´¯`•. June 06, 2016

Over the Weekend…

From Sunday: Well, it’s been another busy one!!

This weekend we finished critter corner clean-up, got the plow on the tractor, and plowed up the garden… just before the rains started.  In fact, it was sprinkling while we were plowing.  (Well, he plowed, I pitchforked the stuff that got cotched up in the plow blade around, after it was pulled free.)  We also put Ruthie in with Abe.  (Rabbits.)  It’s time to breed.  I should write that on the calendar.  “Baby bunny making begins.”  I’m also thinking that it’s about time to pull up the incubator and put Morpheus in with the ladies.  (<< Whatever rooster we have at the time is always Morpheus.  If there’s a spare, he’s Neo.  You can laugh – it’s okay.)  We’re still debating when to put Jamie-Jo in with Zack.  (<< Goats.)  Probably we’ll do it in November.

So in a month (ish), I’ll have baby bunny pictures for you.  The month after that, baby chicks.  It’s enough.  For now.  I won’t be breeding ducks ever again, though.  When what we have is gone, I am done with ducks.  Pigs with wings.  Hate ducks.  And no, I’m not going to be makin’ human babies.  Aunt Flo is here, again.  I should’a made her pitchfork out the goat barn.  Ol’ bag.

Speaking of, Lydia and I are changing jobs, again.  It’s that time of the year.  She’s allergic to hay (so is Ethan).  So Ethan does chickens, and Lydia does water in the summer.  I do hay in the warm months.  But in the winter when the hose is froze, I swap with her, since she’s bundled and doesn’t *touch* the hay, then.  In winter, water is lugged in buckets out to the critters, and that’s too heavy for her.  So we swap off.  I’m back on hay duty, now.

Brian fixed my car today.  Yay!  He also accidentally took a glancing sledgehammer blow to Isaac’s finger.  I’d holler, but he took the sledgehammer to his own hand, worse.  He (Brian) was bleeding all over the place.  Nasty wound.  Isaac’s was just a layer of skin off, so he got off lighter.  But the tie rod is changed, the bearing is taken care of.  He says the brakes are getting bad, but don’t have to be changed for a while, yet.  Monday she (Rosie – my car) goes in to have the A/C clutch dealt with.  And yes, I name everything.

From Monday:  A new week begun!  It’s already insane, I’ll have you know.  Lydia had a retainer check on Friday, and I went in to pay my $35 dental bill (<< after insurance… but the kids’ 1yr cleanings are free.  What up wif dat?)…  Anyhow, I asked Karla if there were any morning appointments I could make for my husband who was supposed to call and make an appointment and didn’t.  She almost cracked a smile at my run-on sentence… I kid you not. [Karla is a curmudgeon.  I thought she didn’t know how to smile.]  She had a cancellation for Monday at 8am, so as I type, my man is in THE CHAIR.  S’a good thing I take care of him.  😛

My car is at the fix-it, so NOBODY is allowed to stick fingers in eyes, fall out of trees, cut, maim, or break ANY body parts, today.  Or any day, but particularly while I don’t have a vehicle to take them to the E.R.  I’m padding the house, as of now.  (Actually, no.  But it sounds good, yes?)

We took Rosie in, Sunday night.  While in town, we had supper out (since I’d only left the house once since vacation a week ago, and that was to take Lydia to dance open house).  Brian assumed I’d be stir-crazy.  I’m actually good.  While out, I got label paper that I’m going to TRY to make work for printing badges.  It’s not what I wanted, but Staples wasn’t open on Sunday.  😛  Don’t worry, I won’t go there!  But we had to deal, and I have a need to get things lined up… especially when we officially start working on badges, TODAY!

Have been busy putting pictures on FB.  I already told you it’s a day-at-a-time endeavor, right?  Well, I’m averaging about 35 pictures, a day, so that’s a LOT!!  But I’m going thru hundreds of pictures, so it’s a tough thing, deciding what to share.  People are just awe-struck at Indiana, though.  And it’s crazy – I saw this article today about a guy who created a ‘see-the-U.S.-in-3-weeks’ road trip?  He didn’t even have Indiana on it!  You can’t see our country that-a-way!  It’s not nearly a real LOOK at it.  My brother did that, several years ago.  He did the ‘around the country in a week’ thing.  I don’t know… I just don’t work that way.  I like the people.  The flavor.  The buildings and the ambiance.  You don’t get that racing down an expressway to the next state, y’know?

Although I don’t know what’s next.  We have some options (should we be here – Shavuot is June 11[ish], and that’s THE most likely day, until Rosh Ha’Shana!!!!).  We could do Illinois (barring Chicago).  We could do part of Ohio.  We could do Central/West Wisconsin.  Or we could do West U.P/Northern Wisconsin.  I’m leaning towards Central Wisconsin – there are the Dells (the natural ones, not the resort hell), Noah’s Ark (<<< HUGE waterpark), TONS of natural formations, waterfalls, standing stones, etc.  It could be beautiful, don’t you think?  I kinda wanna save northern Wisconsin until Owen can man a kayak, because I so seriously want to kayak the Apostle Islands.  It’s like a MAJOR bullet on my bucket list.  Google Image search the Apostle Islands (and scroll down to the actual photos), and you’ll see what I mean.

For right now, I just have to narrow the focus.  We have quest activities coming up, and I’m trying to work them around the library events that are starting this week!  The first is ‘The Village Puppeteers’, so I’ve hunted down the puppetry badge, and we’re going to work on that, starting this morning.  Then next week is a tie-dye event (there’s a tie-dye badge!), and a ‘Hoopers’ event (<< hula hoop performers – and yes, there’s a hula hoop badge).  The next week are two different magicians (at two different libraries – I like to shake things up; we go all over – there are 26 libraries, and they all have the same events on rotation, you know!).  I haven’t looked into the ‘magic trick’ badge, yet…

…because before that is the Quest meeting, where we’re doing Bubbles.  We’ve been assigned to explain (in a simple way) why boiling water bubbles.  It’s easier than I thought!  BUT… me being me, I want to create (or find) a good graphic for the kids to use to explain it.  We also have to come up with a bubble recipe.  Last night we bought Kool-aid packets and Dove liquid dishsoap (<< they say that makes the best bubbles) – I’m going for scented bubbles.  Grape, Cherry, Orange, Watermelon… could be fun, right?  I know Andrea’s gang is doing edible bubbles (!?).  I thought about getting a tot pool and doing hula-hoop bubbles – the type people can go inside of.  Dunno.  I should ask what everyone’s doing, and fill in blanks, eh?

They have PEACH MANGO kool-aid, did you know that?  I swear, I squee-ed in the store.  SO happy and excited!!!  S’okay, you can laugh at me.  It’s the little pleasures, I promise.  They’re the best.

uPDaTe:  Brian has no cavities, brought us breakfast burritos from McD’s yesterday (<<< we had to pick off the pork.  Uncleeeeean…. but SO good, otherwise!), and wanna hear something crazy?   We have a 3-day school week (Ethan’s birthday Thursday and Shavuot on Friday)… and there are THREE days left in our meteorology logs in my book!  Then we flipped to the school logs, and mine is on the LAST page.  Did I mention that Shavuot (this weekend) is THE most likely day for the next three months?  And all of my school stuff ends, right there.  Squee!  😀

…………… Shavuot is coming!! ……………..

And… I’m tangenting.  Sorry, sorry.  It’s a sign I should go.  Going…

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