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Transgender Toothbrushing

G’morning!  Boy, was last week busy, and I have so much to write about, today!  I almost feel like trying to pack it all into a Sunday blog is a nearly insurmountable thing, anymore!  But on the other hand, it’s been nice not shoving ninety percent of what I write under a password, too.  I don’t know.

Camping Continuation.  The first part of the week was amazing.  We found ourselves facing a pack-up last weekend after having spend a week not at the lake.  One day was running around getting jet skis registered and dropping them in the water and getting supplies we forgot, two days we were in Lansing shopping for a new camper, one day was blown in half by a trip to urgent care… so we talked about it, and agreed to extend our camping.  Of course, we could only extend until Thursday (weekends are booked up), which meant we’d have to pack up Wednesday, but three extra days sounded wonderful.  And they were – they really, really were.  Except the sunburn I got when kids didn’t sunscreen my back for me, that one day.  It still hurts.  We won’t talk about it.  But I think they realized that mom isn’t just the BIG HELPER, that she’s a person that needs help, too, from the experience.  I hope!

Transgender Toothbrushing.  I… don’t like this new fad.  And I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a fad.  This transgender, a-sexual thing that kids are doing to garner attention?  It’s stupid.  And they’re everywhere… I was brushing my teeth in the camp bathroom, and this guy-girl thing comes in.  It’s nearly six foot tall, powerful looking, has sagged pants with the boxers showing, butched hair, chiseled features, and is as flat as a freakin’ board.  NO cleavage.  And it plops its bathroom crap down next to me and starts brushing teeth.  THAT WAS NOT A GIRL.  If it was, it was the most dude-ly girl I have ever seen in my life.  And I’ve had a very long life, already.

Let’s talk about Choices.  Now I am wholly behind you being allowed to be gay, transgender, tatt-covered from head to toe, addicted to drugs, Unitarian Universalist, Catholic, Democrat, WHATever.  You have that choice.  But I have a choice, too.  And as you should be comfortable in your choice, I should be comfortable in mine, too… and I’m not comfortable with some Ivan Identity-Crisis walking into the girls’ room like that.  If they don’t want to identify as male, fine.  Turn the Handicap bathroom into a ‘Handicap/Gender Neutral’ room.  But I don’t like this, and feel like they’re disrespecting me as a person.  So I’m – for the first time – starting to have a REAL hard time respecting their choices.  And don’t give me that crap about how it’s not their choice.   I don’t believe it, and here’s why:

It’s my choice to believe that it’s a major attention grab.  Just sayin’.  Take them out of the ladies’ bathroom… they’re not female, regardless of their choice.  They’re either just messed up in the head, or playing at a game.  They’re not actually boy-girls or girl-boys.  Experimenting is fine, but not when it causes duress to others.  That’s infringing on others, and it’s not kewl.

Sleep-over Silliness.  In the middle of this week, Lydia had a sleepover with her BFF.  Her friend is alllll sleep-over, all the time.  We try to put her off, but she’s adamant.  And she hates coming to my house, because we’re such a close family and everyone is together, here.  At her place, people don’t care what you do, where you go, when/if you eat.  Lydia dislikes the chaos and distance within their family/home.  But she likes her BFF, so she goes there and manages… but she really just wants to come home.  It’s kind of crazy.  And she hates missing out on things, and if she goes away, it’s a given we’re not on ‘pause’ while she’s gone.  She’s just lucky that I didn’t have an air pump, because the boys and I decided Wednesday afternoon to plop in tubes and paddle from one end of the lake to the other.  Except Aaron and Owen wouldn’t have made it, so I would’ve had to tow them in the blow-up rowboat… and didn’t have a pump.  Hrmph.  I’ll make sure it’s with us, next trip!

I got SPANX!!!  LBFF volunteers at a local thrift store one day a week, sorting clothing and stuff.  Anyhow, this weekend they were having a giant summer stuff clearance – everything ‘summer’ (t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, sandals, etc.) were 60% off… so we went.  And I got new boy swim trunks, which is… SO needed, let me tell you!  Also boy t-shirts.  But in the back of the store was a lingerie rack, and RIGHT on the end was a tummy/thigh trimmer in large, and it was real Spanx!  So I bought it.  Don’t laugh, I need it.

