____________ April 06 2016 ___________

Stayin’ Home & Schoolin’

I was actually hoping that – when I opened the blinds this morning – there’d be a nice layer of snow on everything.  Nope – it’s just pouring rain.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  And have I mentioned it should be snow… and that we’re starting to FLOOD because it’s not?  Ugh!!  Last night when we went to bed, it was freezing rain/hail.  Brian had said it could turn into snow.  He listens to the radio on the way to/from work, and checks MLive on his morning break, so he knows these things.  I’m more of a global news watcher, while he’s the one who sits down with the local paper, listens to the local radio/meteorology… for that matter, he reads my FB feed daily and tells me to check out the horrible picture of so-N-so or that his cousin finally popped the question this weekend in Alabama.

It was a totally uneventful Tuesday.  We did school, and the kids set up their ‘marketplace’ in the living room with the wooden TV trays and stools from their room (for the computer, there).  It was a disaster zone for most of the day, pretty much everywhere.  I moved the PC out to the dining room and worked on pictures by them.  Got a LOT done, too.  That’s my goal for this week – I *need* May 2015 sorted, combined, edited, and finished.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this far behind, before.  It’s a disaster, and I can’t go into Pesach like this.

Last night was video night.  We learned about Boron, New Guinean death masks, shiitake mushrooms (yes, I’m behind that one!), clean energy options… oh, I don’t know WHAT all.  There’s a line-up of stuff, and we go down the list.  It’s as big a surprise to them as to me.   I let them out of math/grammar *IF* they worked in teams and got all of the president matchbooks put in their ‘Books of Centuries’.  Trust me – there’s a LOT of grammar gonna go on when they have to fill those babies out!

There’s a funny here:  when I created the president matchbooks, it was 2008, and we didn’t know if Mitt Romney or Obama was going to be president.  So I created matchbooks for both of them, and figured we’d toss the loser’s.  Anyhow, here we are, eight years later, and the kids are happily cutting out John Quincy Adams, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George H.W. Bush…  “Mitt Romney?!??!”  I looked up.  “Mitt Romney was never president!”  the 15yo exclaims.  And then a little later Isaac shows up to start working with Aaron on another set of matchbooks, and…  “Mitt Romney?!?!  What the heck, Mom?!”  It was kind of a joke, because even later Ethan saunters over, sees the discarded Mitt pictures, and goes, “Who is Mitt Romney?  He wasn’t a president!”  Owen shrugged and got out his colored pencils and gave him a big thick black beard.  ((Kid after my own heart!))  LoL!!  It was just funny, though.  And of course when Brian comes home, he sees Mitt Romney on the table…  😉

While we were editing photos/manning marketplace shops, the kids were pulling out CDs that we haven’t heard before (or haven’t heard in years)… it was SO WEIRD!  They pulled out a Kim Hill CD, and I thought, “Oh!  I didn’t even know I had that.  Must be new?”  But then I was singing along to all of the songs… that I didn’t know?!  It was surreal.  There was one that I absolutely fell in LOVE with – it’s my heart’s song.  It’s just gorgeous.  I found the piano music on-line (I’m sure I could play/sing it with little work – I could probably even figure it out by ear, but I’m more of a by writ person than by ear, honestly) and bookmarked it to talk to Brian.  It’s $3.99… awful steep for my blood, but maybe he’d be okay with that?  After all, I need an April song, now that my thumb is SO MUCH better!!!  😛  In case you were interested in hearing it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yoWOrWcpTQ   Gives me chills!  The music looks pretty easy, too:  http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd.asp?ppn=MN0072299

Anyhow, he came home and said my cousin took his sister to the airport with her three kids yesterday.  They’ve bought an 8-day package to Disney.  EIGHT DAYS…  That’s got to be SO expensive!!!  And plane tickets would be out of my budget, for that matter!  I gaped at Brian, and he said, “I know – and Steve said they just had to have her FIL pay to put the floor in the barn they were building last year, because they ran out of money for the cement.  Apparently they also just bought a new van – they wanted something around $12k, and ended up spending $25K on a brand new, high-end SUV.”  !!!  How can people DO this?  I don’t understand.  And it’s not like they’ve got money – she’s a stay-home mom (public schooler), and he’s a diesel mechanic for Consumers.  ?!?!?

It just blows my mind, how people can afford stuff like this.  Or go into debt with no qualms.  … speechless!!! …  Brian just shrugs.  “People have to have name brand clothes.  And Starbuck’s lattes.  And you know they’re out and about all of the time.”  I can’t even imagine.

When my kids are out of the nest?  I’m going to be working.  I worked up until six days before Lydia was born.  I would HAVE to contribute.  (Right now I consider schooling, taking care of the kids instead of daycare, and saving $$ any way I can while scheduling cheap entertainment my job.)  Anyhow, I was all, “And I’ve bookmarked sheet music that I was going to ask you about, because it’s too much money!”  Brian asked how much, and I told him $3.99, and he laughed.  “That’s less than Starbucks, you know.”  I know.  But still, y’know?  Anyhow, he says he’s glad to have someone who is careful and prudent on his side.

We apparently just have a VERY different outlook on things than my family.  And I realize that tending goats, grading reports, home-cooked meals, cheapy movies, and the like aren’t impressive… but it’s about values, y’know?  I’m probably saying this all wrong, and look like a total loser.  I feel like what I do is important, though.  To me, anyhow.

Anyhow, I should go.  Work on pictures.  Work up the courage to purchase sheet music.  🙂  Today is electronic school – and we’re starting to learn the countries of Asia (since the oldest two are acing Europe and South America – it’s time to swap out to Asia).  I need to do this, too, y’know – there’s so much that’s changed in the 27 years (r’something!) since school!  😛

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