__________ March 28, 2016 ___________

A Little Less Ouch

It’s a beautiful morning!  I’d say I’m excited about it, but it dipped down to 38 last night, and if it shoots up into the 60s again, I’m going to be in severe trouble.  Especially since swimming last night *REALLY* helped.  I’m sitting up AND smiling, at the same time!  The pain factor has gone (on a scale of 1 to 10) from “remember to breathe” down to a more manageable “this isn’t fun, but isn’t horrific, anymore, so let’s count our blessings, hm?”  I think it was the weightlessness in the water – and the stretching while not having any gravitational pull working against everything – helped a lot.

I wasn’t sure if I should go.  Almost didn’t.  It’s easier to say, “I’m not up to [something]” than to take a few deep breaths and homiGOSH-getting-this-swimsuit-on-may-result-in-paralysis!, you know what I mean?  Lydia’s all beep-boppy up the sidewalk to the school, half a mile ahead of me, and I’m very happy just to make it up the curb.  *WHEW!*, that worked!”  But it really did help to swim.  I’m even thinking of going on Wednesday, taking the family.  If it’d make a difference, and get things back in alignment?  Because I *HATE* that joke about ‘being beside myself – literally’ that Brian loves so much…!  😛

It. Was. Dead. at the pool.  A new sign hung on the locker room door that read, “No students under the 7th grade and/or without a student ID, and no child younger than that will be admitted to swim without constant adult supervision.”  !!!   Pool Nazi at work again, that fiend.  Then there was a girl in the locker room who said, “Brace yourself, it’s going to be empty.”  I asked why, and she said, “Last Monday there was a big mess with that group of boys that’s always here.  Something happened in the locker room – they were messing around and sliding on the tile and water, and now you have to have a parent or an ID to swim.”  (((!!!!!)))  All I can think is that someone got hurt, after I left?  It had to be, because that’s a pretty severe response for horseplay.

She was right – I got in the pool area, and the sign-up sheet wasn’t hung on the wall, anymore.  The LIFEGUARDS had it, and you had to sign in with them in order to even get in the pool.  Which… okay, I’ll admit, it was *really* lax, before.  Swim is free to resident students, so kids just came and went, parents dropping them off and coming back two hours later.  And nobody ever signed in (except for me, and I’m anal).  Plus non-students and non-residents have to enter thru the Fitness Center to pay, first (a totally different part of the building) and walk down to the pool… which nobody does, since there’s a trio of double doors to the pool right BY the pool!  So I get that they’re now keeping track of people coming and going.
But doesn’t it seem extreme, to do an ‘effective immediately’ move like that?  It’s a drastic move.  Anyhow, there were three people – TOTAL – in the pool.  An elderly wade-walker woman, me (the lap swimmer), and the girl from the locker room, who alternatively hung out and talked with the lifeguards or took naps on the ledge under the diving board (!?).   Quiet.  And while I understand that they need accountability and responsibility…  I’ll have to be honest – I have other concerns.  For example, what if – in the next radical change – Pool Nazi decides that all people using the pool must purchase a fitness center membership?  Right now swim is $3/visit for me.  If they did that, it would jump to $16/visit for me.  I can’t DO that.  So yeah… concerns.
I’m really sorry to be so gripey about aches n’ pains.  The good news is that a LOT can be done in 15-minute intervals.  I’ll rest it, then get antsy and get up and do Shabbat dishes, until things hurt, then rest it, then get up and wash duck/chicken eggs for a bit, then rest, then get up and tend critters.  So I wasn’t a hardship on anyone, really.  I even ended up going to CVS for day-after-Ishtar chocolate at half price.  (<< I’d thought Brian would’ve done it, but he didn’t.)  It was on the way to Lydia’s dance, so I sucked a breath and went.  Surprised him with Cadbury eggs.  The man loves his Cadbury eggs (it’s half a nostalgia thing – his grandma D always gave him an egg, when he was a boy).  Those things utterly gross me out, but for him…!
We had a great time at dance, last night.  We teased and laughed and had a good time.  I told BFF Sugarbush was over, and she said she’s meeting her real dad this coming weekend, and wanted to know if I’d sell her a jar of maple syrup.  No… but I’ll give her one.  So today it’s on my list to find some scrap material down in my craft corner and make a little top cover with some ribbon and make it look nice for her.  That’s what friends do!
Speaking of seeing family not seen for years, Brian went to his parent’s house Sunday late night to drop off steel.  (His friend Mike that he does work for drives past Brian’s dad’s house every morning, so it’s the ‘pick-up spot’, since that shop is way out in Zeeland.)   Anyhow, his sister was there… Easter, you know.  So he stopped in, since it’s the last time he’ll likely see her for a really long time, if she’s moving to Florida.  He says it’s always awkward, because they think we’re such freaks, with our homeschool and goats and Bible stuff… he says, “They pretty much figure we’re Branch Davidians.”  !!!?!!   Whatever, I guess.  But that’s painting with some mighty broad strokes, don’t you think?
The kids have been going thru the scrapbooks, here, with me.  It’s a LOT – there are 26 (ish) books, and they’re big.  They didn’t even make it thru half, yesterday.  So much to look at, to remember.  And it’s just a reminder to me that I’m a good three books behind, at the moment.  SO have to get moving on that.  I wish it were possible to lay down and edit photos at the same time.  I could get SO MUCH more done, that way…!  Y’know?  Hate wasting time laying around.  Not that it’s not fun looking at old photos.  We apparently keep really busy!!!
Lydia’s pulled out my old Tony Vincent CD the other day, and fell in love with it.  She was playing in the car, last night, and I forgot how much I loved some of the lyrics.  Specifically ‘Simple Things‘.  This, of course, was back in the early 90s, when he came out as a Christian singer (and I was so very christian).  Looked him up, yesterday… he’s… become very… erm, interesting.  Kinda skeery, actually.  I was surprised!  Anyhow, re-finding a great album is always fun.  Regardless of the now?  ((O_o))  But man, that was eye-opening.  I remember going to see him in concert, a million years ago.  Come to think of it, I remember thinking, “Are christians supposed to grab their crotch on stage like that?”  LoL!!!  Nevermind… just nevermind!!
I’m actually reading an e-book about a guy very much like Tony.  The guy in the book is ‘pansexual’, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around.  More, it’s a chrischun book (<< did NOT know that when I got it), and the things happening in the book just don’t jive with how I always perceived believers to be.  Things are apparently changing out there, a lot?  It’s interesting, to say the least.  I kind of get the vibe that maybe Tony Vincent might be pansexual, too?  Or maybe some weird hybrid of things I haven’t figured out, yet?  I don’t know.  I have bi and homosexual friends, but none of them do it to the glory of God, so I… while I’m totally good with personal choice, I have some issues with pointing it at the Almighty.   Working thru that, yet.
I’m going to attempt tap, tonight.  At the least, go and record whatever they add to our dance, so I can do it, later.  But I’m a little concerned about trying to tap dance – it’s a jarring kind of a thing, y’know?  I’ll give it my best, but it might be a little painful.  S’okay… you would think an ex-actress could manage to keep a smile on, right?  Noooooo problem.  😛  I just wish there weren’t so many hops in the dance.  Cuz, ‘She’s a sore Mamma-jamma’.  Just sayin’.  Hahahahaaaaaaa…!  Anyhow, I have to bring BFF her jar of maple syrup.  🙂
Okay.  Well, I’m thinking it’s time for a break…
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