´¯`•. July 15, 2016

Volume II:  Chapter 4
~~~~ Byzantine Bling! ~~~~

Chapter four is seriously overdue.  I’m so sorry.  I had project issues.

Here we’re learning about the Byzantine Empire, which was really amazingly large (and comes after the Roman Empire collapses).  Basically the Roman Empire split in two – east and west.  The West was overtaken by not-yet-European barbarian tribes, and burned.  But it was expendable, anyhow, because it wasn’t where the trade was.  The east – Turkey as the capital – was the place to be, with access to the Silk Road and trade with China, the Middle East, India… so that’s where the Byzantine empire (led by Emperor Justinian) came into being.  And it was all bling, all the time.

The activities were about making costume pieces that had to do with the Byzantine Bling.  Here you can see Katy Perry sporting the look.  It was gold with jewels, mosaics of the body and jewelry.  It was lotsa shiny, basically.   And it’s got it’s own flavor, doesn’t it?

So I was mostly looking for crafts along those lines.  Most people do some sort of a mosaic craft, but we already did that for our Roman study, if you remember back to that.  I don’t like repeats.  So I was thinking we could make crowns.

Bitter Betty has an instructable on how to make a crown out of laces and jewels and… I could never find lace that looked like that at the craft store. Pointy?  Nope.   I might’ve been looking in the wrong place, but still.  Besides, my practical side was screaming that they’d be squashed and destroyed in 24 hours time.  I didn’t like the idea of a crown, it just looked kewl, y’know?

There were also little ornaments made out of pop bottle tops over at ArtfulMom’s site.  But I thought about it, and… while they’re pretty, if they’re pop bottle tops?  They’ve got to be small.  And that’s a lot of different little bling to buy, and then they’ll be falling apart and I’ll be vacuuming up bling.  So… nope.  Not this one, either.  Although if I include the ideas, then maybe you’ll see them and like what you see and go with it.  Who knows, right?

So in hemming and hawing and waiting to get to a craft store “to see”… which doesn’t happen, by the way… time passed.  This got put off.  And that niggles!!  But then one day I was thinking (rather despairingly), and remembered this little place called Pinterest.  Come to think of it, there were Byzantine looking lanterns, saved on mine.  What was I saving them for, if not for this very reason?!?!  So off to Pinterest, and I got a lot of different links to this kind of craft.

I have LOTS of jars from jams, salsas, pickles… YES!  This is it.  We can light up the deck with style.  So I went off to the craft store to get puffy gold paint, and battery operated little votives.  And when we got there?  There were scarecrows and pumpkins in the seasonal section, with Christmas being stocked.  It’s JUNE, for the love of Pete!!  But the summer stuff was on clearance, and whaddya know, they had little colored plastic water bottles for $1/ea.  And they won’t be glass and break/cut/shards/kids/bad!!  Yay!!

IMG_5090 (188x250) IMG_5080 (188x250)
What we used:  The tulip metallic bottle has an applicator tip.  The glue-like substance dries in about 4 hours.

IMG_5085 (250x333) IMG_5077 (444x329)

IMG_5087 (333x250)

Everyone got in on the action…

    IMG_5091 (333x444) IMG_5092 (235x444)

And our results were beautiful!!

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