´¯`•. June 19, 2016

Dinner with Boba Fett

It seems like Sundays are my catch-up days, here at the blog.  The day where – if I’ve been posting a TON of other stuff, I get to talk about real life.  At least from the weekend, if not further back than that.  This time, I get to go way further back than that, so there’s a lot of fun things to talk about!

Monday was the bummer day of the week.  It was the day that I confronted my penpal on what he wanted.  He’d been putting me off, and saying things that led me to believe he wasn’t really keen on continuing our correspondence, and I *HATE* it when something dies a slow death.  I also hate it when there’s a problem, and people won’t address it, so it’s like this huge elephant in the room (< to be utterly cliche) and we’re trying to pretend it’s not there?  Yeah, I don’t do that.  Anyhow, apparently he didn’t feel I was worth explaining the problem to, so he made stupid excuses about how he wasn’t cut out for writing, and he “could philosophize about it, but he won’t”.  ?!?!  Whatever.  We’ve killed that dead horse, so let’s move on.

Last Tuesday was awesome, in spite of my niggly upset. It started out (well, after school and home stuff) at a library event:  Tie Dye with Sharpies!  We brought t-shirts and alcohol and permanent markers, and did some serious tie dyeing.  It turned out messy if you weren’t going for abstract, but beautiful if you were willing to let the ink do the color manipulation.  Mine’s okay, Lydia’s is gorgeous… the boys went for characters (trying to manipulate the color), and that didn’t go as well.  But it was fun!

Then my BFF and I met up at dance, dropped our girls off, and went to an ‘antiques & treasures’ kind of a shop.  It was quaint, and they had a lot of stuff like what you’d find on Etsy… which is really fun.  It’s one thing to browse a website, but another to be able to really see and even handle the things people have made or refurbished.  I ended up getting a little (artificial) spiky plant in a cement looking pot.  Absolutely LOVE it!!

We’ve decided to start trying different food places on Tuesday nights, too… instead of just doing Taco Bell, all of the time.  I’m glad, because the first thing I started doing (after moving all e-mails to an archive folder and cleaning out my inbox) was to start cleaning the shit out of everything ELSE in my life.  Making changes.  Violets in the windowsill.  Pinwheels in the flowerbed.  Hanging up the hammock.  Stuff, y’know?  It helped that all of the things we got on Friday at the sales needed to have homes in the house, so I had a lot to work with, LoL!!

Where were we?  Oh!  New places to eat!  Well, last week we did the Dog King, and this week we tried a place called ‘The Great White Fish Chicken’.  Funny name, but homiGAWSH, was that food good. No, it was absolutely fantastic.  Reminiscent of the Chicken Coop, from when I was a child, only with a LOT more personality.  I loved every minute of it.  Anyhow, there are a bunch of places around, we just have never tried them.  It’s going to be fun to shake things up!

Wednesday was crazy crafting day, because we had our second Quest meeting on Thursday, and we had a lot to get done for that.  We finished our Campfire Safety lapbooks, worked on our Gardening Lapbooks, made three different kinds of homemade wands, worked on our presentation on ‘why boiling water bubbles’, and then we made FOUR different kinds of homemade bubble solution, and tested them on the deck.  Mine was apple and smelled divine, but didn’t blow for squat.  Lydia and Owen’s blew the best – just a huge stream of non-stop bubbles… like the AR-15 of bubbles.  (((<< Sorry.  I just… my Facebook feed… nevermind.)))  It was a lot of fun, and we were starting to really get excited about the Quest: Bubble Edition meeting.

Then Thursday came, and we were all shades of excited.  We made our way to Millennial Park (< a place I personally haven’t much of a love affair with, but it was actually perfect for our meeting… although two miles down the road is Johnson Park, and… less popular, more trees, more natural.  I’ll shut up, now.).   There were more people there than I was expecting – our group expanded by two families!  That doesn’t sound like much, but remember we’re talking homeschoolers.  Tammy (one of the new ladies) has SIX boys.  So… yeah, adding two families can be a big thing!

The bubbles were incredible.  There were people who used glycerin, one used funky old Dr. [Something] Oil, two brought store-bought mega-bubbles in big 5-gallon pails!  There were wands and bent coat hangers and stringy things between sticks… there were tiny bubbles and bigger bubbles and ENORMOUS bubbles.  SO fun.

And a funny: when it came time for our family to give our part of the presentation, the kids got up front, and Aaron FR-eaked out so bad!!!  He just grabbed Lydia – both arms, all the way around her, and he CLUNG to the girl – she couldn’t move, couldn’t get free… it was hysterical!  He’s one of those sensitive kids, and had a problem with all of those people focused on him.

Anyhow, we went home, tended critters and picked up Brian, and then took off for the library for a summer event:  HULA HOOPS!   The ladies did an amazing presentation of dancing, and they passed out dozens upon dozens of hoops, and we learned to hoop around our knees, on our arms, around our necks, how to ‘jump rope’ the hoops, how to do this dance move that was beautiful, all sorts of stuff.  I did it, too!  Pretty well, considering how out of shape I am.

Speaking of, I slacked off since the pool closed in March, and haven’t skimped my food intake or did anything exercise-y (other than tap dancing) for months, and I’ve decided to get back to it.  It’s time to do something about my weight.  More than that?  I have no core.  No, really – I incubated six babies in my gut – I have NO core.  So I’m trying to do some strengthening, and… it’s sore going.  But it’s going to be good, in the long run.

Friday was a big shopping day.  You see, I’m MILES behind on our badge projects.  We did Tie Dye as our badge, this week, and we’re supposed to do four different kinds of Tie Dye.  In addition, we’re two ‘Story of the World’ activities behind, because of a lack of supplies, and… so I really, really needed to get to Hobby Lobby.  We packed up our sketch bag, and went to lunch, did our sketching, and then went shopping.  It’s a seriously bad thing… because I don’t do well, spending $$.  I don’t like it.  And I went into severe sticker shock.  But we got everything we needed for several of the projects, and that’s good thing.

Saturday we went and got the rest of the stuff.   While we were out, we got our Shabbat fixings, and… I have to say, I’m DONE with running around.  Aside from dance and two library events, we’re staying HOME this coming week!!  Enough is enough.  But we got hula hoops (< the kids are ecstatic!), and succulents, and funky glue… and today we started whittling away at some of the projects.  We got our batik put on our handkerchiefs.  We got our oasis planted.  We set the ink on our Sharpie shirts.  We did our coffee filter butterflie tie-dye.  Just a day of crafty fun… followed up with popcorn and a living room movie.  But I have to tell you – if you do the batik without any wax paper to protect your surface?  It peels the finish off the table.  Owen did Boba Fett on his handkerchief, and the finish on the dining room table peeled up in the shape of a Star Wars Bounty Hunter!  ((<< Owen is thrilled – he gets to eat dinner with Boba Fett, from now on!  I… don’t care.  The table needed refinishing, anyhow.  Life’s too short not to geek over Boba Fett.))

And tomorrow is Daddy Day!  We’ve got special food and drink for the man, and offered to take him to the movies.  He’s still considering that – mostly he just wants to stay home.  Which is fine by all of us.  We can finish the projects we didn’t get to do, today.  It’ll be the batik painting and washing, then the t-shirt reverse tie-dye in Shikuri style… and sock puppets, and Byzantine lanterns.  (That, and the kids need to plant in their flower garden, for our gardening badge.  Before the poor flowers die in their plant tray.)  So it’ll be another full day, but that one will be home, thankfully!!

Still in all, it’s been a busy, creative, colorful, fun week!

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