____________ May 21, 2016 ___________

You’d look BIG in a Muu-Muu, Too-Muu

Can I be raptured, yet?   I’d really like to be raptured, about now.  Dov Bar Lief says Shavuot.  I’ll take it, but sooner, would be even better (and while I *hope* for Shavuot, we both know Yehovah likes me right here.  Squirming).

I don’t have much time to write.  I’m really sorry – I’d gotten up at 5:30 with Brian and deleted another 500 (close enough) pictures, but I was exhausted, so I went back to bed, didn’t get up until 9:30, and am now STILL exhausted and have no time.  Dishes, showering, and washing eggs (not to mention a toy scramble/5-minute clean, since LBFF IS COMING OVER at noon)… these things had to come first.  Getting the photos off the cameras to free up room for today was second.  Kids are helping, so it’s going really fast.  They got up the suitcase and stuff for me, so that’s at least something.  But with Aunt Barb/Uncle Bob (and LBFF) gonna be coming in our house, I had to clean the counters and stuff, at least.  You know my anal, by now, right?

Homigawsh… our yesterday was full.  Just *FULL*.  Probably would’ve helped if I’d remembered that we had that Search & Rescue field trip.  I {{almost}} didn’t go – it just seemed like way too much.  But with the background I have with the the people holding it… I kind felt like we should go.

It was really good.  We were *almost late* (10:28 to a 10:30 event!)… and NOBODY else was there, yet.  KCSAR dude said that’s typical (and he would be right).  All of them were over playing at the playground, and didn’t bother to come over until close to eleven.  ((((O_o))))  I hate the peoples.  But I got to talk to him for a little.

From our Qwmmma! group, CrankyMom and the leader were both there.  Leader-chick didn’t even say hello to CrankyMom, but bee-lined to me, and we hung out, the whole time.  CrankyMom was Ms. Awesome and didn’t have anything to say to us, anyhow (<< should’ve seen that coming), and was the ‘victim’ the tracking dogs ended up following.  She walked the perimeter of the whole park, ended up at the playground on a picnic bench, and the tracking dog followed her every move, some time later – even with a strong wind, and a false turn she was told to throw in there.  Did you know that 40,000 particles of our scent fall off our bodies, every minute?  That’s why animals have no trouble identifying and following us.  Blew my mind.  When the dogs find their person, they sit down next to them, and look at their handler with a gaze that says, “I did it – can I have my toy now, please?”  So fun. 🙂

The tracking dogs train every Tuesday, and they always need ‘victims’ to find, so I signed us up.  My kids can go in pairs and hide, and they’d love the dogs to find them. It might be fun, don’t you think?   Leader chick signed up, too… thinking Qwmmmma! will want to do it as a group.  I think logistically that might not work.  She was also trying to recruit moms to join the group.  We’ll see how things are, when we get back from vacation.

It was really amazing, and I’m so glad we went, though.  KCSAR dude also piqued our interest in knot-tying, later (in a second segment that only two families besides ours bothered to stay for) so I’m thinking we might do a unit-style study on that, this summer.  Learn a different knot, every week.  Maybe keep it going thru the next school year.  Who knows?!

After we had lunch, hit the bank (before-trip pitstop), and drove by the Scholastic Warehouse.  It said, “Book Sale!” on the sign (<< okay, that’s onomatopoeia, but you know what I mean).  I knew the big book sale’s always in May, but I’d forgotten.  So we went in.  And learned a REALLY huge lesson.  Next year we go, write down the names of the books we like, and I go home and buy them on Amazon, used.  Because that was so expensive... I had to apologize and apologize and apologize to Brian.  Freaked me right the Hades out, and I was already freaked the Hades out!   He was amazingly good about it, but I’m still feeling copious amounts of shame and self-derision and … I’m usually MUCH better about watching the cost of things, I swear it.

