´¯`•. June 17, 2016

And yup, I’m a day late.  You have NO idea how crazy yesterday was.  (Pictures’ll be put on FB, soon as I get a chance.)  We had our second Quest meeting, and third library event.  Both of them were so much fun… can’t even begin to tell you.  The first was for our Bubble badge, and there were crazy HUGE bubbles and kids dripping with suds, running pell-mell.  It was a blast.

Then we went to a hula-hoop event, and I got to… well, no.  I’ll just put the video up on FB.  In short, it was NOT what I thought I was volunteering for!  Daunting!!!   Then we all got to hoop it up.  It was reassuring, knowing an old(er) gal could still go-to pretty well with one – and it made the kids smile, to hoop with mom.

Sorry, tangent.   Thing is, I haven’t posted Sketch Thursdays in a while, because… reasons.  But now’s a great time to return to it.  And I probably should do a back-post or twelve, but how about if I just show a little extra, here?

WP_20160612_009 (660x478)One week we ended up using ballpoint pens and tiny Steak-n-Shake crayons
and seeing how creative we could be with limited resources.

IMG_4386 (660x335)Last week we put in our garden, so we did our plans for Sketch Tuesday
(as well as using it as a part of our Gardening badge).

Anyhow, as part of the Bubbles badge, we were supposed to learn about how whales fish for their supper with bubbles at the meeting, yesterday.  The girls presenting were *so quiet*  (<< stage fright – Aaron was worse – he octopussed Lydia and would not let go!).  Regardless, we couldn’t hear what they were saying about it – and really wanted to know.  So this morning we looked it up, and found a really astounding video of it:


Isn’t that just amazing!?  We were floored.  So we decided that we were going to sketch humpbacks feeding with bubbles.  And for once, the kids were thrilled that theirs totally blew mine away.  ((wink!))

WP_20160617_14_41_04_Pro (777x717)
Isn’t Lydia’s fantastic?  I love it!!  We’d hoped to do it under trees in a shady spot, but we found ourselves in a place today (Hudsonville) that manscrapes instead of landscapes, so there wasn’t more than a shrub or twig-like planting to be found.  S’okay, we had air conditioning, as the alternative.  🙂

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