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Questing:  Campfire Safety!

So we’ve been working really intensively on our Quest badges, lately.  It’s a big thing, in our house, and it’s been good on a LOT of levels.  We’re learning things we never expected to.  We’re connecting with other kids/homeschoolers.  We’re getting our creative on in ways we haven’t before.  And we’re keeping seriously busy with it.  Our Quest group meets every other week to do a badge together, but we’re doing a badge focus a week as a family (< I have a family membership, as well).

Our group’s first badge didn’t go so well.  One family had an appointment and couldn’t come.  We were on an Indiana Adventure vacation, while another gal took her family to Missouri.  Only TWO families were at the meeting – the leader and her second in command.  So we were kind of on our own with the badge: campfire safety.

I’ve already vented [[[extensively]]] about the safety badges and how Quest is ridonkulous and hosed everything up with that.  But after having sorted out the mess and splitting things down to FOUR separate fire safety badges, we were ready to start working on our Campfire Safety badge!

NoTe:  We split them down to 1) campfire safety, 2) grill and flammables, 3) appliance and household safety, and 4) Candle, Fireplace, and Holiday Fire Safety.  In case anyone was wondering.  And yes, I create my own badges for them.  😛

The reason I’m posting this is because we created a Fire Safety lapbook, and I thought that it might be a helpful thing to share it, as we add to it.  Of course at the moment we only have the Campfire section completed, but you know that writing something helps to solidify it in our minds, so doing this up really helped us learn about the rules to remember when building a campfire.

Let’s start with the photo, since everyone loves pictures, right?

IMG_4635 (660x612)
I don’t remember which site I saw this on, but I loved how this looked, for a cover page.  Have the kids color with markers on foil, then crumple and carefully re-open to make it look like crackling fire.

IMG_4636 (660x300)

The inside of the campfire safety section of our lapbook.  You could do a simple fold lapbook and have this stand alone, easily.  I had the kids use popsicle sticks for their campfires, but ran out, so I just drew mine on.

IMG_4637 (660x530)


Distance graphic – http://www.dfes.wa.gov.au/safetyinformation/fire/-campfiresafety.jpg
Rules graphic – https://nationalsafety.files.wordpress.com/building-a-safe-campfire3.jpg
Smokey graphic – http://blogs.cdc.gov/smokey_busshelter060811-1.jpgMatches graphic – http://www.learning-years.com/safety-pics/safety_coloring-012.gif
Fire Rating – https://upload.wikimedia.org/Fire_Danger_Rating_Sign.JPG
(Thanks to) – http://crazyspeechworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/IMG_29973.jpg
My own graphic – https://annamatrix.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/firesafetytip4.jpg
Bucket/Flames – http://royalbaloo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/firemanprek.pdf

Additional activities, if you’d like them:


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