Then we flew home, got there just as the phone was ringing and Brian was calling (late, since we’d been gone).  By the time we finished with him, it was hair and make-up time, and we got dolled up, gathered our stuff, and headed out to the performance venue.  We were there from 4pm to almost 11pm, and I was starving, by the time we got out of there.  I took 1,057 pictures – but don’t think that’s insane.  They’re moving FAST, the lighting is hideous, and there’s no flash photography… so of those pictures? I’ll end up with *maybe* 75 good shots, tops.  That’s if I’m really, really lucky.  Lydia took another 700-ish, but I don’t have the heart to tell her that whenever I go thru hers, I’m lucky to find 8 keepers.  She’s got a little cheap point-n-shoot, and it’s… really hard to get good photos of dances in a dark auditorium, with the kids moving SO fast, up there.

I hate my dance.  I told you they added the dads to our dance, and they’re in the way, right?  Well, as of last night, they added the grannies to the dad dance, too.  I’m not going back out to ‘crash’ their number.  Forget it.  I’m happy with my little bit (sort of?!!).  Anyhow, we had to do it twice, to figure out the dad/granny transitions.  I nailed it, the first time.  The second time, my taps kept catching on the Marley floor they brought and taped down.  The Marley SUCKS – it’s a mat that we dance on, and it absorbs all the tap sounds.  We don’t clickity-clack, on the Marley.  So we’re tap dancers with hardly any tap sound, at all.  Don’t even ask.  It irritates me.

I think BFF got a little last-minute freaked out.  She’s decided that her costume is too ‘jarring’ with the two mismatched prints, so she’s just wearing plain black yoga pants on the bottom.  She also was too wiggy to dress for DRESS rehearsal, last night.   So she and Ms. Jen (who was running everything and didn’t bother changing) were out of costume/character.   I wish we’d all been dressed – it would’ve ROCKED.  She was the risque one who got me INTO this, you know!!!!  😛

In costume I look… like your great-grandma.  It’s an acquired taste.  Which requires a LOT of time to come to terms with.  I’m actually really blessed in finding my costume – it’s like Yehovah had it on the rack – the right size, color, length, style… everything – and at a thrift store, no less! – just for me.  This has happened a lot, before.  When I used to costume shows, I’d go to stock to find something specific, and it’d be RIGHT on the end of the rack – absolutely perfect for whoever I needed to dress.  BTW, I got to see a video of it from last night.   I’m one of only three sweet grannies.  Quite a few went trashy, so we sweeties kind of stick out.  So that’s fun, too.

And honestly?  I’m an actress, not a dancer.  So the acting part of it, I’ve got down perfectly.  I forgot that in dance every movement has to be HUGE to be seen, though (<< there aren’t words to help people know what’s happening, like in acting).  So I have to be a little bigger, tonight.  No problem.  I’m chubby, and in a shapeless cut-off muu-muu that drops like a tube from the breastages down?  I look four hunn’ud pound bigger than my already pleasantly plump self.  Eh, well.  It actually fits what we’re doing, well.

Lydia’s costume makes her look fat, too.  I hated it before, and I hate it more under the lights.  It just ruins the whole dance.  It could’ve been so sleek and elegant, and… nope.  Don’t tell her.  It’d make her sad.  But the waterfall twists into a long center braid over the loose hair makes her happy.  So there’s that.  And LBFF is coming with us, so that will make her very happy, too.  🙂

I’ve really, really got to run.  This is probably short, and I don’t really have time for a proof-reader (not that she’s been doing a whiz-bang job, lately… Brian finds TONS of errors, every evening!).  But I have an hour before LBFF’s here, and I’m still a drowned rat from the shower.  Gots to MOVE!

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  1. I thought your dance was cute – you reminded me of Momma from the old series “Momma’s Family” – with Carol Burnett – remember that oldie? 🙂 The guys did get in the way, better planning & it could have been a flirting/go away thing… You have a story to tell the future grandkids and that will be a hoot.


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