____________ April 07, 2016 ___________

The Start of a Scramble

Today is the new moon (and/or the 1% of the moon, which is what matters to me).  It means the Hebrew month of Nisan is starting.  It’s a HUGELY important month, with a whole week of festivities.  Passover, Unleavened, and Firstfruits, a week of having no bread/yeast (anything that rises) in the house, and then Mimouna!  We’ll be buying a leg of lamb, gluing barley corns to a countdown sheet for fifty days… it’s intense.  And before that (<< meaning for the next 14 days)?  I. Am. CLEANING.  I have a huge list of things to accomplish before we enter the feast season, and I get a little crazy about it.  (And of course I want all the Ranger’s Apprentice books read by then, and my photos at least printed thru the fall feasts, by then!)  Have I mentioned only boring people get bored?!?!?!?!

I’d be strung out, but He hit me with something weird this morning, so I’m MORE than strung out.  He wants me to research something about pyramids.  Don’t ask, I don’t know.  It’s weird.  But I was reading about pyramids this morning, and how they’re on virtually every continent, and I was just starting to try to group them into regions when I found MORE (including one in ‘Tenerife’, which drew the response, “Where the heck is Tenerife?!”)… and then twenty seconds later, I’m at SpaceWeather, looking at a Venus/lunar conjunction over Tenerife!  What the heck!?  And the conjunction (0.01 degrees!) on Rosh Chodesh Nisan?  There’s some seriously interesting timing, there…!

Not that I expect anything.  Well… there are tens of thousands who – like me – are hoping that this is the year that Elijah returns as one of the two witnesses (It’s GOT to be time…!!).  But then, I hope that every single year (along with tens of thousands like me).  I hope too often, though.  I don’t get meteors, I get indecipherable pyramids.  😛

Our PC is having trouble.  It is SO slow, and often freezes up.  I have concerns… so I may be bringing it in to be cleaned and backed up, this afternoon.  Would make e-mailing fun, tomorrow… or at least late!  We’ll see.  I just hate to lose everything because it’s a mess.  And I’ve been working on deleting files, now… lots of stupid .pdfs for school that – once getting them and opening them turn out to be twaddle, videos I wanted to see and downloaded somewhere else to save bandwidth here (but don’t need to see again)… just STUFF, y’know?  But I’m still nervous about it.  MOSTLY because I don’t have pictures finished from a YEAR ago!!  (((((horror!!!!)))))  Which I could be doing if I weren’t cleaning the PC, reading ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’, cleaning for Pesach, planning the Indiana trip, researching pyramids that I really have NO idea as to the significance, and everything else.  ARGH!!!!!

Nisan snuck up on me too quickly!  Now I feel like I’m scrambling for the next two weeks!

Anyhow… about yesterday.  What happened, yesterday?  I finished book seven, started book five.  (That sounds stupid, but, erm, yeah.)  I deleted 900+MB of stuff from the PC.  I cleaned that pile on the printer, somewhat.  We did school (obviously) but it was electronic school, so I was… somewhere else?  I don’t know.  Yesterday was kind of a blur. We got Owen to eat split pea soup (the boy HATES frozen peas, and was adamantly refusing to try peas from a can).  But he ended up loving the soup… as I knew he would.  I was impressed that he actually went for it.  We had to rename it, though.  It’s now ‘Shrek’s Swamp Soup’.  ((Well…!  It worked…!))

Oh!  Brian had his quarterly meeting at work.  It snuck up on us, this time, and he missed the notice on the board, so he had no idea it was yesterday until everyone was on the way there.  I didn’t know it was coming at all – he just came home and grinned and said it was quarterly meeting.  Which is where – if there is one – they give out the quarterly bonus.  It’s always been between $100 and $300, and once I think it was $500.  Last quarter of last year was a shock, because it was a thousand dollars!  I think I told you this – Brian had to go up to the offices and make sure it wasn’t a mistake, but they said they were going to start ‘rewarding’ the hard workers, the people who go above and beyond for the company, so it was no mistake.  (That’s how we could go to Indy over X-mess!)  Well, they didn’t lie – this bonus was HUGE, too!  Not a thousand, but far more than even the $500!  I’m stunned.  Brian’s stunned.

So I’m a little nervous.  I don’t like too much extra $$.  Not that it’s really extra… it’s pretty much making up for what was short from the tax return, this year.  But April has THREE paydays, so there’s extra, there.  And in addition, he’s got MORE side work (he’s just eating it up, lemme tell ya!), so we’ve got way more coming in from that than ever before, too.  It’s making up for what we for some reason didn’t get back, this year.  (Brian says it’s going to decrease with time, and that this is just evidence.  I can’t help wondering if we didn’t do something wrong with that blasted TurboTax, r’something, though. Past five returns were similar, and this one was shockingly different.  Not sure… and we’re not going to worry about it.  What we get is a blessing, no?)

Today begins the Gem & Minerals show in Wyoming.  [ https://www.facebook.com/events/475031849348457/ ]  We’re going in the evening, so Brian can come and look at the beautiful stones, with us.  I’m hoping if we go over the supper hour, it’ll be less busy.  Anyhow, it’s near my (new) favorite thrift store (since the Red Barn is raising it’s prices to mimic BadWill).  So I’m hoping to talk Brian into going with us there, too.  We’ll see.

As for the rest, I got to get moving, if anything is to be accomplished.  There’s SO MUCH to do!!  I’m thinking today I need to finish the May/July 2015 photos, and take them to be developed, tonight.  Burn photos that never got put on disks.  Get downstairs and do at least a quick organize, so that when it’s time to clean, it won’t be so frightening.  And the laundry in my room… that’s on the list.  I also plan to finish book five by bedtime.

Doable?  I sure hope so!

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