´¯`•. July 13, 2016

Questing:  Teddy Bear Picnic!

The third badge our group decided to do was teddy bears, and I have to admit at first I wasn’t interested in the least.  I thought, “aren’t our kids a little beyond teddies?”  After all, it was a group for middle and high school kids, not for littles.  It wasn’t until I pulled up the badge requirements that I got pretty excited about it.

Did you know that two companies invented the teddy bear at the same time, on opposite sides of the globe?  That there’s an old story that an entire ship of teddy bears went down in the Atlantic?  Surely you know who the Teddy bear was named after…!

Anyhow, here’s the fun story – the fitted sheet to our brown set got a hole in it.  I hate to throw things away, so I was going to keep the bed sheet to teach the kids sewing on… I figured we could make little animals out of it.  About the same time, Ethan destroyed his pillow by balling the batting so tightly in it (?!!) that it was like a knot, inside.  The only way to spread it back out would be to rip it open and pull the batting apart.  So this was almost a year ago – and here we were, looking at the requirement to make our own teddy bears, and I had everything to do it, and had an excuse for it!

The pattern we decided to go with is found here: http://mollymoocrafts.com/teddy-bear-pattern/

We decided not to do the smaller detail work (the eye and mouth circles), but just use the shape for our ‘pattern’  I also decided to turn mine inside out, although several children chose to leave their stitches exposed.  But they turned out SO cute!

IMG_4740 (374x444) IMG_4745 (388x444) IMG_4748 (299x444)

IMG_4752 (555x416)

And no, I won’t be showing you the bear bare bottoms.  (I have boys.)

Then came the picnic.  We were all shades of excited – listened to Elvis’ “Teddy Bear” and Anne Murray’s “Teddy Bear Picnic”.  We watched a Build-a-Bear video and a tour of Vermont Bears factory.  We made our list of famous teddy bears (wow, was that a blast from the past!), watched teddy bear movies (Pooh and a Care Bears’ movie), and read teddy bear books.

Then we made bear paw cookies (based on the picture at Duncan Hines, although we made ours with a 3-ingredient cake mix cookie recipe, and trimmed the points on our kisses so they’d lay straighter).  We hauled up our old woven picnic baskets, packed up all of our favorite teddies along with the ones we made, and dressed for a ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’!

IMG_4755 (444x364)
Our Teddy bear blanket, fully loaded.
(We were going to have a ‘compare features’ thing, too!)

IMG_4756 (444x333)
There were even greeter bears, there!

IMG_4757 (444x357) IMG_4791 (333x444)
Pink lemonade, of course – and fruits and a bear cake!

  IMG_4761 (334x444) IMG_4763 (430x444) (430x444)
Recognize these two famous teddy bears?

IMG_4760 (393x444)  IMG_4765 (401x444)
There were all sorts of bears: socks, amigurumi, jointed bears
(w/dental floss & button joints!).  It was really fun to see them all.

IMG_4786 (317x444)

This bear came all the way from the Middle East – our friend Shawn got him for us while he was in Qatar.

We had a wonderful time – did some amazing projects, and got to know our bears, inside and out!  It was a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to our next Questie adventure!

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  1. You might like to see these bears. I understand they are expensive, but very popular! It’s just a few miles from where I live. http://www.stearnsybears.com/

  2. Now that you’ve done a few badges would you recommend Quest? Is it really worth the money or, if you knew at the beginning what you know know, would you just tackle the list and make your own badges?

    • I do make my own badges. 😉

      But at $30/yr for the whole family to have access to it, I do recommend it – *IF* you are wanting to do in-depth ‘unit studies’ of particular skills/topics with your family.

      If I knew in the beginning what I know now, I wouldn’t have joined the *group* we did, but I’m very happy with the Quest site and badges.


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