´¯`•. September 26, 2016

He is Coming?

I had a rapture dream, last night.  Very strange, because the feasts are over (for us), and I wasn’t really expecting it this year, anyhow.  The Jews – on the other hand – very much are expecting it this year, and are very much excited and pointing to Torah Codes and Bible Codes and the prophecies of the autistics… it’s pretty intense.  One Jewish teacher I read is saying that redemption is less than months, less than weeks… likely days away.

And I admit that I’ve considered getting excited in spite of myself.  After all, my main reason for not thinking He will come this year is because Israel isn’t ‘downtrodden’.  But actually?  Israel’s pretty downtrodden, just not to the extent that I was taught to believe.  I don’t know… everything else that has happened has been much lower key than I was expecting.  Maybe this, too?  Maybe they’re right?

Regardless, I had this crazy amazing dream.  I was with Neo (not scruffy, older Keanu Reeves, but Neo from ‘The Matrix’.  He was young, dressed in black, very sleek, very Neo – the cinematographic Messiah figure)… and he was walking and talking with me like a friend.  He said that it was time, and that I had nothing to fear, because of my faith.  He said that it was about to begin, and all I needed to do was look to the sky to see it for myself.  _00000000000_

I looked up, and there was a giant red planet moving in front of the sun in the sky.  As it crossed in front of it, the sun’s rays lit it from behind, or intensified it’s own heat.  It was twice as big as the sun, and astounding to see.  I tried to create a graphic similar to what I saw, but… digital artist I am not.  This is the best I could do.

Then I went up, along with others around me.  It wasn’t a ‘flying’ kind of a thing, it was more like a spontaneous disappearance, like when – on Sci-Fi movies – people are disintegrated or teleported.  In fact, that’s what the people who didn’t go thought happened… that we disintegrated due to the heat from this behemoth, but it was a rapture.  It felt like going – and FAST – to me, but it was too quick for people to see what had happened.

Fantastic dream!

Then I got on-line this morning, and saw this:

I wanted to tell you what my young daughter told me today. She is extremely spiritual and has said things that could only come from Heaven. There are many stories of her since she was only five days old that would make your hair stand, and also bring tears to your eyes. We were riding in the car recently, and all of a sudden, our daughter cried out in Hebrew (she is totally bilingual) “Geulah, Geulah, Geulah, achshav achshav I see Moshiach in Shamayim,” (Redemption, redemption, Redemption, Now, Now; I see the Messiah in Heaven). Today on Shabbos I asked her to be serious, as she was playing, and I asked her “when will we see Geulah?” and she answered in English, “NOW.” I asked her whether we will see it before or after Rosh Hashanah; and she said “before Rosh Hashanah.”

Rosh Ha’Shana, by the reckoning of the Jews, begins this coming Saturday/Shabbat.  Which… if this child is right?  He is coming within the week.  Now, I have heard this kind of thing from people many, many times.  And they’re wrong.  S’why I don’t set dates, but have ‘most likely’ days in just about every year.  This week?  In my reckoning there’s nothing, but it’s the Jews’ last week of Elul, and those last six days align with the days of Creation.  So that’s very interesting, too.  But I just had to share this stuff… because in light of the dream I had – and it was SO very real, just like I was actually seeing it – and the level of fervor in Jewish circles?  It seems pretty relevant.

And you know I’d never turn it down!  LoL.

uPDaTe:  Another Jewish girl has a dream like mine:  http://habayitah.blogspot.co.il/2016/09/prophecy-in-our-days-is-given-to.html

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