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Questing:  Hula Hoops!

I’m so behind in posting things we’re ‘questing’, it’s seriously laughable.  This summer is just so full of unexpecteds, and we’ve been coming and going so much…!  I shouldn’t complain.  We’re blessed, and we’re having a wonderful time of it, too.  But I really do need to get back on track and share about hula hoops!

10031lhI used to be able to hula hoop.  When I was a kid?  I could win contests.  Six babies later?  (((snort!!!)))  But that doesn’t mean my five couldn’t get out there and try it, right?  Anyhow, there was a library event to inspire them, so we planned on starting with that.  But the even better thing was that one of the girls in our Quest group did aerial silks and hula hoops – the type that light up and are really kewl.   So we were already starting out a little awed in inspired by what we were being told.

First, we watched our favorite hula hoop video (it’s one of those we downloaded because we love the music, so mostly we just listen… but pulling it out to watch is fun, too!):

Then – courtesy of Kristen, the mom who’s daughter does this stuff as her choice of extracurricular – I got a video of the actual Olympic like events in hula hoop.  We were absolutely blown away by what these girls can do… how high they can throw them and catch them on one foot.  It’s incredible!

And then it was time for the library event.  We hadn’t realized it, but the lady giving the presentation is the teacher of our friend Kristen’s daughter.  So that was pretty kewl, too!

IMG_4557 (555x278)
I actually shared a video of the girl on the left doing a whole routine, on FB (if you’re there, it’s still up, along with the one of me participating).  YES, I did!!  The Audacious Ms. Audrina called for a volunteer, and nobody was offering up, so I figured it couldn’t be too taxing, if she was asking novices, right?  So I went up there to help, and… homigoodness, they didn’t tell me I’d be – in essence – doing a ring toss over her head with TEN hula hoops, so that she could ‘dive’ in and do ten at a time!!  Thank goodness I didn’t miss!!  Yes, the video for that is still there, too… but I can include a snapshot, here.


IMG_4591 (149x222)

They taught anyone willing to take up a hoop a bunch of different moves and tricks and *WHEW!* is that hot, tiring exercise!  I was impressed by the workout it was.  We had so much fun.   Here’s a pic of my Ethan doing the calf-high hula with me.  We had a ball.  Funniest was Owen, who can hula hoop with his eyes shut.  He doesn’t actually wiggle, he just gets it going with his hands, stands stock still like a post, and lets it go down him.  It was hilarious.

One of the requirements was for the kids to learn to hula hoop for 30 seconds without stopping.  Ethan and Isaac can do it around their waists, but the others did their necks, arms, or calves.  We also learned all sorts of fun things about hula hoops – the rage in the 50’s and 60’s, the biggest hoop, heaviest hoop, most hoops, and more.  It was really fun.

Then we went to the teddy bear picnic, and we’d told Kristen that we’d bring our hoops for after the picnic.  Her daughter did, too – and she was amazing.  No, seriously amazing.  I was so impressed, and the kids were all having a ball taking turns – the one who was craziest and highest energy was a little girl named Gigi.  She was all over that hula hoop, and got a serious work-out in the yard with it!  (<< Then went directly into the boys’ soccer game, where she was their most aggressive player.  Where do kids get their energy?!  Just 5 minutes of hooping, and I’m winded!!!)

00000hoop (444x220)

But we weren’t done!  One of the final requirements for our badge was for the kids to each come up with their own routine to music.  This is my ‘Photo of the Day’ over at Facebook, today… because they did SO good!  And who knew Lydia could put together a video like that?!  Wow, that’s impressive, too!


Anyhow, we only have one requirement left: to use a hula hoop in an obstacle course.  So that will be coming soon… in the Quest: Obstacle course post!

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