____________ May 06, 2016 ___________

Answer to the Jew

There’s this guy I read on a semi-weekly basis on-line who is all about hanging out at the Kotel (Western Wall in Jerusalem), and getting people to put on tefillim (It’s… complicated.).  The difference between what I believe and what Jews believe is that in my case, practices like the feasts, the tefillim, the sacrifices, etc were all given thousands of years in advance to prepare and symbolize what was/is to come.  Because Messiah Yeshua came, we do them now to keep Him close to our hearts/minds, ‘do this in remembrance’, you see?  To a Jew, though – they aren’t symbolic, because their Mosiach hasn’t come.  So to me, tefillim is symbolic, and to a Jew, if you don’t ever put it on, you will never belong to Yehovah.  I’d call it legalism, but it’s FAR deeper than that.

Anyhow, this guy likes to find Christians and Messianics who come to the Kotel, and then slam them.  Christians are easy – they’re absolutely clueless and have NO answers.  Messianics were more difficult to debunk.  His newest (and most successful) thing is to ask the Messianic, “Messiah is prophesied to come from tribe of Judah, right?” and when the person says yes, then he says, “But your Messiah Yeshua, he was born of the Holy Ghost.  His father’s line is of Yehovah, not the tribe of Judah.”  And I’ll admit… that one has REALLY bothered me.

Well, this morning, a guy (I think he’s a ‘Jews for Jee-zus’ person) actually answered it.  Well, he dodged the issue but zinged the blogger right back with more hair-splitting… and it really is splitting hairs, don’t you think?  Because the conclusion I’ve come to is that Yehovah created the Tribe of Judah.  He set Mary (of the tribe of Judah) up to be Yeshua’s mother, and Yosef (of the tribe of Judah) up to be his honorary father.  And to say that the Spirit is not of/in the Tribe of Judah is to shoot yourself in your own foot, y’know?  Just stuff I’ve been trying to work thru, the past few months.  My conclusion is, “Why would a follower of the great Adonai Elohim try to limit his God that way?  Cannot Ha’shem do *ANYTHING*, be *ANYTHING*?  Then can He not also be of the Tribe of Judah?

Just my take on it… as someone outside of Messianic Judaism, Christianity, and ‘legit’ Judaism.
My take as a Torah observant follower of Truth.

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