indiana, not Jackson.  😛

Speaking of going places, the first viable local homeschool field trip was announced, yesterday!!  They’re going to Lansing to do a tour of the State Capitol.  It’s beautiful – we did a walking adventure of Capitol Circle one Sunday evening (I had a whim on the way back from the Detroit Zoo, I think?).  I knew they did tours for free, but I figured it’d have to be with a group, so I never called about it, myself.  Anyhow, the field trip is to Impressions 5 (children’s museum) in the morning and the Capitol in the afternoon.  I don’t like that – the two have nothing to do with each other, and my anal says that the focus should be on one or the other… so we’re not going to Impressions 5, just the Capitol.   Anyhow, I think Brian’s really interested in doing Impressions 5 with the kids and I, so we’re saving that for a weekend.  Still… the capitol!  I’m giddy.  Did you know that Michigan’s Capitol is the only state capitol building in the country designated as a National Historic Landmark?

It’s going to be awesome.  (I hope!!)

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