Wrib Wrap.  Anyhow, I have this theory (<< and anyhow, if you’re reading this, I trust you to laugh with me and understand that YES, I’m weird), but I think that when women have babies, the baby gets big in the mother, and the organs don’t have anywhere to go, so they move up inside of her.  I think my ribcage is wider than it used to be – because I fit the same bras, but can’t button the same shirts.  I think I’m out of place, internally.  T-Tapp teaches this, too, but she thinks if you ‘push’ your organs in’ once a day, it’ll coax them back into place.  Yeah, that’s not enough.  Did you know all cultures except the Western ones (and even some of them!) wrap the mothers’ torso tightly after birth for days, to push the organs back in place?  Anyhow, I’m convinced that’s why I’m always so easily out of breath and partly why I’m ‘wide’.  So I’m going to see if the constriction of the Spanx will help to ‘relocate’ my innards to where they were, originally.  Where they belong.  Either it works or it doesn’t, I figure!

MP4 to MP3.   We listen to a lot of videos on my PC, during the day.  I know that sounds weird, but I pick songs we like, download them from YouTube, and then play them from an ‘album’ in my computer, while doing other things.  Well, Lydia’s been wanting me to turn them into sound bytes she could play in the car, and we *finally* did it, this weekend.  It’s wonderful – and come to find out, my PC has *NO* bass, so half the songs are SO MUCH BETTER in the car!  Plus now we can listen to Mindy Gledhill all the time.  (Blush!)

Quarterly Meeting.  Brian’s work had a quarterly meeting, this month, which… word in the shop was that they weren’t going to have those, anymore.  So I was surprised.  Apparently they still are!  Anyhow, we got a nice bonus (that will help Brian fix his truck – it came down with an issue)… and that’s the good news, but the bad news is that they’re hiking our health insurance costs by $114/mo.  Health insurance is now going to cost more than our house payment!  They said if there were concerns, they would hear them, so Brian went in and explained that this just isn’t going to work for us.  As it is, we only hit an urgent care once every few years!  We don’t need to pay all that in – we haven’t met our deductible since childbirth!  Anyhow, they asked him to ‘get the vibe in the shop’ on how others feel, because Brian is quiet – kind of a sounding board – and people talk to him.  He says he has never gotten such a strong, negative reaction from everyone.  So the bosses are going looking into other options, but I don’t know what’ll happen with that.

Money, Money.  But Brian’s thinking we’re going to have to ask for a $1 raise, if this goes into effect.  (They don’t give raises unless you ask for one, at this shop – there are no employee reviews.)  We haven’t asked for a raise in half a decade or more, so… that feels wrong.  But what can you do?  I’m really proud of the fact that we haven’t had to ask for a raise, that we’re a family of 7 with one income that doesn’t have any government assistance, and staying in the green.  That we’ve only had one vehicle loan (and no credit cards) the past fifteen years.  Well, aside from our mortgage, of course.  But we live frugally, and this insurance thing?  It’s… going to hurt us.

Meanwhile (also Money)…  Yesterday was a giant ROAD TRIP!!  We desperately need a new camper, and I’m going to blog deeper in depth about this in a day or two, but… yesterday we put down money to hold a trailer.  It’s nearly in Detroit (Howell), but we went there, and I sat in it for half an hour and had no allergic reaction to it, at all.  It’s beautiful… but the guy buys ‘scrapped’ campers at auction, and fixes them up.  This one had water damage, so he replaced the floor in it.  I think that might be part of why I didn’t have a reaction – the flooring is different.  Anyhow, it’s got a salvage title, and banks balk at giving loans for that, so we’re going to borrow from our 401K to do it.  I think it’ll be okay.  And the price is low enough that we’re not as terrified as last week.  I’m kind of excited.  Okay, okay, I’m SUPER excited.

ANYHOO… I think there were other things I wanted to talk about (the people we camped by who want to homeschool, etc), but I… it’s… long.  And my house…!  You have to understand, I’m anal.  This is… I can’t even.  Just sayin’.   And there’s always next Sunday…!

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  1. alidansma

     /  July 24, 2016

    since i switched computers and I am nearly always using my phone for FB and stuff I hardly ever get to visit the blog. i have so much stuff I wish I could share too…but my life is a mess to catch everyone up to where I am…it just can’t happen. 😦


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