__________ March 31, 2016 ___________

Sick of Ouch

Happy. Payday.

No really.  It’s a day of counting blessings.  I’m not gritting teeth to sit up.  It’s stopped pouring/thunder-storming.  It’s Friday.  Side work $$ came in.  Flashcard Friday. Another movie was added to the Free Flick’s Family Films (‘Kung Fu Panda 3’).  If I ask, I have a guy who’ll run to the store today so that I don’t have to… although I probably won’t ask.  The surprise of actually looking forward to getting a shower.  LEGO dragons are due, today – you should SEE them!

Well, I finally started the ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’ (book series) that the kids want me SO BADLY to read.  Lydia’s pen-pal told her that they’re going to make a movie of the series, and the kids are beside themselves excited at the news.  So far, the books are cute.  Isaac, of course, is trying to tie them to ‘Lord of the Rings’, as we all know Aragorn was a Ranger.  Obviously that means these guys are of the same order… might have even fought with Aragorn, right? Ethan’s been having a hard time getting into reading… I’m hoping if we do it, together, he might put a little more time into it.  Isaac and Lydia DEVOUR books.  Ethan just hasn’t gotten bit by the bookworm, yet.

Apparently the makers of ‘The Lego Movie’ are making ‘The Lego Batman Movie’.  It looks TERRIBLE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBJyp2LFHgk  Anyhow, THE BEST Lego movie has already been made, and it wasn’t either of those.  We absolutely *LOVE* this one:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsHXaU6ZYBA  The new one looks just awful in comparison.  The kids are so funny – they were geeked about the new one, until we watched the trailer, this morning, and then they’re like, “….!…. Yeahnonotthinkingso….!

Holy crap, am I still sitting here?  That’s insanity.  I’d better not push it.  It’s been 45 minutes!  Time to go find that ‘Ranger’ book and rest things a little.  But this is better, right?  I know – I was a TOTAL gossip, this time… it’s because I’ve got nothing going of my own.  Just sofa… and sofa… and more sofa… and I even broke down and had a daytime movie, yesterday.  Life isn’t interesting when you’re stuck lying down all the time.  FYI.

Okay.  Time to go.  Have a great Friday.

Until Shabbat!

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  1. My son R has been a fan of the series for years and has wanted me to read them for years, I finally relented…well had to spend a lot of time planted in the bathroom 😉 and had to read what was handy…and ended up reading them in a huge gulp. I have no idea why I waited. They are not big & heavy and I enjoyed just enjoying them. There’s a sequel series with one book published and a side series linked trough a book later in the series. This was a series that finally got my Z to read longer books hopefully it will catch Ethan too.


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