´¯`•. August 11, 2016

Why I didn’t have Time to Post Today

  1.  1398 photos to edit.
  2.  Cleaning the old camper.
  3.  Moving things into the new camper/organizing.
  4.   An afternoon packed with whitecaps on the Big Lake.
  5.   Me on a tube squealing on said whitecaps.  With dolphin children in tow.
  6.   School stuff in there, too, of course.
  7.   Working my way thru someone’s blog (13 yrs worth!!!).
  8.   Working behind the scenes on my own blog (nitpicky stuff).
  9.   LIBRARY VISIT/BOOKS.  (Starting Ludlum’s “Jansen” series)
  10.   No time after all that!!!

I really will try to do better, but with the weekend pending and plans made and not being anywhere near finished with most of the things on this list?  I don’t know.  You might have to deal with some cheatish-ness.

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