____________ April 14, 2016 ___________



Sorry about yesterday.  I was severely cranky… to a point where Brian was like, “Is it that time of the month?”  (and it might be.  I don’t know.  I’m hideous at keeping track.  It’ll happen when it happens, and don’t ask me about it when I’m peevish.  Makes me… erm, peevish.  R’something.)  😛

I’m not much better, today.  Crrrrrrankycrankycranky.   I think it’s the MESS.  This house, that man, his cats, those kids… they’re starting to bury me.  I can’t keep up.  They don’t cooperate or assist in keeping me sane.  They just TRASH stuff.  The yard.  The barn.  The basement.  The… every room and square foot of floor…!!  I can’t function after a while.  It’s one against eight, and it’s a hopeless thing.  (And YES, cats make just as much mess.  They get on the Lego table and bat everything off.  They drag stuff under the dining room table.  They run and bunch up my rugs.)   (((Crrrrrranky!!!)))

Yesterday was a crazy day of going away.  First we went to the Orthodontist, then to the computer guy.  Then we went home, did stuff, got back in the car, and went to get the computer.  It’s a good thing he cut us a really, REALLY good deal, because a) he didn’t fix anything – its still taking seventy-two years to boot up, freezes if any new window is opened (and we sit…. and sit… and wait… and sit), and b) he messed up all of my settings.  Make all the desktop stuff du-PLO sized, instead of Lego-sized (do I look like a toddler to you?!), and I had to go look up how to make everything adult sized, again, on-line!  He added crappy ad-blocks that don’t work as well as the ones I have (that he doesn’t recognize, because they’re European)… it’s slowing stuff down even more!  And likely WAY more big brother.  NOT. Happy.

PC guy said that the reason we weren’t getting a response on the button thing was because our mouse was dying.  You’ve GOT to be kidding.  Seriously?!?!?  So last night Brian suggested we go to supper and go buy a new mouse.  I understood what the deal was – while I’ve been schlepping off to dance, he’s been housebound in the evening the past two nights, and needed an evening out.  I get it (and anyhow, we allegedly needed a new mouse), so we went.  And let me tell you – the new mouse?  Doesn’t respond any better than the OLD mouse did.  The. Computer. Is. STILL. messed up.  I’m not happy.  (Brian is.  He’s just glad to have the thing back.  That’s… not progress.  He doesn’t realize this, though.)

I’m having a bad hair week, btw.  Not that you care.  But it compounds things.  Allegedly dead mouse, bad hair, craptastic house… oh, YEAH, baby.  It’s ALL good, over here!  And the new mouse is tiny, noisy, light-weight … it feels cheap.  Have you noticed how everything keeps getting smaller and cheaper?  It’s not a MOUSE, anymore, it’s a teeny-weeny-meesy-mousey.  It’s ridiculous.  It might be a fat-chick thing: wanting something with a little weight to hold it in one place on the dadgum desk, you know what I mean?  Us big’uns like mice with *substance*, dang it!!  Make a tool feel like a TOOL!  Sheeeeeeeeeeesh…!

Getting out of the store was a nightmare.  It was Meijer (equivalent of a Dutch Wal-mart, but has been around longer), and everything is self-check-out, now.  Which… never works.  I was getting the kids little packs of stickers, and they weren’t in the system.  So while the head-of-self-serve lady was calling back to try to find out if ANYTHING from the rack was in the system, the three self-serves next to me were all blinking red for help, too.  In the name of speed and efficiency, the ENTIRE WORLD is now mired in errors and time-consuming, computer-caused messes!!!!  NOBODY is happy.  Have you noticed this?  And then when they did get the stickers in the system, they were too light for the bagging area to detect… and there were FOUR of them (the limit is three before we’re flagged for stealing).  Oi. My. VEY!  So then we were flagged…!

And then we wanted to leave via the Garden Center (we parked there).  I asked the front door dude we were passing if it was still open.  He said he thought until nine.  The self-check chick called over that it was open until eight.  It was *just* after seven.  We got ALLLLLLL the way across the store, and it had closed at seven.  So we walked ALLLLL the way back thru the store, told them both the hours, and then the steal-o-meter at the door goes off, and we’re flagged and pulled aside…!  OH, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!!   Shopping is NOT supposed to be such a hassle.  Brian smirks and says, “It’s more of that thing you were talking about, where we’re on the down-slide, and things are getting worse in the name of progress.”  Yuuuuup.  Dat’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.  RIGHT there.

I have a mini-poo mouse to prove it.  (((((GAG.)))))
And isn’t this just a JOY to read?!?!?!   [[[O_o]]]   LoL!!!!

The lady from nature group (that we haven’t been going to) that I befriended is looking at forming something called ‘Quest Club’.  She’s invited us to participate.  It’s like Boy/Girl scouts, only for both sexes at the same time, and done for homeschoolers, mostly.  Badges are earned for doing experiments, learning new things.  I’m interested, but I don’t know how much so, or if we’d participate.  It’s $30/yr for family membership, so that’s not bad at all.  I just don’t know how she’s planning on running this.  It looks like it’d be an afternoon thing, which is good.

I’ll be honest:  I’m a little concerned that it’s going to be a celebration of mediocrity.  Oh, you used a vaccuum, today?  You get a merit badge!  You cooked a meal?  Woo-HOOO… you get a ribbon, for that!  You know what I mean?  We learn about the circulatory system for school, I don’t give out gold stars for doing a project on it.  I’m not sure I want to do that via a group of naughty kids.  On the other hand, it might be interesting – like School-O.  I might be overly pessimistic.

I may just be cranky in general.
It could be that time of the month r’something, after all.

Jews are posting this is the YEAR.  Blog post: ‘Right Now’.  I sure as heck hope they’re right.

Today I’m doing something about this house.  Stuff is getting PITCHED.  I. Have. Had. ENOUGH!!!  Overrun, under-helped, mired n’ mad… it’s going to be shocking, I promise.

MEAD!!!!  Did I tell you I *finally* found a good mead?  Orange Spice Mead by Cascade Winery.  Holy NICE stuff, Batman!  I just wish it wasn’t that expensive!!  OTOH, it takes a lot of honey to make, and that’s a LOT of bees.  It makes sense, anyhow.  Might have to make due with Sprite.  The carbon is emboldening, the salt content just about right, and a sugar rush might help.  ((Annnnnd, you’re probably backing away, right?  S’okay. I get it.))

Okay.  Time to get up and do something drastic.  I feel drastic.  Could be a good thing.

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  1. Um…. okay, there could be several things wrong with the computer. Hard to say without having it in front of me, but I’m confident either me or him could fix it for ya. Not that it helps much… You should be aware that not every Windows Update that comes down the pipeline actually works or makes a PC functional. There’s quite a few that shouldn’t be installed on the computer at all, and a few that have caused problems as you describe. He had this issue on his laptop a little while ago and managed to resolve it by removing a select bunk updates. There are other factors too, such as the unit being dirty, too little RAM vs how much you have on it, if you still have flash running (don’t), a variety of errors, or viruses/spyware. What antivirus/spyware is being run? Sometimes these can cause unique conflicts too. Get yourself a basic Microsoft mouse, they should be sizeable enough for you. The person not fixing it isn’t acceptable and I’d be dubious they have any skill to fix a unit at all. As last resort if the wheels are still falling off, the system should be backed up, your data stored, and a fresh wipe is done. That’s not to say some viruses can’t still be lurking, which takes some special work to get off forever (as was the case with my old unit that took him a week to get fixed).


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