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An End Times Movement


(From TorahDevorah’s site:)  Lately, it seems that the greatest threat to Judaism and the Jewish people today is coming from religious-Zionist, self-described “Orthodox rabbis” who are carrying on an illicit love-affair with the non-Jews and using their influence, whatever it might be, to pave the way for their integration and assimilation into the Jewish faith and people. Here is yet another example, as demonstrated by this excerpt from a September 2, 2016 “Israel Inspired” interview…

Jeremy: The soul connection that I felt with these people that are not Jewish that are living in like a Biblical rhythm, that are living by the Torah to the best of their ability,…
Ari: You know, it’s funny, the only thing you can say at this point is that these people who are not Jewish…
Jeremy: …not Jewish…
Ari: … because what else…
Jeremy: ...what are they? 
Ari: …what are they?
Jeremy: No one knows what they are. 
Ari: …and to me…
Jeremy: They don’t know what they are.
Ari: …that spiritual no-man’s land where you don’t fit into any box, that to me is almost definitionally a holy, holy, place…
Jeremy: …a holy, holy place. I just love these people. I mean the soul connection that I felt with them was more powerful than the soul connection that I felt with a lot of the secular Jews that I spoke with in Manhattan….
Jeremy:  …There’s a deeper connection that I felt with these people and it’s like a movement of historic proportions. And the truth is the Jews don’t know what to do with it yet, the Jews don’t even know about it yet. When the Jews finally get a taste of what’s actually happening all around the world, it’s gonna blow their minds, we’re gonna have to figure out what do we call these people, who are they religiously, who are they spiritually, what is their identity, can they move to Israel? Are they moving to Israel? The irony was I talked to some Jews in Manhattan that had more money than some states…they don’t want to move to Israel. …All some of these non-Jews want to do is move to Israel, but they can’t because of the government, because of the money, because whatever the reasons.


Anna, here.  I have to say, this article that I read at Tomer Devorah’s site this morning really made me smile.  Not because of the way that she took things from this article – she’s of the mindset that there are Jews and there are non-Jews, and there is nothing in-between.  Of course this is not how scripture says that it is – there have always been Ger who were willing to dwell with Israel and keep Torah, and worship Yehovah Elohim.  They’re included in scripture since the beginning.  They came out of Egypt with Moses!  There’s a long history of Ger (<< non-Jews) dwelling as Torah observant people who love the Lord.

VERSES:  Exodus/Shemot 12:49, Numbers/Bamidbar 15:15-16,
Leviticus/Vayikra 24:22,
Isaiah/Yeshayahu 49:6,
Isaiah/Yeshayahu 56:6-8, Jeremiah/Yirmiyahu 12:16.

But the truth is, after Constantine created Christianity, the ger that kept Torah all but disappeared.  There were distinct camps made, solid lines drawn in the dirt that separated ‘believers’ from ‘Jews’.  NEVER what was intended – see Romans 2:28-29 for the most emphatic and clear-cut scripture on that!  But ‘a little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf’, and when Torah observant churches of the New Testament chose to identify with the newly formed Christianity (leavening made of equal parts of New Testament teaching and paganism), the Torah observant Ger seemed to have been absorbed.

Interestingly, now – in the end times – there’s a re-emergence of people who are not Jewish who realize that serving God means showing faith by means of obedience to His laws and precepts.  They realize that the Christianized version of Messiah isn’t the true Christ, at all… and that ‘all is not right with the world’ – come to find out, it’s a ‘Matrix’ that’s been pulled over our eyes to keep us from the Truth.

The people are waking up and coming out of Christianity, coming to know the Jewish-born Savior who kept all of the commandments of His Father, and who is not Jee-zus, but Messiah Yeshua ben Yosef, come to the earth by humble means in order to bring a spiritual salvation to the world.  He will return Mosiach Yeshua ben David when He comes the second time, and will bring physical salvation, as well.  THIS is the Jewish Messiah that they are waiting for… while remaining faithful and true to the Creator by way of faith and obedience.

But now they have a problem.  This observant Ger who have come on the world scene.  Who are these people? They’re not christians.  They’re not Jews.  They’re… undefinable, but know and keep Truth.  They have answers, but they’re not the pat answers Christians give.  They live faith, but not a corrupted version.  They don’t serve the Western Jesus… they serve Adonia Elohenu, they keep Torah, they are more spiritual than most of the blood-born Jews are!  And they’re growing in number, quietly, across the world.

This is the church of Philadelphia… the true church, the church of the end times.   That’s the best I can do at explaining us, because they’re right – we don’t know exactly what we are.  We’re not Messianics – that movement sucks – that’s Christianity playing at trying to be Jewish.  This is… different.

The christians are mostly unaware, and those who are noticing are filled with anger and frustration over this group.  The Jews are mostly unaware, and those who are noticing are filled with anger and frustration over this group.  They fit nowhere – they are not Gentile, nor are they Jew.  They’re different… and yet they have a spiritual depth and a yearning for a relationship with Ha’Shem that many true Jews don’t have.  What’s to be DONE with these people?!?!

I know of a man who was viewed much the same, once upon a time.  He kept Torah, but He was different than the Jews.  He wasn’t a Gentile, but he seemed to be in a ‘no man’s land’ with a faith that was undefinable.  He was an anomaly… and He was amazing, but disturbing.

His name was Yeshua ben Yosef.

Isn’t it exciting that things have come all the way around, finally, back to where they were at the time of the apostles?  It’s been a long time coming, and it’s still a growing thing, quietly happening world-wide.  People are changing, people are being pricked by the Spirit to go in directions they hadn’t even looked, before.  I’m so giddy with it, I don’t have words.

A week ago, I had a chance to talk with a Christian man about this movement.  He hated it – the very fact that there were answers that didn’t line up with what he believed was unacceptable.  He couldn’t allow himself to even consider that Christianity might not be Truth… might be a false version of Truth.  He had no answer to the verses I shared with him, and shut himself down, completely.  This is what I initially did, too.  But the desperate need to be closer to God in spite of the teachings from the pulpit – to KNOW Truth and test all things against scripture – won out in the end.  And it changed my life.

So seeing this article?  It tickled me.  It’s worth sharing, and right away.  We’ve just entered the TEN DAYS OF AWE, the final period of repentance before the sealing of the believers’ names into the Book of Good Life for the year.  And isn’t this just a timely reminder of how blessed we are?  That regardless of blood or physical genetics, our God is one who has given salvation to all people – first to the Jews, and then to the Gentiles?

I love this!

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  1. That sounds amazing and so exciting and timely.
    I know personally that I have been pulled to learn more about the feasts, about the Torah, about Messianic truth and worship at the time of the Messiah.
    Time for me to get serious about it, methinks.


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