´¯`•. September 29, 2016

Fernwood Gardens

These things always seem to be last minute, but Fernwood Gardens announced on FB that for Smithsonian Day, they were going to have free admission for just one Sabbath.  That day was last Saturday, and so we went… because admission to the gardens is $9/adult and $4/children.  So for us, that would be a savings of $34.

It didn’t actually turn out to be free, as the photo ad indicates.  It turned out to actually be a coupon good for ‘two free admissions’ per household.  I was kind of peeved by this – it’s called false advertising.  I’m sick to death of the games they play, advertising ‘free’, then inserting fine print.  It’s cheating.  Let your yes be yes, and your no be no, dang it.


Regardless, it had been several years since we were there (7/22/2012) – long enough that during that time, the railroad train had burned down and had been completely rebuilt, and some fancy-schmancy gardening architect came and built willow structures.  So there were new things to see.  We were curious to get a look at these things.

img_7897-555x369This also counted as our hike for the week.  As shown, there are extensive trails.

img_7760-444x333In fall, the colors are a lot more muted, but it’s still very pretty.


Willow structures.  Kids love to play in these – they’re the favorite thing, almost
even over the train garden.


Newly re-built train garden.  Three levels of trains,
all moving around the entirety of the structures.  Hardly different than the first.


Zen Garden.  It was barren – they need a little more green for balance.
Can you see the bare patches under the closer tree?


My favorite picture, this trip.  I like the contrasts.
Crisp vs. blurred.  Red vs. Green.  Near vs. Far.  It’s perfect!


There were pretty moments in the gardens.
It was the exception, though, and not the rule.


I tend to take pictures of the exceptions.
It was a fraction of how beautiful it was, last time.


Winter House.  It’s a wonder this is standing – the other side looks horrific.
It’s completely falling in on itself.  And filled with racoon poo and cobwebs.
From a distance, though, it’s lovely.


I had to crouch to the ground to hide the bare gunk that’s in front of the wheel.
It was really not nearly as picturesque as I played it off as!


It was a nice evening for a hike, though.


LOTS of mushrooms, this time of year.

Every fifteen feet or so along the waterfront (river and pond),
there are these signs.  I saw more printed snakes…!!!

img_7854-444x333Which, of course, makes me a little skittish when in this kind of place.


  As we traveled around the water, we heard beautiful music.
This man was standing on a dock, filling the air with sounds.  It was lovely.




I love the asymetrical symmetry in this one.  Weird, yes.



In the herb garden… it smelled so good.


There’s also a small indoor train/garden area we’d missed, last visit.

It was a nice afternoon/evening, but it’s quite a drive to get to, and isn’t being taken care of well, anymore.  Much of it was fallen displays, broken benches, taped off trails, and rotten walkways that were in too bad a state of disrepair to follow the trails.  We were pretty glad we didn’t pay full price to have gone.  Still… we had a nice walk, the boys found turkey feathers and we heard a nature flute concert in the woods… and there was enough beauty to make it worth our while!

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