´¯`•. July 31, 2016

Meanwhile in Real Life

Good Morning!  Y’know, I have been looking forward to this post all week.  Wanted to write it a lot earlier, but… reasons, I guess.  I should just do whatever I want on here.  After all, it’s my blog!  And it’s not like I can’t change the line-up of things, right?  Especially now – Monday I got sick of trying to decipher my scribbled out, changed, written-over list of blog ideas, so I created a posting log on Excel, and now I can just cut/paste/move/delete stuff.  It’s SO much nicer, and less paper!  … did I just tangent?  I just tangented, didn’t I…?

Our New Camper!  Well, this week was one fourth about the camper.  Monday we dealt with bank stuff.  Tuesday we got the money.  Wednesday we made the cross-state trip to go and get the camper.  Thursday I started transferring things from the old camper to the new camper.  Homigawsh, I had no idea there was so much weird stuff in our camper…!  I found sunscreen from when Lydia was two years old.  I found… well, it’s really actually kind of gross in the old one.  Been feeling that, but cleaning it just confirmed that there’d been creatures defiling everything.  Stuff is getting thrown away, and we’re going to have to try that anti-freeze bucket trap Brian’s co-workers were telling him about.  Because D-con isn’t cutting it.

PS:  All’s I had to do was start unloading the camper, and God sent rain.  It’s been raining, ever since!  Sheesh, had I only known that, I’d’ve cleaned the camper weeks ago…!!!!

Work Woes.  The second fourth of this week has been about Brian’s work.  Apparently a big machine broke, and the parts are hither and yon – emphasis on yon.  So they’ve been patching it and patching it and ordering pieces to attempt more patches… Anyhow, Brian worked until 8pm one night, and is working all day, today (Saturday).  It’s good for the paycheck – especially since the side work has dried up a little – but wOw.  Who is this stranger living a shadow of a life, here?!  I feel for him.  He’s exhausted and strung out over this stupid machine.  And it’s messing with our home groove.  Beware the groooove!   Grooooooooooove….

Weight-Loss Reboot 1.  This is apparently the time of year that I start to get my health on, because last year (second week of July) was when I first started swimming.  Lost 17 pounds, too.  Sadly, the pool closed in February, and I never got back to it.  First it was uncertainty of when it’d open (late April), then it was feasts and ‘we’re going on vacation’, then camping.  Anyhow, this week I decided it was time to get back in the water.  It was good!  I liked it.  I needed it.  I missed it.  I did 25 minutes, and wasn’t dying, so there’s that.

Weight-Loss Reboot 2.  At about the same time, I somehow linked to a ‘Military Diet‘, and decided to give it a shot.  It said “Lose up to ten pounds in three days”.  But it warned that you need to have a week of recovery between the sessions, so that sounded good.  Also, it’s all whole foods – not a serious starvation thing.  And it’s a three day ‘boot’, if you will.  I like that idea.  I know we eat like crap – lots of noodles and fried foods and sugar – but getting out of that rut isn’t so easy without a kick-start.  This ‘Military Diet’ has been a beautiful kick-start.  We’ve been eating better, because of this.  (I just give the kids more than I get, and supplement with some other stuff, too.)  It’s not as expensive as I thought it’d be, either – with all the produce.  Anyhow, my first round, I’ve lost six pounds..  Not even close to ten, but I’d rather have less than ten, IMHO.  I don’t like ‘quick’ loss… it feels fake.  ‘Less over longer’ seems smarter.  But I’m going to continue this, periodically.  And of course I’m considering in the interim re-starting the intermittent fasting.  It worked alright for me, in addition to swimming.  With the Military Diet thrown in, I’m thinking I might make better strides, this year.  Spanx are nice, but not nearly enough.

Me n’ My Gal.  (<< Shouldn’t have done that, now I’ve got a song stuck in my head!!)  Last night was exciting – I took my girl to paint class!  She was very excited about it – we’ve gone to dance together on Tuesdays, and she insists on tagging along when I swim (she likes the smell, sounds, colors, feel of the pool, so she brings Sudokus and does them in the bleachers)…  but we don’t go out for girls’ night very often.  At dance she’s doing her thing.  At swim, I’m doing mine.  Last night we did something together.  I was pretty geeked, myself.  Especially since I love the painting.

Schooling Stuff.  The last fourth of the week has been about schooling.  We’ve been doing a TON of projects, and it’s been a lot of fun.  Mostly craft stuff.  Some other stuff.  But I found out that EasyPeasy (<< that we liked, but was a little too ‘elementary’ for us) has a free high-school homeschool curriculum.  I’m over the WORLD happy about it – and plan to use it, next semester (should we be here).  It looks really intensive, and I think it’ll be more our level.  Anyhow, we like to do things slowly, so I’m betting it’ll take us a good six or seven years to get thru it, which is just about right, if I may say.  I’m seriously excited!

Out of Mind.  I swear, during the week, I have so many things to write about, that I mentally file away for Sunday.  And then Sunday comes, and can you believe I don’t remember a single thing?  It’s ridiculous, but there it is.  I swear, I get more and more forgetful every minute!  Or maybe it’s just one of those weeks…?  I don’t know, but I keep getting distracted by homeschool shiny…

Dance is Done!  Have I mentioned that we have August off from dance class?  I think we both needed a little break.  She really didn’t enjoy the summer session as much as I hoped she would.  It was entirely the teacher’s fault: she was all ballet, and didn’t put much into the contemporary.  In fact, the last class?  She skipped the contemporary entirely, and had Lydia come in and do the ballet for her hour of contemporary.  ((Lydia was not happy.))  If the teacher thought she was going to coax my girl over to the ballet side, she was wrong.  In fact, she just made it so Lyddie wouldn’t want to take another session with this chick, ever.  Not the best thing to have happen.  I am privately a little glad that she was exposed to some of the techniques that the teachers inevitably pull over from ballet into contemporary dancing… but I didn’t care for this woman’s teaching, either.  She didn’t focus on strengths or weaknesses, she just basically played games and did drills.  It was a dance daycare, of sorts… but we’d never tried it, before, so it was an experience, no?  Now I just have to figure out her class for September…

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  1. Carmen

     /  July 31, 2016

    Diets – you’re talking my language. I’ve been on a perpetual diet for 20 years lol. I like the jump start type diets because they seem to give me the motivation to continue eating healthier. I’m always looking for a new one to change things up. Couple of questions – you did this 3 day one during the time you were exercising (swimming) correct? You didn’t feel hungry in b/w meals? What about energy level – weak or do you feel it
    actually gave you some energy.

    Still enjoy your blog so very much – all aspects of it.

    • I didn’t experience any weakness – I had the same amount of energy as always. I did get a little hungry as it was approaching mealtime, but nothing that was too bad.

      I did *NOT* do it while swimming. I swam Monday, and then did the diet Th-F-Sa. It didn’t work so well for me, because it ran over Shabbat. So this next week, I plan to swim Monday, take Tuesday as a ‘rest’, and then do the diet W-Th-F, having Shabbat Saturday to enjoy the sabbath meal with the family. I think this might work, on a weekly basis.

      My kids liked it so much, they’re asking when we can do it, again. 🙂


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