´¯`•. September 13, 2016

Our Yom Kippur

(aka Hiking: Kirk Park.  A Picture Post.)

Much of our Yom Kippur, you’ve already seen.  When it began, we were already well into our painting project, and it went on most of the weekend.

img_7024-555x319Kids like to help.  Painting under where people don’t see
is the best way to let the littler ones pitch in.

Then Sunday, while stuff was drying, we went for a hike.  Brian hasn’t gotten to go to any of the Ottawa parks with us, or to play in the big lake this summer.  The air’s been hot, but we weren’t sure how the water would be.  Still… it was worth a trip out.  So we decided on Kirk Park, which has a nice small trail system, overlooks, and a nice beach front.  We started at the pla(y)ground and did the entire outside loop.  It looks a lot bigger than it really is… it was only about two miles long.

Yom Kippur, we’re supposed to wear white.  Yes, even hiking!

Stairs…!  Why did it have to be stairs?!?!  She asks.

Ah, but SO worth the view at the top!

Oldest boy in silhouette.

Entrance to the beach…  a place to brush off feet, remove shoes.

The water was tumultuous, but not in a bad way!

Off they go… and BRRR!!!   It’s COLD this time, mom!

Playing around with pictures and light.

She shimmers like sunlight.

Meanwhile, big boys find sharp things and dig.

Brian gets out in the water with the little boys.

He even tries taking my tube over the waves.  FuN!
(Yes, I got in the water too… but I’m the one with the camera.)

We’re not the only visitors to the shore, today…

Ethan’s completed sea turtle.

We had the table all set with shabbat candles and a white tablecloth, but we decided to break the fast (we don’t eat for the 24 hours of Yom Kippur to ‘afflict ourselves’… as if painting for hours upon hours and then hiking a half million stairs wasn’t affliction enough.  *snort!*) by going to Red Robin for dinner.  I get a free burger any time during the month of September for my ‘birthday’, so we decided to cash it in.  Besides, unlimited fries in campfire sauce?  That sounded really good and warm!

It was a good Yom Kippur.  We accomplished a lot.  We made some pretty good memories.  And I got some great pictures.  No rapture, but then I wasn’t really expecting one, anyhow.  At any rate, who can complain?

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