´¯`•. June 15, 2016

The Blue-Haired Blonde

Well, I finally broke down and did something with my hair.

It’s been a real problem for me for almost a year, now.  I am so sick of dyeing my hair, you see.  I started when I was 35, because I was fading to a mucky-ash color, after a lifetime of being blonde.  I was white-blonde as a child, pale blonde in high school, golden blonde in college, darker blonde in marriage… but by 35 it was turning that non-color.  Some people call it dishwater, but I didn’t like it.  So I bought a blonde hair-dye, and went to.

The problem is, once you start dyeing, you have to keep dyeing, or the mucky dark roots start to show, again.  So I’ve done a lot of different shades, trying to get something that was close to my roots, but not so drabbish.  And it just doesn’t work.  Believe you me.

Anyhow, after years of this pattern, I noticed about three years ago that my hair was starting to turn brassy-orange in its undertones.  This is what happens – even using ‘neutral’ or ‘natural’ dyes – when going blonde.  It hasn’t been right, and I’m not thrilled.

Meanwhile, Brian’s started to get a LOT of silver and white (<< not gray, interestingly) in his beard.  He’s got a ‘spring’ of it in his hair, the source of silver, moving out from that point.  He’s not thrilled, but that’s life when you hit forty, right?  So I offered to go gray with him.


Originally, I’d looked at pictures of gunmetal gray.  I figured that it might be close to my real color.  He wasn’t so sure that he liked that idea.  Okay, let’s be honest – he said, “NO.”  No gray, no way.  But then I was showing him pictures, and starting to grow my roots out (just to get an idea of how dark my hair actually is.  I don’t even remember, anymore!)  After looking, he decided that I wasn’t looking at old lady gray… rather something kind off different, but still normal.  (?!?!  If there’s such of a thing?!)

Apparently, however, there isn’t gray hair dye at the store.  In order to get gray, you have to go white and strip all color out, and then put in gray.  Can I just say that this sounds scary?  I don’t know…

elsa2But then we decided to do ‘Frozen’ for this year’s Halloween.  And it’s looking like I’m going to be going really white-blonde, to be Elsa.  Could be interesting to see on me, no?  Anyhow, as a result, I decided to put the hair changes on hold, until after Elsa.  But as of last night, my hair was brassy with four inches of roots showing.  NOT attractive.

So!  Something had to be done.  Something transitional from brassy ‘neutral’ (read: golden candlestick) blonde to Elsa.  So the first step was to do something about the brassy, right?  Well, did you know half of the hair dye companies don’t even have ‘ash’ colors, anymore?  It used to be that there were two choices:  ash (which had gray tones) or golden (which had orange tones).  But now they have ‘neutral’ and ‘natural’ and ‘golden’ as our choices.  No ash!  Apparently people want to hide the gray, not lean that way.  Figures… just when I want it!  LoL!

But we found a brand that still had ‘ash’, and I got ‘ash blonde’ and ‘light ash blonde’ (<< Elsa).  After going dark golden or neutral golden (R’whatever) for a long time, the ‘ash’ would make it significantly lighter, and hopefully neutralize some of the brassy-ness, right?  So last night I had my colorist (<< Brian) do my hair for me.  Hey, it’s fair – I cut his, he can help me color mine.  🙂

While rinsing it out, I already noticed a distinct difference.  It was light… but more than that?


Wet, light blue-gray hair.  Homigosh, had I made a mistake?  And then I got to thinking about it… would blue not be awesome?!  I mean, I’m not typically a liberal, funky kind of a girl.  But it might be fun!  It could be kewl!  I called to Brian that it was looking BLUE, of all things!  That might be fun.  “Um… well, let’s just wait and see.”  He called back, hesitantly.  The man was just getting used to the idea of gray-toned blonde.  Gray was grudgingly approved, but was supposed to be later.  And now I toss blue over the shower curtain?!  He’s not so keen on that one.  My poor stuffy husband…!  He’s worse than I am!!!

This morning I got a look at it, dried and set.  It’s… lighter.  A bit.  And the ash certainly did help neutralize the coppery undertones that made me think of school bus paint jobs.  There’s still some ‘gold’ undertones, but not brassy ones.  And no sign of the blue that I saw in it, last night.  Sadly.  But just the same, I think I like it.  A lot.  I wonder what going the shade lighter will be like…!

Anyhow, my plan at this point is to go Elsa for Halloween, and then go in this direction.  It’s a white-ish shade.  Because white is a little more like blonde than gray is.  It’s also ‘pure-r’ and a little more my style, I think.  I could do this, and feel classy and elegant.  I don’t even think it’d make me look ‘old’ the way that gray does.

And the fun is, that I found a picture of hair growing out from something like this, and it. looks. fantastic.  Now granted, my hair isn’t that dark – so it won’t be quite that goth, but it could look really nice, no?  Anyhow, I was reading about how they can do ‘blending foils’ now to make transitions look a lot nicer, and that actually sounds exactly like what will help me, in the long run.  Who knew that had such a thing?!

But my goal is to not have to dye, anymore.  Eventually.  But with as long as my hair is, it could take a LONG time to grow out – by then I should be turning silver or white or gray or something, too.  (He found two silver strands when he was doing my coloring, last night – so I’m *just* starting the natural change. Yay!!).  Anyhow, I feel better about having a plan, covering the root growth, and getting rid of the brass.

It’s a good hair day!

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