´¯`•. June 30, 2016

cooltext165069886771831I’ve been working madly on editing pictures, this past week.  They keep catching up to me – here we are, almost July, and the last photos printed were from July 2015!  That’s not acceptable…!  So I’ve been whittling, and got August thru January ready to print, (and I’m still working on it – hope to have up to May done, soon!)  In doing so, though, I keep finding Sketch Thursdays that didn’t make it on the blog.  Mercy, I had no idea I was so behind on everything!!!  So without further ado…

WP_20160324_16_29_52_Pro (510x555)
Theme:  Not-so-scary Monsters

WP_20160506_14_38_14_Pro (555x312)
Theme:  Having to do with Cinco de Mayo!

WP_20160512_13_39_41_Pro (555x389)
Theme:  It’s Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan!

IMG_4710 (857x888)

Theme:  Having to do with a Magic Show.

I’m noticing a Yoda and Cheesball theme I’m going to have to put the cabosh on…

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