´¯`•. June 29, 2016

Questing:  Bubbles!

Our second quest group met together to do a study of bubbles, and I have to be honest.  Bubbles sound pretty basic.  There’s not a lot there, right?  But you’d be surprised at how much FUN it ended up being!

First, we found out what bubbles are and how they are formed from one family.  Another family put together a poster-board of Bubbles in art.  Another family tackled packing bubbles, and did an experiment on whether or not it would protect an egg from cracking in the event of a fall.  One lady brought a soda maker, and showed us how to use CO2 to put carbonate (bubble up) water and sweet drinks.  (It was great to taste, too!)  Another lady brought all different drinks – milk, juice, etc – and we had an experiment as to which drink we thought would bubble the most when a straw was blown in it, and why.  Another family talked about economic bubbles, while my gang got to explain why water bubbles when it boils.

There was a family that did the topic of how humpback whales fish with bubbles.  We couldn’t hear their presentation very well, so I found a video when we got home, and was the basis for our artwork in the ‘Sketch Thursday’ post that was put up a few days ago, but for the sake of continuity:


Our whales.  Top: Owen, Lydia.  Middle:  Ethan, Aaron.  Bottom:  Isaac, Anna

WP_20160617_14_41_04_Pro (777x717)

Back to the Quest event.  Each family had to make three kinds of homemade wands (we made two kinds) and bring a homemade solution (we brought four different ones).  We had a fun-filled evening the night before, trying out several solutions to bring along.  And when we got there?  Then it got crazy.

IMG_4428 (555x289)
IMG_4460 (555x429)
IMG_4468 (555x245)
IMG_4476 (555x416)
IMG_4477 (555x316)
IMG_4495 (555x370)
IMG_4525 (404x555)

IMG_4503 (298x555)  IMG_4540 (292x555)

We had a wonderful day at the park, making magnificent bubbles with new friends.  It was far better than I ever imagined.  And in the end?  We got a badge (and a boatload of bubble pictures!) to show for it!

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