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Questing: Oceanography!

One of the year-long units we did this year was a Biome study.  I’m still working on putting a post together on it, and it might be a while, but that’s neither here nor there.  The fact is, I had some concerns, because while there are a lot of sites that cover the different biomes upon the earth, there’s a whole ‘nother thing going on, under the sea.  Oceanography is almost more than another biome – it’s a whole additional study!

Enter on-line helps.  I read a lot of wonderful homeschool sites, and one of my favorites is HomeschoolDen.  (I should probably not mention her name, right?  I can’t imagine she’d appreciate it, coming from me.)  But anyhow, she’s done an oceanography study, and recommended a video series called ‘The Blue Planet’ by BBC that was amazing.  Lots of episodes, and a virtual trip down into the depths of the oceans!

So off to the library we went, and for the past few weeks, we’ve been having a glorious time watching ninja crabs, funky octopus, scrambly penguins, and more.  It’s been a wonderful video series, and I’m so very lucky, because the same library has ‘The Green Planet’ DVD series by BBC, too – which will be a lovely ‘finale’ to our biome study.  (See?  There’s a reason for the delay in the post!)

HomeschoolDen also featured some interesting ideas for ways to study the ocean.  She did posts on Currents, Bioluminescence, Salinity, Zones, Tides, and the Ocean Floor.  I’m not hugely about paying for homeschool resources, so instead of buying her unit pack, we went with Iman’s Oceanography Lapbook.  It’s really amazing, although we skipped out on the Islamic parts.

Anyhow, there are a LOT of fun crafts having to do with the underwater world.  The first would be ‘Make your own Ocean in a Jar‘… with the zones of the sea.  This we did to show the zones of the ocean, of course.  (Graphic to the right).  We actually ended up doing this THREE times, and it never did turn out.  Sunlight is just an issueful layer, apparently – alchocol mixes with twilight, and turpentine became a goopy mess in the top of the jar.  Just look at the picture, and call it good.

Here are some of the other projects that we decided to do to help fulfill the requirements for our badges.  Instead of showing our results (seven of each thing!), how about I just share the pages illustrating how to do them:


Paper Cup Octopus                    Paper Strip Turtle


Killer Whale Catcher Game         Moving Fish


Paper Plate Whale  Diorama of another kind/video (we didn’t do this one)

Another fun one: hand and footprint crabs & lobsters

And of course here are our lapbooks:

IMG_5644 (357x444)

IMG_5645 (444x333)

IMG_5646 (444x333)

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