´¯`•. May 04, 2016

Volume II:  Chapter 5
~~~~ Skandagupta! ~~~~

Another fun art project!  This week we’re back in Ancient India, taking a look at the dynasties of that country.  Some beautiful things, too.  The first part of the chapter is about Skandagupta (and Chandragupta) of the ‘Gupta’ dynasty, obviously!  But the second part of the chapter is about the Indian religious caves.  In case you’d like a really cool look at them?  Look here.

Having said, we decided to try something that I’ve always liked – melted crayon art, IMG_1542 (377x660)IMG_1541 (660x641)done Indian style.  I have to apologize in advance – I didn’t take a picture of all of our art, colored.  But you’ll get the idea.  What you need to do this is poster board (I cut one sheet in six even pieces for us), a heat gun, a glue gun, and printouts of this elephant, in any size that you’d like.  We made ours pretty small, because we wanted a lot of room for our melted wax.

IMG_1543 (638x660)Use the hot glue to stick the crayons to your poster board, at about the height of where you think your elephant’s trunk will be.

Using the heat gun (which… not sure how a hair dryer would work – it blows air.  This just heats up HOT, with no blowing, and I happen to have one).  Anyhow, move the paper around a little as the crayons melt.  It helps the wax mix and fill in the spaces.  Just be careful of your fingers.  Mine tingled the whole rest of the day!

IMG_1550 (660x495)

Try to keep your kids away from using too much red.  Owen’s actually turned out okay because of the green and yellows, but it still has a little bit of a ‘nose bleed’ look to it, which is just disturbing.  But the rest of them turned out really well, don’t you think?  And they did color them, after.  I just took the pictures, first.  🙂

IMG_1552 (660x471)
Don’t be too disappointed with the crayon not going where you want it to.
We do our best, and mostly the result is beautiful.

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