____________ April 12, 2016 ___________

Shirley You want to Read this

Well, this is weird.  I’m on Lydia’s laptop, this morning, and everything is ALL the heck wonky!  Her screen is taller and not as wide as mine, so everything that’s usually spacious is all scrunched up, and… well, it’s certainly different to look at!  To touch, too.  My keys don’t press as far down, don’t make as much noise.  So weird!

Yup, I brought the PC in, yesterday.  It’s been acting stupid – making me click and click and click and click and CLICK the mouse to get the little arrow thinger to respond.  It shouldn’t take that much time/effort to press a button on the screen.  And I have concerns about losing all the stuff on my PC, so getting it to work well is important.  I really like our PC guy – he’s about thirty, has lived in the same small town all of his life, and is slightly handicapped.  But he opened a tiny computer shop in a little hole of a building, and did such good business that now he’s moved his business to a much nicer place right in the heart of town.  I like to see people who – like everyone else – are stuck in a dead spot and with challenges to overcome putting their minds to something and really making it go, y’know?

He’s probably going to be EXASPERATED when he sees that I’ve blocked every Microsoft update for the past two years.  I don’t like MS… I’m pretty sure they’re adding surveillance to my machine.  I irrationally try to thwart them.  He’d shake his head, wouldn’t he?  (He’ll also shake his head at my ‘Matrix’ wallpaper.  I like the falling green symbols, what can I say?!)

Speaking of (…not really, but…)  I showed you an article a week or two ago about how Smith was ‘The One’ (sacrilege!), right?  Well, if evil is now good?  That which is good is now being painted as evil.  Have you noticed?  In ‘Kung-fu Panda’, the bad guy’s eyes glowed green.  I take offense at that.  Green is NEVER a bad color IRL.  In fact, spiritually speaking, it’s Yehovah’s color.  So that really bothered me.  But it seems everything is being turned on its head.  People are believing wrong is right.  So what else, y’know?!!

My e-pen-pal is going to Florida for a week!  He’s pretty excited, except that he’s not bringing along his laptop.  And typing e-mails on a phone isn’t going to happen… so he’s decided he’s going to send mp3s of him ‘chatting’ to me, instead.   I’ve never heard his voice.  I’m not sure I *want* to hear his voice.  I’m feeling ALL shades of wiggy about this, but don’t want to discourage him, either, but…  (((grimace)))  Not sure how that will work.

I know what he means about typing on a phone or tablet, though.  I have the tippy-top touch of just ONE finger to work with, and that’s just WAY too slow.  I know some people who are all thumbin’ those thangs up, but I hold it like it’s a diamond, and use the tippy-top touch of just ONE finger.   Brian laughs his hiney off – says it’s too dainty.  Can’t help that.  It’s what happens.  Lydia is just seriously IRATE that I disabled spell-check.  She fumes and sputters like mad about it.  But I want to type like I talk, and when I talk, I confuddle up words, and you have NO idea what a fight it is with spell-check to type the way I talk.  Just sayin’.

So last night I couldn’t swim.  I’m not happy, by the way, about this.  Should go without saying, but… in case, there it is.  I went (dry) to dance class with Lydia, and used the time before that to schlep our silly selves out to Jenison to pick up photos, then go to a pharmacy for vitamins and a bank for money for my still card-less (and mildly annoying) husband.  We had a little extra time, so we went and got Book 8 from the library for me (along with several other books).  Then BFF lent me ‘Winter’  (<< last book in the Lunar Chronicles – I bought it for her birthday, and she’s lending it to me, heheheheheh.  Also woo-hoo, but… y’know.)  So I’m good on the reading material for a while.

HomiGOSH, we had so much fun, last night.  She was telling me how she bought the new ‘Star Wars’ movie.  She said, “I had issues with it.  Did I like it?  Yes.  Would I recommend it?  Probably not.  But I’ll bring it tomorrow and lend it to you.”  And I’m all, “Now wait.  If you wouldn’t recommend it, and I have NO desire to see it…?  WHY would you lend it to me?  I don’t want that!”

So she’s clear to tell me what she didn’t like about the movie, then, right?  Sure… but she’s completely incoherent:  “…So there’s that one main girl, and I don’t know who she is, but she’s doing this thing, and it doesn’t make sense, and this other guy is all talking with this messed up squished thing about the pull of the Dark Side, and this thing is really weird…”  And I stop her:  ” ‘Star Wars’, the first movie – we came away from it knowing Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Darth.  You came away from this with ‘that main girl’ and ‘that squished thing’ and ‘that other guy’…?!?!?!?!  Something’s wrong!!”  ((You know I’m right.))

