´¯`•. May 29, 2016

Adventure Post: Day 7

(or, Mad Zoo Marathon)
(or, 1440 miles, total.  Jump back.)

Well, we’re HOME!  The sun is shining (Hot tub Charlevoix dude told us it’d been 90 here, while we were gone.  I don’t know if I believe him or not.  He blew a lot of hot air.), we’re unpacked, and the washing machine has been loaded with the first of our mud-caked duds.  😛

Our last day in Indiana was the kind where people are just done, and are trudging thru with a heart of weariness.  Not me, mind you, but mostly Brian… who was affecting everyone else.  He does this all the time, and I get SO frustrated with him.  It ruins the fun for everyone, and of course he’s snappishly ‘sorry’ at the time (<< equates to not at all sorry, and not about to change what he’s doing), and then more convincingly ‘sorry’ (<< convincingly meaning he thinks he’s convincing me, or wants to convince me and I know it) later, when I’m finally pissed at him for too much, too much, too much.

NOT the best ending for our vacation.

We went downtown Fort Wayne, first.  I wanted to see the Courthouse building, and any other amazing architecture there was.  So armed with map, we hit the center of the city.  It was quiet – just a few people sitting in outdoor cafes, here and there.  We had the place to ourselves, there was an amazing cool breeze, it was beautiful…!  The buildings were fantastic, and we stumbled on the botanical garden (which had a free outdoor area to the public along the side, and it was just lovely).  We walked until I couldn’t stand the complaining anymore (about fifteen minutes, I swear), and then I took them to Wendy’s for mango and blueberry tea infusions (icy and cool, in air conditioning, with a break).

They were just BITCHING the entire way.  Who wants to see old buildings?  Haven’t we walked enough?  Flowers… so what?  We’re never going to find the Old Lincoln National Bank, anyhow.  Brian was at the helm of it all.  I was trying so hard to point out the beauty, the breeze, the scent in the air, and the manager at Wendy’s got out his phone and found our building for us (sadly, closed on Saturdays – it looked STUNNING thru the windows…!).  Anyhow, I was pretty defeated by the time we got to the car.

Next up, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.  We have a John Ball Zoo membership that’s reciprocal with zoos across the country, so it was 50% off for us to go.  And I thought maybe they’d have animals we’ve never seen.  (<< Quite a few, surprisingly!)  So off we went, to our FINAL attraction.

Yehovah punished us.  It’s because of their behavior downtown, I’m pretty sure.  If they wanted misery, He’d give them misery.  So He gave us little shade, harder walking, and just MASSES of people.  Stupid people.  Slow, directionless people clogging the arteries of the zoo.  Amish people with fancy new jogging buggies (<< hypocrites.)  Mexican people with eighty kids, each, all of them running pell-mell into everyone.  It was hot, the breeze didn’t penetrate the crowds, the shade of the skyscrapers was not to be found, and it wasn’t fun.

We marathoned that zoo.  Single file, seven people moving at a brisk clip, winding thru everyone, stopping only at the animals we’d never seen before.  Pausing at the others, naming off the zoos that had them back home, and how we could see them without trying to squeeze in the jumble of humans, back home.  EVERYONE in Indiana was at that zoo.  In fact, it was the only place they know.  I know this, because while looking for the Lincoln national bank downtown, I spoke to several people.  They couldn’t find the COURTHOUSE… but every one of them suggested the zoo, when I asked what one place in Fort Wayne we should take a look at before we leave.

Compared to the zoo, the trip downtown was wonderful.  To everyone.  In hindsight, of course.  Bastard family.

Upon leaving the zoo, we found a picnic table (we eat late – 3pm – so there was one open in the shade, by then), and we had our packed lunch, then took the the road.  Brian was pissing about the car, next.  Did I mention that the air went out the day before, about in Brookville?  Yeah, it did.  My hair was already totalled the entire trip (humidity and a natural tendency to spiral up in tiny curls – ALL of it), but having the car windows down made it even worse.  😛  Anyhow, Brian was SURE a bearing was going out, and that there was no way we would make it home.  The man gives new meaning to pessimism.  I told Yehovah silently that I put the car in His hands, and believe He’ll see us thru – and He did.  We made it home, no problems.  Well, other than no A/C, that is.

By 5pm, we were home. Just off our expressway exit, there was a 1989 26′ camper, and it had a TON of windows and looked SO NICE.  I’m torn.  I know Brian is wrong – that taking a camper on these trips would be less money than doing the hotel thing.  Especially since we’re shoving three boys to a queen bed, and it’s miserable and expensive, as we’re doing it now.  (<< He swears the cost would be double for our trip, just in gas.  I can’t believe that.)  But the problem is, I love our Sunflower camper.  It’s… a 70s trailer, and can’t travel.  It’s got structural damage.  But the layout is so perfect for us, and I hate to get rid of it, you know?  I’d originally thought that we could get a cheap pop-up to take on our vacations (it’s only a week a year), and that would be better, for us.  He’s… just not happy with any option.  And I got frustrated, all over again.  More frust.  FrustrAnna.  Can’t even talk about it, anymore.  Change the subject, will you?

We hit the house, came inside, flopped down – leaving EVERYTHING in the car – and took naps.  I was out, the moment I hit the sofa, for half an hour.  Then we unpacked, realized that we’d eaten ourselves out of home before the trip, and had to go get pizza for supper (and do a quick grocery shop, to tide us until I get bills done).  We brought the pizza and foodstuffs home, unpacked more and ate, and then flopped with our ‘Return of the King’ DVD >>> We finished Tolkien just as we’d left on vacation!  😀

Anyhow, all of us slept until 10am, this morning.  We seriously needed it.  And today is going to be a day of little things:  washing travel clothes.  I need to mow, Brian needs to weed-whack.  The trailer pockets came while we were gone and so we can finish the bike trailer, today.  I’d like him to take the shutters off the house, so I (maybe) can paint them.  We can look at the feasibility of the new screen door that may/may not fit.  We can do bills, hang out… whatever.  I had him turn down the hot tub to 95, yesterday… so we can have a cooler dip (not cold, just nice) today.

But TOMORROW…!!  Memorial Day is usually our garden planting day.  We’re light years behind.  It’s pitiful.  We haven’t cleaned Critter Corner, haven’t plowed in the manure, haven’t dumped ashes, haven’t tilled up the plowed rows… we’re in dire need of a catch-up day.  So tomorrow I’m hoping to make our ANNUAL CRITTER CORNER CLEAN-UP.  Yes, I’m well aware it’s a dirty and hard job.  But we have the time and the wherewithal… and we need to get it done.  So!  😀  😀  😀  ((<<  Yeah… I’m the only one smiling about it.))

Anyhow, so that’s where we are.  I have something like 800 vacation photos, and I think Lydia’s got about 400 to sort.  Brian supplemented me, so I have his to add to the bunch, too.  Not to mention the dance recital photo work…!

Life never slows down, does it?  S’okay, keeping busy keeps me young.  ((<< I tell myself this, anyhow!!))

Okay, letting you go until… tomorrow?  Do I write tomorrow?  I don’t know!  I’m utterly confused as to what day it is.  I thought yesterday was Saturday, but is today Saturday?  Did I wish you Shabbat Shalom too early?  I don’t know.  I probably should go find someone and ask what day it is.  These kids know more than I do, anymore…

Until whichever day comes next…

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