____________ April 16, 2016 ___________

Kindness of a Friend


I’m having an exciting morning.  My very long-time friend Val has been 30 years the professor of music at a community college.  She and I met thru the theatre group – I was Tzietle and she was my mama (Golde), and her husband IRL was Lazar Wolfe, the man I was supposed to marry (on stage – and don’t worry – Papa helped me weasel out of it.).  Anyhow, I served on the board for 8 years with her husband, and have done several other shows and concerts with her, since then.  But she’s retiring, and Sunday is her ‘Grand Finale’.  She’s directing ‘Carmina Burana’, and it’s going to be HUGE – the college orchestra, the HS orchestra, six choirs and chorales, a dance company… everyone’s involved.

I figured we’d buy tickets at the door, because they were only available at UPS in town up north or up at MCC (college) in Stanton – both are 1.5 (or more) hours from my house, one way.  But this morning Greg wrote on FB that of 765 tickets, there are FIFTY left, at UPS (available until noon).  If any remain after that, they’ll be at the door.  YIKES!!!!!!   But I can’t go that far north this morning (wouldn’t even WANT to!) – not with the mushroom class, today.  And I’m seriously concerned that the tickets won’t BE at the door – will sell out, today, at UPS.

So I messaged her husband and asked if he could tell us what’s left after noon, today – save us a trip up if they sold out.  He asked how many we need, and I told him… and he’s going up to UPS to pull seven for us, now!  Homigosh!!!  I mean, he’s *GOT* to be busy, this weekend.  I didn’t mean for him to take time and go do that for us (although he lives two miles from the UPS store).  We were going to just see if there would be any left for the door sales, and make SURE to be there an hour before doors open to get them.  But he leapt on it and helped us!  I’m just…  *speechless*.  He’s going to have them waiting at the door for us, so that we can see the program.

But I’ve been racking my brain, this morning, trying to figure out a way for it to work, and I’ve been pretty worked up about it.  Val matters to me, that’s all.  UPS didn’t do phone sales, and there was no on-line sales… it was a REAL problem!!  Have I mentioned lately that I am BLESSED with amazing friends?  I mean, I don’t have a lot – I’ll grant’cha that – but the people who are actually friends?  They’re wonderful people.

Homigoodness, I’m out of breath and haven’t even left the house!  ((You’re grinning, aren’t you?))  And I’ve promised him a HUGE hug, tomorrow.  (<< What other kind of a hug do you think a chubby chick would give, anyhow?!)  He might even get hugs from all of my kids.  You just never know!  😉  Actually, I probably should get him and Val a card with a gift card to someplace local (like Applebees or Bistro 57 or something) for them – as a retirement gift and thank-you.

Shabbat Shalom, by the way!  Thus begins the last seven days to Pesach.  I’m pretty stoked.  Especially with all the boom-boom-boom going on in the world.  There’ve been SEVEN 6.0 and bigger earthquakes, this weekend – that’s an insane way to begin this whole thing, y’know?!  And with the Jews saying THIS is the year – well, let’s just say I’m definitely up for Elijah’s arrival.  He can come and I wouldn’t complain!  Heck, I wouldn’t mind another great Exodus ‘of another kind’.  But I digress.  ((EVERYTHING is reason enough for a good rapture, to me!))

We had a quiet night, last night, without the girl.  Meaning we stayed in, watched a movie that wanted to be really good but couldn’t be (Hollywood doesn’t know how to deliver heroes, just mouthy brats, anymore).  We had ice cream and stayed up late and kept it homey.  The girl texts in pretty much constantly, so we know what she’s up to.

Looks like there’s going to be a Gun/Knife show at the end of June, too – so I’m not too tore up about not going, today.  That’s closer to Isaac’s birthday, anyhow.  But I think I’m going to try harder to talk Brian into it.  I love looking at throwing stars, ammo, bows, guns, and knives.  Especially knives.  I have a thing for knives.  And I know most girls aren’t into that, but… well, there it is.  I’d like to go.  In June.  🙂

HomiGAWSH, eh just messaged again and said he BOUGHT the tickets for us, and after that purchase, there were only SIX tickets left!  ((insert serious gasp, here!!!!))  Even if I’d driven up when I saw the ad at 10:30, I wouldn’t have made it in time.  ***WHEW!!!***  I could lose weight, with all this excitement!!!!!!!!

You know how this place was overwhelming me the past week?  Oddly (and I think it’s a guy thing – the manly kind of guy thing) but Brian hadn’t noticed there was scrap steel and junk and stuff all over around the barn and in the yard.  Weirdly, he heard my cry of agony, looked up, and said… ‘Whoa.  It *IS* looking scruffy around here.’  So the plan is that he’ll be putting together a load to take to the dump, today, while I’m off mushrooming up a log.  (R’something.)  I won’t complain!  That would seriously, seriously help.  And it’s beautiful – it hit 70 here, yesterday.  SO weird, considering we had snow on the ground, last Friday!  I’ll be able to pitch in and do some stuff when I get home, too.  See what we can do to whip this place into better shape.

Anyhoo… I should let you go.  My proofreader’s still MIA, and the more I type, the larger chance of errors.  [Don’t laugh.]

Have a great Sabbath!

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