So I get in the car with Lydia to meet them at Taco Bell up the street, and I tell Lydia that BFF got the movie, and I turned it down.  “WHAT?!”  She gasps.  “I SOOOO want to see that!  And Isaac really wants to see that!  And even Dad!  Dad said he wants to see that!!!”  Oooops…?  So then I had to go roll my eyes and eat crow and admit to BFF that I’m outnumbered by people in my family and I need to borrow the movie with that main girl, other guy, and squished thing.  :/   Oi, my vey…!  What peoples put me thru…!!

And of course Taco Bell.  I hadn’t thought up a name for myself for this week.  And when asked, I blurted, “Shirley!”  The dude be all, “Yo name is… Shirley.”  And BFF’s girl is snickering, and I’m all, “I’m here with my bestie, and we’re like ‘Laverne & Shirley’…?  R’something…?  No?”  Of course BFF jumps to a whole ‘nother thing, and is doing the ‘Airplane’ schtick on the name ‘Shirley’… which okay, but I didn’t go there until she did.  Whoa.  Can of worms I didn’t see coming!

Of course they called my name (well, ‘Shirley’) and since that’s not my name, I didn’t even register it, naturally.  Like I answer to that?! (You’re laughing…) and so BFF’s flagging me down from the drink kiosk thing, and I’m call out, “SHIRLEY it isn’t done already!!!” and she calls back across the Taco Bell, “Don’t call me Shirley!!”  And the cooker people are just snickering and laughing.   (Brian says, “You two are total dorks.”  He may be right.  But it’s fun.  And very loud, with two middle age-ish ladies cackling.)

What else?  Yesterday the kids and I tried that melted crayon art.  My heat gun is HOT, by the way.  Made my fingers smart for a good long time, afterwards.  They turned out okay… nothing stellar, but okay.  Good enough to pass for a handicraft session.  But for the record?  Melted crayon is hot, runny, messy, and kind of not cool.

We also played a metric CRAPton of Tetris.  My kids SUCK at it.  I got to level 15, though – they were gasping in amazement… and when St. Basil’s took off instead of the spaceship?  They collectively nearly passed out.  It was just SUCH a moment.  I need them to learn to think faster, though… and this might be the ticket.

I need my computer back.  Not only is this weird and slightly wrong, but I need it to put the photos in order so I can crop/page things, in the next step to catching up.  I need the photos that haven’t been edited to work on.  Lydia probably would like her laptop back.  Hrmph.

I don’t know if this is long enough or too long or maybe unusually short… because it’s all scrunched on a screen the wrong way.  The only upside to this laptop is that I don’t have to reconfigure the brightness, contrast, and color settings every time it goes into sleep mode, is unplugged, or gets turned off.  MAN, is that a drag on mine (it doesn’t save settings, and stuff looks wonky if I don’t adjust it.  A. LOT.).  So there is that.

Anyhoooooooooooooooo.  I should go.

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  1. Some updates *you need* (yes I know I know..) to keep the bad things out and keep the PC functioning, and some you honestly don’t. Because MS is the king of releasing BAD PATCHES that FRICK EVERYTHING UP or not releasing badly needed patches that lead to gaping vulnerability. It’s not really about MS snooping, it’s about keep the unit stable and healthy. Knowing what to install and not to install in terms of MS updates takes a lot of know-how. And it sounds like computer dude, may not have that know how.

    • I know. But I don’t have that know-how, so I’ve been blocking ALL updates for about three years. Which probably also wasn’t good.

      But my at-the-moment pissiness is that MS office now has to ‘configure’ and then ‘install’ every time I try to get into Word. Time consuming, frustrating, and I want five minutes with Bill Gates. Just sayin’.

      • Oh you’ve got *that* bug. Do you know the steps the guy took to ‘fix’ the pc? There was a few updates that borked Office pretty badly.. it happened to me. Can’t remember how he fixed it, but I do know there is comparable opensource freeware programs like Apache that he says works pretty similar to Office if you ever get tired of dealing with faulty office. Can I also say I hate WordPress sometimes? Just tried to respond to your reply through the dashboard reply thingy in the top right and it kicks back errors every time. Ugh.

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