__________ May 19, 2016 __________

The Day it all went Away

Well!  Here we are, again.  You wondering what in the world you’re going to read, next… and me, trying not to be so MUCH me.   It’s actually not so hard, today, because everything has gone away.  Just *POOF!*  Gone.  The day is completely blank!

Well, not entirely blank.  The kids had run the tablets completely out of battery on Tuesday (Derma and Fuel Injector day)… and forgot to charge them for Wednesday’s electronic school.  So we had to switch Thursday’s normal math/grammar with Wednesday, and today is now electronic school day.  These things happen, once in a while.  We go with it.

But BFF texted me, last night, and said to check my e-mail for rehearsal updates.  I did, and there was nothing there.  So she told me that there was a problem with the school auditorium, and all Thursday rehearsals have been moved to Friday (to be done along with the Friday rehearsals.)  Lydia wondered why, and I (<< in my eternal cynicism) told her that likely they double-booked the space, because schools are moronic and their staff couldn’t find their hiney cheeks with both hands if you guided them there.  [R’something.]  This isn’t the first time this has happened, in my experience.

If you ask me?  It wasn’t double-booked.  They just a) don’t want to be there to deal with the dance recital an additional night, or b) decided last minute they want the auditorium for themselves and are calling it a double-booking.  But that’s just the cranky, anti-social blonde being herself.  Pay no heed to the ogress behind the curtain…!

We have having a ‘quieter’ week, this week.  Well, we’re attempting to, anyhow.  See, after ‘Superman vs. Batman’, I was DONE with dark and loud and nasty and cluttered and noisy and trashed and chaotic.  And when you have five children, it’s always loud and cluttered and noisy and trashed and chaotic.  But it’s worse in our house, because there is ALWAYS music on.  In addition, there is always SOMEONE pawing thru the Lego bins, which is SO loud, youhavenoidea.  Worse, to be heard over the Lego-pawing and music and what-ever-all, people have to RAISE THEIR VOICES, SO IT’S ALWAYS SERIOUSLY LOUD.  And then when there’s a fight or someone’s in distress, it has to be LOUDER THAN SERIOUSLY LOUD, SO IT BECOMES INSANITY. 

And my head is tired of it.
It’s like living with my mom.
( ↑ who’s half deaf, so she shouts all of the time.).

So this week I’m attempting to bring the chaos down, a few notches.  No music, during the day.  No noise toys, no sound when people are playing Nintendo, lowered voices.  The phrase on repeat is, “You’re yelling in my house…!”  You’re yelling in my house…  You’re yelling…  You’re.  Yelling…  Stop. Yelling…

Brian mocks me when I say that I’m NOT going to miss the kids, when they move out.  Like it’s a joke, r’something?  He’s wrong.  It’s going to be so blessedly peaceful…!  I’m really looking forward to it.  In twelve or fourteen years…  Should we not be raptured by then (of course!).

Yesterday was lazy.  I read a whole book (on-line dating romance.  It was cliched and a little stupid, but it had a clever twist – she ends up with the love-burned cynical dude running the site’s technical support.  In fact, she spends MOST of the book calling customer service and driving him about crazy, telling him about her failed dates and being generally pitiful.  Not sure why he was ‘charmed’ by this dipweed, but whatevs.).

BOY, do I need an attitude adjustment!!!!!!!

But back to oh-so-scintillating yesterday.  I did dishes, vacuumed, picked up, served lunch on the deck (we’re THREE PAGES from the end of Tolkien’s ‘Return of the King’!!!), and I even cleaned ME up.

Oh!  I know what happened, yesterday!  Brian texted (<< I swear, the peoples making me pick up the cellphone, all day long…!!), and he said he got a message indicating that the boys missed swim class, on Saturday.  Now… YES, I signed the boys up in January to take swim.  And YES, I signed them up in March to do it, again.  But in March, the pool broke, and the class was cancelled.  I assumed that they’d refunded our money, but apparently not?  They just applied it to the next class?  Well, I didn’t sign up for the next class.  And we certainly don’t have the time at this point for swim lessons!  So I had to call and fix THAT mess.  They’re refunding our money, now.  (((insert eye roll.)))

Then Brian came home, we got town-ified, and went for supper, critter food, and enough food to get us by until Sunday in the house.  Mostly we needed breakfast foods (and I got a few extras to take with us on vacation – I always bring lots of food, for picnics and ‘just in case’).  Then we came home and I mowed the yard.  Which – I promise you – is NOTHING like mowing your yard.  Because we have seven yards, actually.  There’s the mailbox yard, and the grove yard and the barn yard and the play yard and the front yard and critter corner and back around the hot tub/deck yard, and all around the gardens, out front.  Yard.  It takes me a while.  Actually, I have Brian do around the back to Critter Corner, though – because I hate going around the well and between the pens and dealing with the hoses… and he always complained that I wasn’t getting close enough to stuff, back there.  So I let him do that part.

It looks SO much nicer, here, mowed!  And with the trees coming into leaves, we *finally* are closed in enough that we can’t see Norm’s place or the yellow house, anymore.  In summer, we’re in a tiny little glade, nestled in the trees, all around us.  I love this time of year – the worst part of winter is that we’re so visible.

After, we came in and watched two more episodes of ‘Riders of Berk’.  They were hilarious.  When we finished and had put the boys to bed, I noticed that BFF called and left a message while we were outside, and confirmed that the school *did* double-book – she said that the Director and Assistant Director of the space have separate scheduling books (!!!!) and unknowingly booked two events.  I don’t buy it, but that’s always the excuse.  Anyhow, so Thursday night (TONIGHT!) is free!!!  Nothing planned, nothing going on… it will be SO nice!  I know Brian’s glad – he has side work to finish before vacation, and while he was planning on doing it while the kids were playing outside near him, it’s easier when they have Mom to bug about problems or arguments or whatever.  So I’ll be here for that.  🙂

I was saying on my FB (<< Photo of the day yesterday was Lydia’s winter recital video, which I never posted for friends to see)… wait, what?  Oh, I was telling about what Lydia did, taping me messing around trying to do the Dad’s dance, Tuesday, and how hysterical it was.  My friend Qene says I *HAVE* to post it as ‘Photo of the Day’, today.  Have pity on the housebound lady and share with her a little laugh, all in good fun.  So I have to go edit a video that I *CRINGE* to share.  Maybe I could do a ‘custom’ setting, and only let a few people see it?  Because it’s SOOOOOOO…!!!!  Homigoodness!!!!  Anyhow, if I’m sharing it, I need to add a little of the Dad dance to the beginning, so’s they can see what I’m trying to mimic.  Otherwise, it’s not as funny.  So it’s a little bit of a video project, this morning!

Okay, well.  I should go.  I type too much.
S’a good thing I also type supa-fast, eh?

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