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Volume II:  Chapter 6
~~~~ Islam & Desert Islands ~~~~

I’m still out of order.  Haven’t done a post for chapter four yet.  I promise it’s coming – we finally got the supplies for the craft that I wasn’t planning on doing (!?) Friday.  So it’s coming.  We’re just… keeping it going, in the meantime.  I can’t get off schedule.  It really is all about schedules, with school.  If it isn’t, everything goes to pot.  We fill in as life allows, but then… you probably understand that, right?

This chapter is all about Islam and the life of Mohammad.  Being that it’s on the heels of the Florida mass murders that we read it, it kind of had a tainted feel about it, but there ya go.  The story of Mohammad begins a lot like a Bible story, and I could almost believe that he might’ve been approached much the way that Moses, Noah, Joshua or Jacob was approached.  It’s not that far a cry.  The problem comes in later, when it morphs from something akin to an Old Testament recounting into the fantastical tales of Joseph Smith, who saw Truth in a black hat and declared Florida the garden of Eden and mandated body-sized permanent underwear.  Just sayin’.  Mohammad had the same thing – he looked in a scroll and although he couldn’t read… voila, he was reading it.  ?!

What really bothered us was that everyone who ‘had teachings of Mohammad’ were assembled to create the Qur’an.  In other words, whatever far-fetched story you want to add, brother, bring it!  We’ll make it the WORD.   I… have some issues with this.  Among other things.  (Like… have you noticed that the terrorist actions – Boston with a bomb, 9/11 with planes, Florida with a gun – are all the acts of ‘Islamic extremists’?  But we really don’t have Catholic extremists, or Jewish extremists running around offing groups of people.  You don’t open the paper and say, “Oh, shit!  There’s been another terrorist attack by those darn Seventh Day Adventists!”  You know what I mean?  I have issues with this.  Again… just sayin’.)  Yeah.  Moving on.

I wasn’t sure what the activity for this one was supposed to be, so I went to my favorite suggestion site for SotW.  She always gives me inspiration, a place to start.  This time, she had coloring pages (she likes coloring pages – I don’t.) and she had an oasis made out of part food and part Legos and… I don’t know what all.  Aluminum foil solar panel, I think.  Anyhow, it was an oasis.  Because the Arabian Penninsula is pretty much all desert with a few oases in it.

But I got the idea of making a real oasis… a terrarium!  (Besides, I’ve always kind of wanted a terrarium.)  I was looking at pictures like this, and wonderful ideas were running thru my head… which is fun, but not always a good thing.  Mostly because I tweak.  And lately tweaking has not really actually gone all that well for me.  Embarrassing as that is to admit.

So I should tell you up front – my idea for this didn’t exactly work.  If you’d like to do something like it but better… that’d probably be REALLY good.  Don’t copy mine.  Because I do dumb things.  A lot.  Routinely.  And my idea was to take a cake container (from the last birthday cake we got in the grocery store bakery) and do it in that.  It’s plastic, you see – won’t break.  It’s just the right size – a fishbowl isn’t exactly right for an *oasis*.

IMG_4623 (610x660)Here’s what we did wrong:  I wanted it enclosed, so we put the massive top/sides on the bottom, snapped it down, cut out a hole in the top, and put our stuff in it.

Here’s what we should’ve done:  We should’ve thrown the bottom away, flipped the big top/sides over, and did it right in there.  In fact, we have another birthday coming up in two weeks, and we might just have to move everything over.  Because the bottom unsnapped with the weight and… yeah.  MESS is an understatement.  Well… actually, it’s wasn’t terrible, because we didn’t LIFT the top/sides, and we were on it when it happened.  But it won’t shut, anymore.  And it’s unstable and can’t be moved, except on my rectangular baking stone.  Which is kind of… Anyhow… yeah.  Don’t do that.

We followed the instructions from this site (LINK), and had our aquarium rock layer, coffee filter layer, potting soil layer, sand from the sandbox and small rocks…

Here’s another thing I should warn you.  For a succulent the size of a baby’s fist?  It’s going to cost about $3.99.  It’s highway robbery.  I thought maybe silk ones would be cheaper/easier… they’re $4.99 for a little succulent, and they don’t even *look* right.  I swear, it’s a mad world out there.  So… yeah.  Dirt is free.  If you have a sandbox or beach nearby, sand is free.  Rocks are free.  Coffee filters are usually on-hand, and we’re fishy people, so we had aquarium pebbles on hand.  But the plants are a total freakin’ rip.  On the other hand… they’re gorgeous.  So there’s that.  🙂

Anyhow, I know you like to see finished project pictures, so here’s how it turned out:

IMG_4628 (660x471)
Still debating whether or not to add one of the butterflies
from that elderly lady at the garage sale…

But isn’t it beautiful?!

___________ OTHER OPTIONS___________

I got to thinking… what if you don’t have the time, money, or interest in making a terrarium?  There are SO MANY other Islam crafts that are simple out there.  So I thought I’d share a few:

Moon & Stars Mobile (alt pic here) – the Cannon site no longer has the templates (that’s why I didn’t include the link to the craft pages, they’re worthless).  HOWEVER, there’s a new template available, here.  Personally, I’d print out this wallpaper (or get galaxy paper at the craft store) and cut it out from that.



Mosaic CD moon Craft     4-sided Paper Mosque    Hand print Mosque

Hope this helps!

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