____________ April 11, 2016 ___________

Walmart on the Weekend

Happy Monday!

I spent $76.50, already today.  ((eek!))  But I woke up remembering that Isaac is twelve, turning thirteen.  Just three months away.  When a boy is twelve or thirteen (depending on his maturity level), they have their Bar Mitzvah.  Isaac is immature, so we’ve held off until 13, but that’s in July. So that’s coming up, fast!  Anyhow, it’s a good thing that Ha’Shem told me about it, this morning, because the Grand Rapids Gun & Knife show is this coming weekend!!  I would’ve missed it, if He hadn’t reminded me!

Anyhow, for each kids’ bar/bat mitzvah (yes, it’s a rite of passage for girls, too), we give them three tools for life:  a pocket knife, an electronic tablet of their own, and a real grown-up Bible (and because I’m me, it’s got to be a TCR/KJV).  We also throw in a Bible cover (the kids get to pick this as well as their knife) and little gold tabs for the Bible.  For Lydia we got all dressed up and went out to a fancy Italian dinner, and I took her to a salon to get her hair styled special for it.  I think Brian bought her flowers, too.  It was really nice.  Harder to come up with stuff for boys…!

But I bought the Bible, tabs, and let him pick out his cover, this morning.  Total it was $70-something dollars, but because it was between three items, I didn’t have to ask Brian, first.  We have a rule that we can’t spend over a certain amount on one item with out talking about it, first.  You’d think it was too piddly an amount, probably, but it’s a big deal to us.   Anyhow, I have mentioned this to Brian as coming up (like back in February or something), but it seemed like the right time, since we happen to have a little extra, right now.  And because I was prompted.  🙂

You should be SO PROUD of me… I got May, June, AND July photos done, this week.  That’s five-hundred and eighty eight pictures – edited, burned, taken to Wal-mart, and being developed likely as we speak!  Oh, man, that was hard – because there were close to 2500 for those months when I started.  See, I don’t have photo album room for everything if they’re all big pictures, so I put two pictures on each photo (sometimes more!)  That way they’re smaller and I can fit more.  I know, that’s crazy, right?  But it has to happen, because there are just too many of us!  Anyhow, I still have 1,589 to edit – from August thru February.  So I’m not done.  But working on it…!  At least I can do another week of vacation next month without feeling utterly overwhelmed!  And that $100 gift card is going to pay for the developing.  So YAY, that!

Okay.  Now on to catching you up from the weekend.

Saturday?  We did nothing.

Brian’s so funny.  He came home and said, “Steve [my cousin] asked what we’ve got planned for this weekend.  He’s always got to have something to do, somewhere to go, some event or activity.  I think I drive him a little crazy when I say we plan to just have a relaxing day at home.”  But it’s true – While some Saturdays (many, lately!) have him going out and sticking another piece of steel in the mill and turning it on to cut for another 40 minutes… we come in and just spend time together.  He’ll get a nap.  I’ll work on photos.  The kids’ll play with the new Snap Circuit kit.  We’ll watch a movie, cook together.  Work on little projects.  I had the kids pull all of the books out of the kid bookshelf, and we went thru and got rid of an ENTIRE shelf of baby books and stuff we don’t need/want, anymore.  We sorted by size/kind (Dr. Seuss, Golden Books, etc.), put the Magic Treehouses and A-to-Z mysteries in order and put everything back neatly.  Had a free shelf, so we could put the new ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’s on it, and have room for the rest.  It looks wonderful.

But just little stuff like that.  I’m kind of a homebody.  I like to hike and have an adventure here and there, but it’s really nice to just be low-key, too.  Especially for the kids… they don’t always have to be entertained, y’know?  It’s good for them to just hang out.

Sunday was busier.  Our ‘adventure’ day, if you will.  We spent the morning home, but then we went to the movies to see the last Flick’s Film of the season – ‘Kung-Fu Panda 3’.  It blew chunks.  I had *way* too many issues with it (and am not fond of Po to begin with), but Brian and the kids like him, so… I endure.  Then we had lunch out at Red Robin – finally! – and I have needed to go to the craft store for a LONG time.  I’m three projects behind in history!  Anyhow, when not finishing photos in the morning, I’d worked out the activities for school (so I’d know what I’d need), and…

Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday because of Jee-zus.  So we were stuck with Michaels… and they. had. NOTHING that I needed!  I was so disgusted!  I wanted little stick-on gemstones… they only had them in a 2000 pack that was so HUGE…!!  I needed scrapbook papers printed in natural scenes (like sand for desert and palms for jungle)… they had NOTHING like it.  I needed gold lace that was jagged zig-zag on one side.  Nnnnnnope.  Irritating.

Then we went to Wal-mart to drop of photos, and wouldn’t you know it, but Wal-mart had a biome scrapbook paper SET on sale!  And they had lace, and they had little packs of gems…!  Good night, it’s bad when Wal-mart has more craft stuff than the craft store!  Anyhow, we also need a mixer – mine died a week ago.  But they didn’t have the two-bowl one that I was hoping we could get, so we’re holding off at the moment.  I’ll find it, wait and see!

We came home, and I didn’t want the kids in front of another movie, but we needed relax time… so I had Brian help me set up the Nintendo NES, and we had Dr. Mario challenge games.  They LOVED it.  Today they want to do the Tetris thing, so that will be fun, in the afternoon.  Good problem solving, hand/eye coordination.  They need some of that.

The pool is still closed.  I’m going to get FAT if this keeps up…!!  I have been practicing the tap moves in the kitchen (Finally getting close to having the ‘shopping cart’… but now I lost the time step transition!).  Still.  Oh!  And I found knee-high nylons in dark brown for my Granny outfit at Wal-mart.  And nylons – mine were ripped open in the hiney for the past six weeks, and I’m pretty much popping thru them, now.  I wouldn’t have, but the run is headed for the back of the knee, and that’ll be visible soon, you know.  😛  It’s one thing to secretly have a ripped out booty under my clothes, but it’s another thing to have a run down my pantyhose everyone in class can see, you know what I mean?

Oh, goodness… mortification.  I have to go.  No, seriously.  It’s time.

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