´¯`•. June 09, 2016

The New Dress

Today I’m chilly.  This is because I splurged and bought a DRESS yesterday.  I couldn’t help it – and I’ve felt guilty about it ever since, but this dress…!  And yes, I’m wearing it.  Another thing that couldn’t be helped.  It’s just a lot shorter than what I normally mosey around in.  And when Brian’s home, the A/C is always cranked up, and I’m running to find sweaters and socks.  I turn it off in the mornings, but it takes all day to warm back up in here, and by the time it does, he’s home and clicks the A/C up.  We have unspoken furnace wars.  I figure if I can turn it off during the day, he can freeze us out at night… and it all evens out, no?  ((((Don’t ask.))))

Anyhow, we’d gone to get Ethan’s birthday cake yesterday, you see.  Our favorite supermarket hands-down makes THE best birthday cake in the world.  The use bettercream, instead of buttercream as the frosting, and that’s why they’re superior.  Buttercream is that thick, heavy too-sugary icing that makes you slightly nauseous after having cake.  Bettercream is like whipped cream – it’s light and sweet but not sickeningly so.  They have a big cooler full of pre-made cakes, and we always just take whatever’s there.  This time it was a [marbled chocolate/vanilla] penguin cake, so that was good.

NoTe:  This particular supermarket also has THE best smokehouse.  There’s a section by the deli where they keep their smoked meat products, and Brian *adores* the hickory sticks.  They’re meat sticks – not thin, wrizzly jerky, but meat sticks.  I know, I know… your gut would explode.  But they’re really tasty, so when we go to there, we always pick him up a package of hickory sticks.  It’s a little-known secret most people don’t share with outsiders.

But I needed a red 3-ring notebook, too.  For Quest – I have to have something to put all of the badge requirement lists into, you see.  And we have black, gray, green, white, purple, and blue 3-ring binders at home, but no red.  And I’m anal…  So across the street is the Family Dollar store, and I was hoping they’d have a red binder.  So I zipped in there, really quickly, you see.

And there it was.  THE DRESS.  It’s rayon.  You have no idea.  Rayon can be balled up in a big wad in the bottom of a suitcase with Brian’s dress shoes jammed into it, and still pull out slinky and wrinkle-less.  It’s gorgeous material.  I know this, because I have a little black rayon dress.  (<< Every woman has a little black dress.)  I wore mine to ‘Phantom’ at the Pantages Theatre in Toronto, and again for our fancy supper out on our honeymoon – on the shores of Lake Union in Seattle.  Which makes me sound all jet-setty and trendy, but honestly we both know better.  Still… I love that little black dress.  It looks something like this [ http://www.realdealconsignment.com/image/cache/data/Prada-Dress-2-700×700.jpg ] except that it’s loose and swishy at the bottom.  Snug but stretchy.

This one is the same thing, but not so glam.  There’s just something glam about black rayon – it almost sparkles.  Anyhow, this one is kind of ribbed (Ribbed rayon!?) and a mottled black/white that looks like marbled grey.  It’s the same style/cut and material as my little black dress, though – so I knew it would move nicely, travel with me, and feel great.  And it was twelve dollars… yes, but I knew that if I didn’t do it, I’d regret it.  So I bought it… and am now trying to justify it like crazy.  [[[[[Blushing!!!!]]]]

I also bought heavy stone mushrooms on little sticks that push down into the flowerbeds… you know, little ornament thingies.  They’re cute.  And I was already in trouble for being impulsive about the dress, so what are two [$1/ea] mushrooms?!  Brian sighed, last night, and said, “At least I got more side work.”  So I feel slightly less guilty about the dress, and slightly MORE guilty about making my man work so hard just so I can be weak at the dollar store.  [FacePalm!!]  Then come to find out?  He’s teasing.  !!!!!!

They had *ONE* red 3-ring binder, too.  So today I’m working on assembling that thing.  Here.  At home.  And laundry.  I did socks, towels, and washcloths, yesterday, but then we went away, and… shiny… Yeah.  Oh, and I did clean the top of the printer, the phone area disaster (<< it was still Indiana-fied), and my school/craft hole in the living room.  THAT was a mEsS.  You’ve no idea.  So there was some productivity, goin’ on.

I’m presently reading a novel about a blind guy and the voice actor (<< actress?) he hired to be his personal assistant.  It’s not a bad idea, actually – if all you’ve got is sound to go on, it might as well be a really great voice you’re stuck listening to, no?  Anyhow, he had this elderly scientist dude helping him before, but it was all clinical and technical, just how many steps here and look out for the crack there.  Blind dude wanted description, so he could *see* the world.  Words that made everything come to life.  Anyhow, it got me wondering if I do a good enough job at describing things in my e-mails and blog entries.  After all, people don’t get to see much (I put most of the photos on Facebook, instead)… but now this stupid book’s got me wondering if my descriptive powers are up to snuff, or as pitiful as Dr. Nefario’s.  (<<<I have a weird imagination – that’s who I picture for the dry scientist elderly dude.  Dr. Nefario.)


Big plans for the weekend?  Our weekend is going to be pretty wild.  Starting tonight – FIRST LIBRARY EVENT OF THE SUMMER!!!  Geez, I hope it isn’t the same puppet group that was there last year.  There are different ones.  They come, they go… Last year’s was brilliantly beautiful and had amazing puppets, but the dudes putting it on were lewd and everything was fart jokes and stupidity.  We weren’t thrilled.  Still.  It’ll count towards our badge, right?  Then Friday the kids have their big puppet show that they’re putting on, and SHAVUOT BEGINS!!!

This is a huge one, too.  *HUGE!!*  Because Shavuot (Pentecost, to chrischuns) is the time of the Baptizing of the Holy Spirit.  And this year?  We’re baptizing Ethan, Aaron, and Owen in the hot tub.  It won’t be as big a production as the baptism five years ago, when we did Lydia and Isaac.  We’d invited my brother and parents (which also includes my sister and her girls) over, and had them do Shavuot with us, so they could see the baptism.  This time there’ll be… nobody.  Just as well – we can be happy doing it together.  I’m thinking of letting the kids streamer up the pagoda for the occasion.  Might be fun for them?  Make it more festive, too!

And really I’m (yet again) hoping that after that, we’re just raptured.  I do this.  Brian’s resigned to it.  I stare wistfully up at the clouds and will Ha’Shem to open them and send His Son to suck us up out of this place.  Hilary Clinton.  Transgender bathrooms.  Terror attack killed 4 yesterday in Tel Aviv.  Heat indexes.  Paris underwater.  I don’t know… you tell me why I’d like to be raptured.  😉

Brian has more side work than he knows what to do with, anymore.  That’s because the place he does the most work for is run by a guy who made a resolution this year to NOT turn away work.  So he’s swamped, and subcontracting it out to Brian.  The good news is that Brian charges less than any other subcontractor, so they know that giving him the work isn’t a loss, to them – it actually saves them $$, and they get their cut, and don’t miss deadline.  So it’s all good.  And he calls it ‘his favorite hobby that happens to make good money’.  So we’re happy, all the way around, I guess!

This weekend the garden gets put in.  BIG project.  But it finally dried enough that last night it could be roto-tilled.  Putting in the manure (from our annual spring Critter Corner Clean) is the first step, then plowing it in is the second, and then it gets roto-tilled, twice… and then we can plant it up.   I know most other people have theirs in, already, but we’re just a little slower, because of our vacation adventure week.  Can’t have everything!  Anyhow, so we’ll be getting the garden in, this weekend.

LOTS to do!

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