´¯`•. June 10, 2016

Garage Sales!!

I was late in writing, today.  You noticed, right?  (((Not.)))   But it was for a very important reason.  Today were the L.S. garage sales, and we had to be up, breakfasted, and at L.S.  by nine o’clock, this morning.  L.S’s are the only neighborhood sale that I do, and it’s THE best, hands down.

I was born in the wrong decade.  I’m forty years behind everyone my ‘age’ (mentally and behaviorally).  You’ve noticed the ‘innocent’ thing that floats around me like a sort of a cloud, right?  Once upon a blog, I did a whole post to explain why this is.  For example:

Great-Great grandma – Great grandma – Grandma – Mom – Us

That’s the normal progression.  One raises the next, and they’re from each consecutive generation, right?  Well, I got goofed up.  Because my Grandma was raised when she was young by her grandma, because her dad had black lung and her mother had to work to take care of the family and I was raised when I was young by my grandma, because my mom had Matt and Jill back-to-back, and pawned the toddler off to Grandma to lighten the crazy load.  So here’s the generations where I’m concerned:

Great-grandma – Grandma – Me

So you see the difference?  My behavior, my *generation* by way of weltangschauung, is that of the typical 80 year old, out there.  And I have to tell you… I love L.S.  It likely won’t be there when I get old, and even if it is, the kind of people in there wouldn’t ever accept me or be the way the people in there are, now… but it’s this very old (60’s style) retirement village.  Each building has several ‘homes’ in it, and they all open up to a small yard they share.  On the outside of the building, each has a indoor/outdoor carpeted patio with a metal railing and slider, and they’re all done up with geraniums and ceramic ducks, and… it’s just older generation charming.

And I love the things in their sales.  It’s all old Delft and the old AVON gifts that used to be so popular (and in my grandma’s house!) and all the old board games like Boggle and Rack-O, and Bible plaques and little souvenirs from their senior trips.  It’s just SO fun.  Old beaded hot pads and such.  And the prices aren’t crazy – they’re still a little behind everyone else, so I was picking up boys’ jeans for 2/25¢.  I’m not kidding!

Anyhow, my feet are KILLING me.  Remind me next time NOT to wear high-heeled sandals when walking two hours (the equivalent of three miles, if you stretched it all out).  The kids take turns – I take them around with me, one at a time.  They’re my elephant.  (I have a favorite book, in which the husband is called ‘her elephant’, because they haul the load and are big and comforting in the face of Sh-sh-sh-shopping.  In my case, I bring a kid at a time as ‘my elephant’.)

Then I took them or bubble slushies (Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana, and Strawberry Kiwi), and then we went to Martha’s.  It’s not actually ‘Martha’s’, anymore – since it was Martha’s it’s switched hands several times to ‘Value-land’ and ‘World Mission’ and ‘Christian Thrift’… we just have always called it ‘Martha’s’.  Anyhow, it’s THE best thrift store in GR, and we love to wander and see all of the crazy stuff there.  Sadly (but luckily for our pocketbook), I only get there twice a year, tops.  But it’s a good thing we hit the thrift, because they had my kind of photo album!  ((<< The company has changed the size, so that they don’t fit, anymore.  So I have to watch for the previous size at yard sales and thrift stores, now.))  They had TWO!

Then we went and picked Brian up for lunch (TACO BELL!).  He gets a kick out of it when we take him out, and it doesn’t happen very often.  Then hit the bank and the sale-down-the-road.  Every year there’s a house near us that has a sale-down-the-road, and it used to be that they had the next size up boys’ jeans.  Not so, anymore, but it’s still kind of a personal tradition to go to the sale-down-the-road.  It was this weekend, too!  They had a pair of next size up boys’ tennis shoes, but no jeans.  S’okay – we got THE deal on those, this year at L.S!

But *WHEW!*, what a crazy morning!!

Anyhow, now we’re home.  I’m very glad to be home.
Have I mentioned my feet hurt?  They do.

But we’re not home for long.  Today is PAYDAY, and I have to admit… we’re out of food in this joint.  I kinda was putting off shopping because ‘why bother before Shavuot’.  But tomorrow is Garden Day, and while out, I saw that Fruitbasket/Flowerland has their veggies on clearance, and we need food, anyhow, so tomorrow morning we’ll go get our plants and grocery shop, then when Brian gets out, we’ll be all set, no?  And I’ll have gotten to go to Fruitbasket/ Flowerland, again!  (<< My favorite store as a child.)

Last night was an away night, too.  It was that puppet show – FIRST LIBRARY EVENT.  I can’t even being to get into the many levels of suckage that the event was.  It was layers of suckage, stacked on top of each other.  It was horrible.  I think we’re done with KDL Byron for events – we’ll just pick ’em up at some other location.  And the puppet show was the exact same one from last year.  The only good parts are the dragon and the spider, and I knew when they were coming, and could videotape them, this year.  🙂  So there’s that.

Ethan chose Mediterranean food, so we took the family to the place BFF showed Lydia and I.  The boys… do not care for Mediterranean food.  We came home with FOUR boxes of food.  (<< We also accidentally over-ordered, as is obvious.)  We’ll have plenty for lunch, tomorrow, anyhow!  But that was an adventure, too.

Last night we were talking about how there are FIFTY states, and how I don’t have FIFTY years… so I was blustering on about how some states are teeny-tiny and can be combined – like Vermont and New Hampshire.  And how other states are just a drag, and we could create ‘pass-thru’ schedules, to see them as we go other places.  So I sat down with Nebraska last night (while Brian was out doing side work), and… HOLY WOW, there’s a lot to see in Nebraska!  And so then I thought, we’ll, New Hampshire is tiny… so… but HOLY WOW, there’s a lot to see in New Hampshire!  And I haven’t even gotten out any travel books on them, yet!

I’m now officially overwhelmed.


Anyhow, it being *PAYDAY* this week, I kind of have to get my act together and print off the statement and finagle the numbers, next.  While the kids are getting THEIR act together and polishing their puppet show for us.  There’s never a dull moment, is there?!

I really do have to scoot.  There’s a FEAST to prepare, children to baptize, and a play in the works… not to mention I’d like to have bills done.  You know how I get by now, don’t you?

Until tomorrow – should we be here!

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  1. Nah, Mom and Dad did the whole New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine thing a long time ago. They took a week and it still wasn’t enough! Just because some northern states are small doesn’t mean we don’t pack a punch. 😛 Mom always talked a lot about the Von Trappe Estate up in Vermont.. the ben & jerry’s factory tour, humpback whale watching, and tons of other stuff to do. She loved it in Stowe. I think they also did Hull, Mass… one of the B&B’s up there was nice.


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