____________ April 15, 2016 ___________

Dental Done-ness

I’m late, again.  This would be because at 9am I had a dentist appointment (no cavities!) and Owen had his first-ever dentist appointment after me (no cavities!).  I thought it was kind of funny that it was oldest & youngest day, at the dentist.  Anyhow, we’re all taken care of (before Pesach… which is what I think Ha’Shem wanted, this year.  I typically call on May Day to make appointments, but He wanted us done early, for some reason.  I don’t know why.). Anyhow we’re all set, excepting Brian.  I stopped making appointments for him, years ago, because he would call and cancel them or no-show or whatever weird thing he’d do, and… he drove me crazy.  He can do his own thing – I’ve got six people I take care of, and that’s enough.  😛

Then we went right from there to H*******, where LBFF lives, because it’s *SLEEPOVER WEEKEND!*   ((((hrm.))))  I wish I could say I’m excited, but LBFF isn’t making me happy.  She barely talks to Lydia, anymore, and then is demanding and self-centered and cranky the whole time, when she deigns to bother with my girl.  (Like Anna-did-the-past-two-days-cranky, only not in an amusing way.)   That’s LBFF’s new norm.  And she insists SHE take Lydia home, tomorrow.  This is so that she has control – she’s very much about bossing Lydia around, lately.  And I’m not going to worry about how/when she gets home – it doesn’t have to be a big deal – the guys’ll be around, all day, anyhow… but it’s the control thing – that SHE can do whatever SHE wants, you know?  That’s not friendship.  And recently it seems to border on bullying.  Lydia’s just too eager-to-please to do anything but take it.

Mostly I’m trying NOT to think about it – today is a better, happier (albeit insane) day, and tomorrow will be even better – I’m going to that shiitake mushroom class!  I was trying to talk Brian into the local gun & knife show, but he says it’s too expensive to take ALL of the kids (and he’d be right, I guess).  When Lydia turned twelve (bat mitzvah age), my mom was still in our lives, and she watched the boys while I dragged Pop and Brian down with Lydia and I to the show.  (Pop really had a good time with that, too.)

Anyhow, it looks like it’s Gander Mountain for Isaac.  :/  It’s okay, he’ll still have fun picking his knife out.  Brian’s got concerns – Isaac being our ‘Jim Carrey’ son.  Concerns about him stabbing himself or a brother.  But I plan to have EXTREME rules about his knife.  And if *anything* happens – even an accidental nick – it’s gone, and never coming back.  So he’ll be smart with it.  Or he’ll lose.

Back to today:  After two dentist appointments and a sleep-over drop-off, we hit THREE libraries and the first garage sale of the season…!  I barely made it home for Brian’s noon phone call.  And then it’s payday, so bills…!!!!  Eeeek!  I’m as busy as you are!  I picked up two DVDs for the boys at the library – a new ‘Kim Possible’ for their afternoon movie (since school is shot, today, with the girl gone, and us being away all morning)… and a boy/robot movie with Hugh Jackman in it for tonight.  (!?)  We’ll see on that one.

Yesterday we cleaned.  ((Warned ya!))  I had FIVE children in the kitchen, scrubbing EVERYTHING.  It was intense.  Floors, walls, cabinets, under cabinets… everything.  It… amazingly doesn’t look much different.  Brighter, somehow more defined?  But not much different.  Today’s goal (other than bills and… this morning) is to clean the fridge and freezers.  Oi.  I could probably let the stove do a self-clean, too.  Maybe get boys to wash out the microwave and dishwasher for me?  Hehehehe… you know what my grandmother always said:  “many hands make light work”.  It’s very possible EVERYONE’s grandmother said that.  But still.  It’s great, having all the help.

I also did a whole post on 1 Corinthians 5, yesterday, which was pretty time consuming, but REALLY good.  It’s funny, because I thought that chapter was going to suck.  Surprise, surprise.  Love it when stuff like that happens.  Anyhow, I had to backdate it, and fill in a few blanks.  But it’s all updated on the blog!

Starting now, we have to eat ourselves out of house and home where leaven is concerned.  Cakes, cookies, brownies, rolls, baked goods, bread…  I actually started a couple of days ago, but it’s serious, now.  I need to use up all of the bread and get it out of here before next Friday, for the feast.  Such a crazy time of year, you know that?!  And you!  Do you realize that you’ll be packing/traveling over Pesach.  We’ll both be crazy-busy next weekend, too!

It feels weird without my proofreader.  Not that she’s done ALL that hot a job, lately… when I re-read with Brian in the evenings (I like to watch him laugh), I catch a TON of errors she should’ve caught, lately.  Some people’s daughters…!  😛

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