´¯`•. July 01, 2016

Noteworthy News

I no longer do Noteworthy News, so don’t get too excited… but today’s pre-scheduled post has been postponed, because I saw some things this morning that are definitely worth mentioning.  I have a feeling that something in the Matrix has changed, and things are going to start happening, again.

The sun has now been without spots for 7 consecutive days. Our star looks like an enormous yellow billiard ball.  The last time sunspots vanished for a whole week was in Dec. 2010–a time when the sun was bouncing back from a long Solar Minimum.
aNNa’S NoTe:  The article goes on to say that it’s the start of the solar minimum, but they have NO idea, and last time they announced it (<< the maximum) for THREE AND A HALF YEARS before the maximum started.  It was ‘delayed’… see Rev 8:1 for details.  But this is noteworthy.  Seven days, no sunspots.  It’s a definite sign that things are happening.  I also find it interesting that this is happening out there the same time as Brexit is happening down here.

I don’t know this guy – he’s a scientist at the University of Ottawa, apparently – but he has put up a video of a major anomaly that has never happened before on earth – the solar winds of the northern hemisphere have crossed to the southern hemisphere, this week.  Apparently that’s completely unprecedented – I’ll show you the norm with a little graphic: see how the cold air streams are at the poles, the cool air streams the next layer, and the warm air moving along the equator, pushing against each other?  Well, apparently because of the arctic melt-offs, the cold air streams have become cool air streams, the cool air streams have become warm air streams… and the waters are cooling at the equator, from the pull of things equaling out… and things aren’t moving in the same direction as they were, before.


This is cut/pasted from his video – the colored areas are the cold areas – dark purple being the coldest, violet-purple being cooler, and gray being warm/hot.  Note the ‘Gulf Stream’ across America is pulling from the gray area where the green circle is – that’s why we’re so hot.  Directly below that circle, you can see the stream crossing the equator – at the coolest (highest concentration of color) in the middle.

globe2 globe3

Another look at things from his data – the first is the projection of earth’s wind cycle, as they were expecting things to go.  Halfway thru the year, now, the second picture shows how it’s deviated, and that things have gone seriously wonky.  He said that polar melt-off has sky-rocketed this spring/summer to the point where there’s a possibility of a ‘blue planet event’ (no polar ice, at all), by September.  This isn’t from a weirdo religious freak, it’s from scientists running the actual data and pointing out shocking diversions from the normal patterns.

That’s seriously horrible!  I mean, can you imagine that?  The polar ice caps are the largest source of freshwater on the globe.  Trumpet two is the loss of 1/3 of the earth’s freshwater.  I just did a search on freshwater distribution, and 63% is in polar ice.  Which… frankly leads me to believe that we may be far further along in the Revelation timeline than I thought.  But then, I’ve been lost for almost five years, so that’s not a surprise.

… Off to go do some serious research…

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