____________ May 22, 2016 ___________

Recital Recap

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep. Might be the foreignness of a hotel room, might be that accidental fish sandwich from H-E-double-hockey-sticks, or it might just be trip nerves.  Anyhow, it occurred to me that I should’ve written yesterday about the recital, so that I could just take off with all sorts of vacation news, now.  This is what 2am is for – to write the recital information!  😛

Saturday’s recital was THE longest day I’ve been thru in a long, LONG time…!  Brian questioned going in to work or not, but really I didn’t need him home and I know he was worried about setting things up for vacation (while he’d be away), so that gave him extra time.  He doesn’t admit to it, but he’s foreman of the CNC department, and it’s a lot of lining up machines so that jobs get thru there, efficiently.  He’ll tell you he’s just OCD about ‘his’ Hurcos, but it’s more than that.  He’s seriously invested in the job.

Anyhow, LBFF showed up at our house just as I was finishing writing here Saturday (EARLY !!), so she came in the bathroom with Lydia and I, and we did a girly make-up/hair thing, the three of us.  Stage make-up has to be heavier, but newbies to the stage often over-paint and end up clownish.  Lydia’s lucky her mama has some experience in that department.  😉  She doesn’t do make-up at all – just pale lipstick, normally.  And it was kind of fun, primping and prissing.  I don’t really do very much of that kind of thing.

NOTE:  You know that whole situation from a few months ago, where I was so peeved at her because she wouldn’t even TRY a tampon?  Well, her dance costume is pale pink, and no underwear are allowed under them onstage… and guess what the good Lord orchestrated, at such at time as that?  I wouldn’t have known, but she comes up to me Friday night and in a low voice says, “Tampons don’t leak, do they?”  I told her no, she’d be good to go for the night if she had one in.  She nodded, and I asked if she managed to put one in.  She gave another curt nod and walked away.  ((((((YAY!!!!!!!)))))  Moms apparently geek over seriously weird things.  Who knew?!

Brian got home and felt like he should do something while we were gussying, so he gave baths to the littler two boys (we don’t let them shower until they’re 10, in our house), and then got the bigger two in the shower, after.  That was helpful.  He also did the last of the laundry for vacation, which ended up being the boys’ town clothes, so we had a mad ‘nice-outfit-for-the-show’ crisis, last minute.  ((!!!!))  LBFF had to be laughing so hard.  Except that she doesn’t show ANY emotion, so… maybe not.  No one knows.  Hrmph.

My BFF was not herself.  I think she was seriously overwhelmed.  She’d worked the t-shirt/tights booth Friday night (recruited Lydia, Isaac and Ethan to be her helpers, and they sorted everything by size for her)… then I guess there were MORE dress rehearsals the day of recital, starting at 10am…?  So she was there non-stop, almost!  Then she was out setting up concessions for the show – snack table, flower-buying table, that kind of thing.  Organizing tiny-dancers’ lanyards/parent passes, and setting up the workers… I don’t know what all.  On top of that quite a lot of her family and her ex and his wife were coming, so she was also guest-frazzly.  Oh, and then there were jitters, of course.  Even I get them.  But with her stuff all compounding?  She was kind of a hot mess.  Too much, for her first performance, ever.  I felt pretty bad for her.

We set it up so that we’d be on the end of two rows of four – so that Lydia and I could watch the show, and when it got two dances before our turn(s), we could slip out and go dress, do our thing, and come back out, again.  [Ms. Jen would NOT be happy to hear this. What Ms. Jen doesn’t know, won’t hurt her.]  Lydia’s dance wasn’t until #20… there’s no reason for her to sit backstage for an hour and a half, doing nothing, when she could enjoy the performances.  Same with mine – I was fourth from the end, hello!  They tried to call all the dancers out of the auditorium at the beginning of the program.  We ignored them.  😛

Then BFF showed up (Didn’t sit with family like I expected?!) and sat with me for a few songs, but then freaked out seventeen songs ahead of time and had to take off to go get ready early, just in case.  (<< Her first time on stage, ever.  I have to forgive her.  But seventeen songs at three minutes each, with stage changes between is an HOUR early.)  But then she shows back up fourteen songs ahead of time, and urgently whispers that there’s an emergency practice for our song, and that we HAVE to go.  So I slip out.  It turns out Nancy →starting to really not-like-at-all Nancy← was holding her own practice for something like four ladies.  Um?!  I turned around and went back to my seat.  If Nancy don’t got it by then, Nancy ain’t gonna have it, ever.  Nancy was just winding up the newbies who were already all nerves.  Nancy needs to sit down and not stir things up – it just makes things harder on people.  Anyhow, I watched the show until two songs before the dance.  I really only needed one, but… better to be safe than sorry, you know.

The first performance went SO well – the video I’ve posted is from that.  Other than Olivia and a dad dancing in my spot ((grumble, mutter, grumble, you have your OWN dance, get outta mine, grumble))… I nailed that baby.  Brian taped it, and because he’s partial to me (couldn’t tell you why…!), it’s only of my side of the stage.  He doesn’t pan over to BFF or the ladies over yonder.  But she crosses over by me halfway thru, so she’s in the video, some.  She’s got sequins, which are awesomely eye-catching under lights.  As for me?  Ye shall know me by my shoes.  And flower hat.  And teal knee-highs, of course.

Lydia nailed her dance, too.  SO good.  Of course she was lucky and just had the one performance.  We skipped on the ballet (saw it the night before), and that gave us 40 minutes to eat before needing to be back for Round Two.  There was no other time for us to grab food!  Of course EVERYTHING was running behind (waiting for people to fill the auditorium), so it was all an hour behind schedule.  The 6pm recital starting at almost seven, and not getting out until almost 9pm.

BFF was much more calm, the second round.  I figured it was family and the ex that was setting her off, so bad.  She sat and relaxed and watched a lot more, the second round.  Was a lot less angsty.  I think the ex makes her twitchy… just sayin’.  He only stayed the one show, so once her clan was gone, she was a lot more like herself, again.  Plus by then she was done with the sales stuff, so that had to help.

I had technical issues with the second show (my heels kept catching the Marley floor), so it wasn’t as smooth.  But we were sitting by this elderly handicapped (black) lady for the second set, and she leaned over to BFF and I and said, “You here t’watch yo girl?”  And I told her my girl danced in the first show, but we were there because Ramona and I were dancing.  “You in that granny dance?!”  She exclaimed.  “I laughed so hard!  That was perfect!  I luvved that song…!  You prob’ly heard me laughin’ way back here.  And that lady in the gray up front?  In the middle?”  (Ms. Jen, actually.)  “She was so fuuuuu-nny!  And there was one other, she wuz hysterical… a lady in a flower hat, up there…?”  (((((((!!!!!!!!!!))))))

BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER!!!  😀  😀  😀  😀

Yeah!  As for how it felt, it’d been a long time since I had the stage jitters, and for me it’s nervous energy I just throw into acting a part, so it’s all handled, well.  It’s something that has to be learned, though, and I’m honestly not that hot at it, either.  But everyone always experiences let-down after performances.  It’s worse with plays by far, because you invest SO much more into them, and have SO much more to do/sing for SO much longer.  But four minutes as a grandmaw was great plenty for me.

Okay.  I should go and think about possibly trying to get some sleep, again.   Without it, today might be as big a bust as yesterday, and that would severely SUCK.  ((<<< more on that, soon enough.))

More to come…!

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