´¯`•. September 16, 2016

Chag Sukkot Sameach!!

Today (last night) begins Sukkot – the eight day feast that celebrates the birth/brit of Messiah Yeshua.  It’s an exciting time, around here.  I’ll be posting pictures, as always, soon.  And if you want to read about the Lulav, the Sukkah, the Feast, Simchat Torah, Shemini Atzerat, or Hoshana Rabbah (all parts of this 8-day celebration), they’re on the right sidebar under ‘Feast Posts’.  There are quite a few, and I can’t keep re-posting everything, every year.  I do have a handy new index of them, though… and that’s nice.  🙂

This year is a bad one for me.  I’ve been seriously unhappy, this week, because my husband has been in Chicago.  This means we had to put the sukkah up early, I had to go and get the four species with the kids alone, and we had our birthday cake last night, spent our first night in the sukkah – just the kids and I – and started the feasts without our ‘priest’ (<< who chooses not to be much of a family ‘priest’ on a good day, but this year is extreme).  I’m not a happy girl.  When faced with the decision to miss this year’s machine convention as a show of how much his faith means to him, or go?  He naturally chose to teach his boys that you can shove aside your beliefs for whatever matters more to you.  Have I mentioned I’ve been pretty upset, this week?  Yeah… that.

So anyhow, Chag Sukkot Sameach!  I hope your feast is better than ours.  I hope ours gets better, when he gets home.  Because this is no way to celebrate a feast, bereft of partner, disillusioned about his heart-state, and sour about being forced into single parenthood in spite of myself.  It hasn’t been a good place.

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