____________ May 05, 2016 ___________

Cinco de May-O!

Bonne Cinco de Mayo, Amigos!  😀

(Insert high-pitched tongue roll thinger, here.  Because that’s what we’re all doing, today.)

Eet’s de Mehican day uff celebration, an’ mebbe I should type dat way, all day, no?  No?!  Ayeayeaye… Esta moy triste!  (<<I don’t speak Spanish, and if you’re at ALL Hispanic, you’d be pulling your hair, about now.)  Regardless, there is muchos excitement in our hacienda, hoy, because of the holiday.  Children are making paper lanterns in bright colors from the *special* paper stash.  There’s rainbow yarn in Mama’s stash, and they’ll use that to hang them from the chandelier in the dining room.  I have a Mexican table cloth downstairs, as well as a basket-woven, brightly dyed hot pad (of sorts?) and two years ago, we made a Mariachi band out of toilet paper rolls.  We’ll put them out at the table, too.

Aaron’s practicing a serenade on his guitar (which amounts to just strumming, for him).  I’ve got crunch-wraps in mind for supper.  Those things are THE BEST invention ever, because the soft taco around the outside of the corn tortilla (held to it with refried frijoles) makes it so when the inside hard shell cracks, the kids don’t have a disaster.  Aaron wants me to attempt homemade Spanish rice.  Should be easy enough.

It should be pretty colorful.  I have a bright crazy orange/red vestdito covered in big leaf print and almost solid ruffles (which is why it’s only good for Cinco de Mayo) – I feel like a fluff-ball in it.  Stop snickering.  But it’s just para diverdito, no?  I can wear the monster hot-pink flower from my granny costume in my hair. Lydia’s compiling a list of Mexican flavored music.  We have Una Benedicion, We speak no Americano, La Bamba, El y Exaltado… I don’t know what all.

Lydia had a bad cellphone day, yesterday.  Her payment failed (it was – again – on Brian’s lost/eaten card) and her service was cut.  Hoo, baby, does the girl get peevish when her service is out.  😛  Brian tried to blame it on me – said I lose my credit card too much.  (HA!!!!)  I also had a barely-solvable issue… since sharing photos on FB with you, every time I refreshed Facebook, this pop-up came up on my screen for ‘photo parade’ that was ‘from facebook’.  It took me until 10pm to realize that FB stuck something on my computer called ‘ai.php’.  I don’t know how, but I’ve deleted it, and it’s gone.  Made me testy, though.  😛

New, less crabby topic:  It poured yesterday.  It poured from the moment we went to bed on Tuesday all the way thru to when we went to bed, last night.  Just TORRENTIAL.  My buck is out there paddling around in the boy pen with the ducks.  It’s truly disgusting.  I wish we had just a *little* more land to expand for the critters.  Then again, they’d just destroy all traces of plant life in that, too… and make a muchos grande mud hole.  Critters are yucky.  Just sayin’.  And then this morning?  Sunshine.  Bright, and beautiful.  I hope it dries things out, some.

Oi, the guitar plunking…!!  It going to be a LONG. DAY. here!  If it were a *little* less slimy outside, I’d go for a hike.  The hiking bug is starting to bite me, and it’s that time of year.  I should put together a schedule of places to hike, and do one a week, again – like when we used to go with Ashley.  I miss Ashley.  She was accountability, more than anything else.  I wonder if I could advertise for a mom/kid hiking buddy on CL?  Nooooo…

Really, I need to work on Indiana, first.  Or Lydia’s hair – she likes a style called ‘Waterfall Twist’ by cutegirls on YouTube.  I did it, this morning, but it was my first try, and a little messy up top.  I actually did five of them in a row, and it looks like a basket weave.  I just have to figure out how to tie it off.  😀

Here’s last year’s itinerary, for the week of our U.P. vacation.  I meant to attach it, earlier, but *shiny*… er, *brilliante!*  Anyhow, in case you had any doubts about my anal… anality?  The depth of detailing?  Whatevs, you know what I mean.  I’m about to do the same thing for Indiana.  Of course, things happen.  That thing got rearranged, a few times, but it really helps to have something to work from.  Deviate from.   Heheheh!

Well… this is a pretty largo e-mail-o… so I’d better skoot-o.
Besides-o, likely my horrific Spanish-o is driving you totally bats-o.

Ten un buen día!  Hasta Manana…

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