´¯`•. July 20, 2016

Affirmations from Daniel

aNNa’S NoTe:  Daniel is one of the Jewish autistic boys who is given prophecies from Yehovah for the people of our time.  Some of them are just warnings to repent, but he really went into some reassuring detail, this time, and I really wanted to share exerpts of the translations from his latest prophecy.

Father, everything is going to run out in the near future. Around the world, everywhere there will be mass confusion. People will be walking around in shock. They do not realize what is happening, but they know something is wrong. They feel the ground shaking beneath them, and know that it is going in directions that are not healthful. They are being led in directions that they think feels good, but it is not.

Once, life was relatively simple, we knew what can and cannot be, more or less. There were people who were walking in improper directions, leading us in improper directions and kept it a secret. Today’s planned evil is different – the forbidden is allowed, and permitted is forbidden.  ...there is confusion and concern about how children could grow up with such confusion.

Now Dad, the evil ones are beginning to show themselves amongst the Arabs… We are beginning to see who belongs to what. Now the villains have become more courageous and show us who they are.  We have an upside-down world; a world that is enough to make one just sit and cry.

…And after the star devastates the world population, those who survive will be brought to the camps where the evil ones will decide who lives and who dies, who can work, who can be serve a purpose for their agenda. Their plan includes the majority of governments around the world, especially in the West including the Israeli government (who will be needed and who will be eliminated).

…I just want to explain to our people that the only way to save ourselves is to have complete confidence in Hashem. Even if you move into a bunker, have weapons, food, water and everything you need for a few years, it will not help you without Hashem. And, if you do have Hashem, He will take care of you; you will have food, water, electricity and everything you need. Like the Jews who came out of Egypt, the plagues did not affect those who had Hashem.

I want to explain to you that most Jews simply are afraid, and don’t understand that we have come to the end. Moshiach will soon be revealed, but we’ll have to first go through the most difficult thing. Hashem is going to destroy two-thirds of the world. This is something that must be. People cannot do such destruction, only Hashem can do that. Do not think it will be because of a nuclear war? It could include one, but it will not be that people could destroy the world. As we have said many times: “Hashem created this world, only Hashem can destroy it.”

…Our people are tiny compared to the world population; all real Jews do not take up much space. There is something like 14 million Jews around the world. Some who do not take it seriously, are not Jews at all. We do not know exactly how many Jews are real; only Hashem knows. Many Jews, who think that they are Jews, are not Jews because of all sorts of reasons. We can write all kinds of sources before Moshiach comes, but the majority of Jews would find they are Erev Rav, the mixed multitude. There are real differences between secular Jews, and it will all be clarified soon, who is what.

…Now, the big change that is about to happen in this world. We live as human beings in this the first human world which is temporary. Hashem will raise us up much higher than what was in the Garden of Eden. After all wars, the star, etc, we move to another dimension; Hashem will raise us to a better, higher place, like the next higher world of Heaven where souls await after death. It will be higher with more spiritual pleasures.

I’m very sorry that we have to pass tests that are so difficult now. The money and all the material things we have become accustomed to will go away. We’ll live only with the truth. We will not have to go to work; we will not have to go scrounge; we will not care each month about our electric bill; we will be with Hashem – literally. And He will give us everything we need. We will not need anything more than that. No need for a car; no need for a fancy house; only the need to be with Hashem Who will give us everything we need. We will be without an evil nature, and it will be a pleasure, with no barrier between us and Hashem. We will come closer more and more to Hashem, and this approach will include spiritual pleasure indescribable.

NOTE FROM TRANSLATOR: The message continues on for several more pages but not with anything that is so vital for us now. The above was translated by me, and was quite time consuming. It was very reassuring to read such information that matches what I have been covering for a while. …Hashem is the source and He is obviously giving us such messages to let us know we have “come to the end.”

aNNa’S FooTNoTe:  I underlined a bunch of stuff in this.  Basically, though, what Daniel is doing is confirming that we *ARE* about to enter the ‘Final Tribulation’ (or, vial judgments).  He is saying, however, that those who are true Jews (Romans 2:28-29) are going to be spared from that final wrath period because of their faith.  They’re not the Jews that think they’re Jews… it’s going to be interesting.  But I really do love it when everything between us is in alignment.

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