____________ May 09, 2016 ___________

Post Mutha’s Day

Today feels weird.

I had my first dream about my e-penpal, last night.  I was in a store with his daughter – apparently I’d picked her up from school and was going to spend the afternoon/evening taking care of her.  I don’t know what city it was, but it was a very odd store – there were crocks of beef stew and noodle casseroles on the shelves, cooking next to the cans of Dinty Moore or whatever.  There were also board games, but they were WAYYY up high on these overhead shelves, and I was going to climb a shelf and get one that had a crazy name (< don’t remember, now – it had the word ‘tangle’ in it), and this gloved hand grabbed mine from behind.  It was those one-size-fits-all little knit gloves kids often wear – and weird, because it was beautiful outside. Why the gloves?

I don’t even know how I knew it was him – except that there was this HUGE dread – and I absolutely froze.  He said (in this horribly rusty, gruff smoker’s voice), “Are you still dieting?”  And I shot back, “Of COURSE!!” and I FR-eaked the heck out and was looking anywhere but at him (HE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO SHOW UP!!  DEAR LORD, *PLEASE* GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!  Too close!  Too close!) and I saw Marcia – my mom’s friend.  She was wearing really big red (?!) sunglasses, and talking to a woman I know (that she’s never met) from our old town.  I was SO. ABOUT. getting over to her and safe and away (since his daughter was fine – HE were there)… that I almost missed some black guy trying to abduct her.  (Apparently NOT so fine?)  Which was actually the perfect “get-outta-there” opportunity, so I ran with it and kind of grabbed the girl and practically tossed her at him and fled the store for the boutique across the way where Marcia was heading.  Luckily he didn’t follow.  Marcia was miffed at me following her, though.  I figured she’d get over it.  Besides, she was the safer bet.

I never, EVER want to meet my e-penpal.  Apparently it wouldn’t go well.

SUCH a pretty spring!  I don’t know about where you are, but this has got to be the prettiest spring I’ve ever seen.  The cherry bush out front is in blossom, the apple tree is in blossom, the lilacs and trillium are coming out… it’s just gorgeous.  And of course it’s tulip time.  No, really – it’s Tulip Time, this week, in Holland, Michigan.  HUGE to-do, hereabouts.  I won’t go – it’s just too busy, this week.  We did it once, when Lydia was little.  My mom made her a Dutch dress and she still has her little wooden shoes.  She took the dress back, when my sister had a girl-baby, so I don’t have it, anymore.  *Sigh!*   It’s probably past time to go, again.  It’s just so busy, and you know us and the peoples.  Brian’s worse about Holland than I am, surprisingly!

As it was, I got kind of peopled out, just going to the hardware, yesterday!  It was a CR-azy busy day.  We got up in the morning, and Brian was all, “So… are we going to Fernwood, then, today?” and I said, “Nope.”  And pulled up a photo of the trailer we were going to build.  [ http://www.johnsontrailerco.com/images/trailer_images/2011/single-axle-wood-sides.jpg ] Well… we have to build a back end gate, too.  He’s like, “You’ve GOT to be kidding.  Today?!  You want to build this, today.”  And I told him yup… I wanted to take the money we’d spend in gas and admission and build the trailer, so we can haul bikes and have MORE fun, later.  🙂

We didn’t have plans for the picture, per se.  But we could see what we needed from the shot.  2×6 rails (we ended up using decking boards), 2×4 uprights, carriage bolts to fasten them together, trailer pockets to fasten them to.  No big.  So we got up, went outside, got the canoe off the trailer (it’s now on the goat hay storage culvert-thinger), and ALL of us went for a tractor ride on the little trailer from the other side of critter corner to the barn.  So fun!!  But the wood platform of it was 20 years old and cracked, rotting, and had to go.

Luckily Brian had a new piece of treated ply in the barn… except it was buried under ALL the wood. Which was covered in metal chips spewed by his machine.  He said he wanted to buy some ply and put it up as a wall to block the machine off from the rest of our stuff for a long time, but… and as we were trying to unbury the wood for the trailer?  We found two more 4×8 sheets of (non-treated) ply, there.  So I insisted we take an hour and work on the barn, hang those up.  (He’s all, “Save it for Father’s Day”, and I… happen to LOVE cleaning/organizing. And that barn was a MESS.)  So we sorted wood, hung the panels and partitioned off the machine, cleaned off/up the metal chips, created more room, moved big stuff into the spaces… it’s nice!  Not a total barn clean, but it’s significantly better, and only took an hour.

Then we cleaned up and went to town.  Started at the farm store for trailer pockets.  Returned movies, went to lunch out, and went to the hardware store.  I was SO excited about buying the wood and building the trailer. We also got a couple tubs for boy toys, and a NEW SCREEN DOOR… the last one got bent in by the boys, and we’ve been without one for almost two years.  It looks bad.  And we have the $$, at the moment, so we went ahead and got one.  My fault – Brian wanted to wait until the trailer’s finished, but that’d mean another trip to town, and you KNOW we spend more, each trip in.  And waste more time in town.  So we brought it home.  MAN, I hope we can make it work.  Mobile homes don’t have standard doorknobs -OR- doors… so doors are all 80″ tall, and our opening is 78″… kind of a problem.  We’ll make it work.

I ran an impact wrench, yesterday!  Yes, he had me remove all the old bolts.  And I ran the circular saw (and squealed the whole time).  Yes, he had me cut up the old ply (to be used in target practice).  I used the power drill.  Yes, he had me drill the holes in the new platform.  I balanced the wood as he used the miter (I’ve used that a lot, before.  That’s old hat.)  I threaded carriage bolts and… and not just me – ALL of the kids got to help/try things, too!

But it’s not done.  The pockets we bought won’t fit a 2×4, stupidly, ((?!?!?!)), so we have to return them and go to a trailer place for bigger pockets.  The sides are done, though!  They look really nice, too.  Today I have to get pictures off Lydia’s cellphone.  She had it out there, and took snapshots of the action.

Then we had a not-really-supper (we don’t have much of a supper after lunches out or Shabbats), and we all got in the hot tub for a while.  It was too late for a movie, and honestly, I was kind of movie-d out.  But it was fun, nonetheless.

It was very hard for Brian not to do side work, yesterday.  (Actually, he went out after the kids were abed, for an hour and a half or so, and finished one project up, anyhow.  He likes to have SOMETHING to bring back, come Monday. I just settled down with Ranger’s Apprentice #10 (<< almost done…!!)

Today is weird.  16 notifications at FB… shouldn’t people have been out and about, instead?!  Anyhow, I had to like (what felt like) 700 pictures of everyone with their mothers.  Brian and I didn’t contact ours at all.  I think the last photo of my mom and I was my HS graduation.  (There’s a big group picture from my sister’s wedding nine years ago.)  So no… I’m not posting a picture of my mom and I at FB.  I value my friends too much – between my chub and her hag, people would flee.  It’s just… best not to even talk about.

You put a weird little box thing at the bottom of this e-mail.  I can’t get it to go away.  This is seriously messing with my anal, just so’s ya know.  What IS that thing?!  It won’t delete, won’t backspace out, won’t remove… I think it might be evil.  (( ↓ eyeing weird box thing with vast amounts of trepidation.))

Homigosh, now I’m under it, and it transformed my font!  Evil box!  Do you see it?!  It’s right between the last line and this one.  Kill it with fire!!!  I have to go.  Must. Escape. Evil. Box…!!!!

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