´¯`•. June 03, 2016

Wrap-up of the Week

Confession:  I’ve been pen-pal free for a week.  It’s thrown off my groove as badly as Memorial Day has (<< what day is it, again?!?!?!).  As badly as 1,053 dance photos and 1,037 Indiana photos have.  But we’re in a jumble, and he’s been gone on business for three days, and now is on a camping trip away from electricity, so… with my need to do something half-week-ish with school and then tackling photos, and him being out of the office, we just haven’t written.  Which means I haven’t anything to cut/paste from, here!

I hate to lose a whole week from that, though… so I thought I’d do a little play-by-play to try to catch up, some.  What I don’t write, I promise I’ll make up for in pictures at Facebook!

Backing up, Tuesday we weed whacked at Brian’s grandparents’ house.  They stink, anymore.  I’m not kidding.  You know how sometimes things start to decompose even while still alive?  I half suspect that’s starting to happen.  They’re really gross… and of course everything there is saturated in cat piss and cat food is all over Grandma’s clothes, along with her supper.  Brian says the washer’s in the basement, and they can’t get down there with it to wash, so they’ve not been washing their clothes.  (!!!)  I don’t know, but this is NOT good.  Doesn’t anyone else think this is NOT good?!  I’m an in-law (and further down the line, at that), so I have no say, but… geez!!!

There’s a rabid giant evil racoon that’s hanging around critter corner.  He was getting in the dog food can, so we put a brick on, put it in the kennel… and the thing ripped the roof OFF the kennel, shoved the brick off, and was rolling the can around, snarling and making horrible noises.  Gotta off that thing!

By Wednesday, I was still not doing well, personally.  First, there’s Qwmaaaa.  It’s driving me out of my mind.  The next badge is ‘Bubbles’, and they are posting six conversations a day on FB, miring down my feed with all of this seriously overwhelming stuff.  Housing bubbles.  Pop-less bubbles.  Scented bubbles.  How whales herd fish with bubbles.  The anatomy of a bubble.  Carbonation.  And that’s just a tiny sample of what’s going on.  And we’re two weeks out from the meeting!  It’s lists of research and topics related to a ‘bubble’ theme.  This is supposed to be FUN and social and… and… I have NO idea how they can cover that much in the hour and a half we’re going to meet!

I was trying to put together a fire safety lapbook for us to do, in order to catch up.  That’s the badge they worked on, while we were Indiana.  But it turns out that what they did – ‘Fire Safety’ – was campfire safety.  There’s also home fire safety.  So I was going to combine the two, but ‘Home Fire Safety’ was fifteen pages long!!  Homigosh!  It was fireplace safety, charcoal grill safety, candle safety, flammable liquid safety, small/large appliance safety, propane grill safety… it just went on and on.  I had some serious issues.  THEN – on top of that! – I found out there’s a ‘fire building’ badge – which has very few requirements, and half of them are what’s on the campfire safety badge!  What a MESS!

I was seeing double, by the time I got done with all that badge requisite reading and condensing and stuff…  and still had the mad rush to finish up editing the dance pictures, which I was working on at the same time.  I’d wanted to make a disc for BFF, and take it to the dance studio end-of-classes party.

Unfortunately, everything that could’ve gone wrong, did.  Brian got home late.  He’d (of ALL days) taken our home CD burner to work with him (!!), so I couldn’t even start on that until he got home.  Then I couldn’t find any discs in the drawer.  Then I was late going to swim, and forgot my underthings on the bed. (!!!)  Half mile from the house, my car started making a horrible grinding noise. (!!!!)  I ended up throwing my hands up in the air, saying ‘forget swim’, and going home.

From there, we started over… and things went better.  I took Brian’s truck to town.  Ordered the dance video, but I’ve never gotten a digital download, before, so this is a little out of my realm.  Learning new things is okay, but… I’m nervous, and haven’t even got it, yet!  And I thought picture editing was nerve-wracking!  Might have to digitally download it at McD’s, too – we only have a limited amount of bandwidth on our home plan.  Could make things interesting/difficult.

Lydia and I were given 1 year ribbons for participating (!?), while there last night.  Then we went to supper with BFF and her daugher. (<< I razzed her daughter.  A lot.  Mostly she just laughs at me.  A lot.)  Gave BFF the disc and her book back (<< Brian was reading it, and is miffed that it’s gone and he didn’t finish.  He’ll live.)  We also found out that there are summer classes, and it looks like Lydia’s going to continue at least thru June with Contemporary, doing a class with a *different* teacher in a ‘camp’ (all ages) setting.  It’s Tuesday nights, and BFF’s girl is in it, too.  (<< She is going to do ALL of the summer courses.  BFF says she goes stir crazy if she doesn’t have them.)  So I’ll be hanging with the bestie on Tuesdays, for a few more weeks.  🙂  My BFF gave Lydia a wolf puzzle she found at the thrift store – Lydia was like, “You have the best bestie e.v.e.r!!!”  My girl likes wolves.  I like my bestie.

Do you have any idea what a pain it is to be a perfectionist?  I can’t seem to get the pictures edited well enough to post them.  Even the ones I burned for BFF – I was editing them on my PC, more, even after I gave her a set.  She doesn’t care – she’s not got the issues I do.  But I can’t stand when I mess up and miss things.

Things got crazy when I put the pictures on FB.  Ms. Jen tagged all the girls and their parents, and even now, my FB is just crazy with notifications.  Hundreds upon hundreds of them!  I don’t like the attention (although I doubt they even notice who posted them.  And Ms. Jen comes up as the one who tagged them, so that’s helpful).  A part of me is thrilled – I got to make people happy!  Another part is cringing away, freaked at the amount of people in my personal space.  ***PEOPLES…!!!!!***  I’m whacked, you know this, right?

Anyhow, that has been the week.  An absolute catastrophic explosion of everything.  I’ve been a wreck.  I’m hoping this weekend we can catch up, and I can go into next week feeling a *little* better.  Although to be honest?  Next week is Shavuot, Ethan’s birthday, the big garage sale in the condo place I like to go to, our first library event, first night back to swim, first summer dance camp night… and another short week of school.  AUUURRRGGGHH!!!

Nevermind me.  There is no normal.  Really.

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  1. You know.. that badge/bubble/fire safety thing? It sounds….. umm odd? 😛 Maybe it just sounds like more work than actual fun.


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