´¯`•. September 21, 2016

A Pause at Pal’s Diner

Saturday was not a good day in our house.  Brian and I had been rubbing each other wrong for a while, and the Chicago trip/Sukkot blow-off thing just escalated the whole mess, which ballooned by epic proportions when he got home and took things in a whole new and craptastic direction.  We have little snits every once in a while, like everyone else, but this has been building for a while, and he’s stellar at doing the opposite of making things better (which can equate to absolutely nothing, but usually involves stupidity).  It’s not entirely his fault – I swear, genetics have a serious role in these things.

I ended up taking Lydia and leaving.  I wouldn’t have taken her, but I was going to try to find the new dance studio, and having her along made sense.  I left him the boys, partially because he can be a dadgum parent for once, by force, and partially because they’re little mini-hims anymore, and I was fed up with him.  She and I found the dance studio, went shopping at a Dollar Store (getting the kids each a present, since my a$$#@!¢ husband didn’t bother to bring anything from Chi-town for the kids – not even a pack of skittles from a gas station).  He’s one of the most caring, thoughtful people I’ve ever met, btw.  NOT.

We landed at the library, my cellphone pinging madly with “Where are you?” messages.  Turns out he didn’t know what to do with the boys, so he tried to take a page from my book and take them hiking.  Except it’d rained that morning, so it was a mud-slop trail that was one-way and they saw a snake, then had to backtrack thru mud-slop hell to get back to the car.  The boys weren’t impressed.  And after, they had no idea what to do with themselves, hence the text message inundation… as usual, relying on me.

It’s not like that level of suckage could continue, hello.  Eventually, we’d have to deal.  No yelling at a library, so we told him where we were, and the guys headed out to meet up with us, there.  I wasn’t particularly thrilled, but being pissed is exhausting, and I was sick of it all.  Him too, but…  y’know.  Anyhow.

So it was lunchtime, and of course the ball was thrown in my court (as always).  I’d planned on taking Lydia to lunch, anyhow… we were at the Cascade library, and across the street was an old fashioned, 50’s style diner in a shiny silver retro building.  It’s called ‘Pal’s Diner’, and so why not take the family?  Putzes than they were… they could tag along.  What’s new on that front?

It turned out to be a fun afternoon.  My kids didn’t remember ever having gone to an old-fashioned diner before, although there was one up north that we used to go to – Rosie’s – which is now sold and shut down.  I hear a car dealership bought it for the land, which is sad.  I’d once even borrowed a pink uniform for a play, when I did costumes for ‘Working’, from them.  Anyhow Rosie’s is still there, but it’s abandoned and forlorned looking, wp_20160917_14_00_52_pro-395x555and the kids have no recollection of it, at all.

We got to Pal’s Diner, and the restaurant was mostly empty.  We decided (with a family our size) to sit up on the stools at the counter, and that was just a front-row seat to watching the action.  Everything was so retro and groovy… I love ambiance, anyhow.  And the kids were just breathless with it all.

It’s greasy spoon, all the way, but the prices are decent, and the food is really, really good.  And of course the idea of stepping back in time never hurts, either.


Front row seats.  People came in and ordered milkshakes,
so the kids got to watch her make some right in front of them.

wp_20160917_14_10_12_pro-332x555There was 25¢ jukebox music, oldies on .45s, of course.  My kids were absolutely thrilled – it was all music they knew/loved.  (We listen to a LOT of oldies in our house).  They were singing along to Roy Orbison, the Everly Brothers, Elvis, Ricky Nelson, and Buddy Holly.  Each child got to pick a record to play, so that was pretty awesome.  And an elderly man came and sat down by us, and joined us in singing.  He thought that was amazing – kids knowing the old songs!

wp_20160917_14_31_27_pro-396x555Enjoying our meals while looking at memorabilia.

wp_20160917_14_52_23_pro-249x444I don’t suppose anyone remembers these things…?


Turns out the movie ‘Touchback’ with Kurt Russell in it
was filmed on location at Pal’s Diner.  Wow, that’s really something!

wp_20160917_14_53_14_pro-555x301 wp_20160917_14_53_21_pro-555x305And my boys were speechless to know they ate
at the same diner as Boba Fett and Chewbacca.  Jump back!!

So the afternoon was salvaged, and we had a great time together, as a family.  We made some good memories, ate some fantastic food, and sang to favorite songs.  Who can go wrong with that?


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  1. So glad it turned out happy in the end 🙂


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