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G’morning.  WEIRD morning.  I got up, and… do you remember that funny feeling of anticipation that you had as a child on Christmas morning?  That excitement that seemed to BE the air, that felt like it permeated everything, that was almost a living thing?  I woke up with that feeling.  It was the strangest thing, because I haven’t felt that way in… well, it’s been a very long time!  It being the start of the Jewish feasts (I think their Rosh Ha’Shana begins, today… or yesterday?  Not sure.  It’s a 2-day feast, so it doesn’t really matter.), it’s just kind of crazy to have that feeling today.

Orange Skies.  I opened the blinds this morning, and the whole world was orange.  It was surreal looking, out there.  I don’t know if it was supposed to be a brilliant sunrise that got diffused by thick clouds, or what, but it was funky looking!  We’re pretty wet here, what with thunderstorms from yesterday, and more rain on the way.

Prophecy & Peres.  There was an interesting article this morning about Shimon Peres’ funeral, yesterday.  In the article, it claimed that ‘end times prophecy was fulfilled’ in his passing, because of the enormous amount of ‘kings’ and ‘rulers’ that assembled in Israel on Erev Rosh Ha’Shana.  Did I write about this?  I should’ve written about this… that he drafted the Oslo Accords and won a Nobel Peace prize for it – this, the ‘blueprint’ for the 7-year ‘covenant with many’?  It’s important.  Anyhow, the verse that the funeral gathering fulfills (allegedly, and I totally can see it) is this:

And nations shall walk at thy light, and kings at the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: they all are gathered together, and come to thee; thy sons come from far, and thy daughters are borne on the side. Isaiah 60:3-4

Crop Circle Craziness.  There’s been another crop circle – it’s really late in the season for that, so… weird… but this time in Brazil (?!!).  I wouldn’t have sat up and noticed, except that I’d just read an article before that about how there’s a radiation anomaly over Brazil, at the moment, that scientists can’t explain.  (It’s moving north, too.  Fun.)  So that there’s a circle there?  So I was looking at this article on FB about it, and apparently it’s indicating something amazing involving ‘Jews’ on October 2, 2016.  Which, of course is Rosh Ha’Shana.  With the orange skies and prophecies and Jewish fervor over the coming Mosiach this year…  I just wOw, y’know?  Besides, at the bottom of the circle is ’43’.  Guess my age.  😛  Since I’m personalizing these things for fun, why not add that it was made on 9/27… my favorite number?  🙂  Just sayin’.

Broken Brakes.  Yesterday we needed to go grocery shopping, and so we met Brian in town, parked his truck, and took off to go and do our errands/shopping in my car.  Suddenly, the brakes made a horrible sound, and then there was grinding.  Apparently, pre-2000 brake pads were put together with rivets, so when they were going out, the driver had a ‘warning’ period before they broke, and noises to indicate what was going to happen.  Now we’ve cheapened everything from vaccinations to brake pads, and they’re just held together with glue.  Which not only doesn’t last as long, but has no ‘warning’ noises.  They’re just gone.  So I had to carefully nurse the car back (and later, home) on the remaining brakes, trying not to let metal-on-metal destroy the rotors.  Fun… not.  Today before it rains, Brian’s going to teach Isaac/Ethan how to change brakes.

Death times Three.  Death always happens in threes, you know this, right?  It’s kind of a weird thing.  Anyhow, this past week, I heard that an old friend of mine had lost her battle with cancer.  Two days later, my SIL’s dad had a massive heart attack and ‘died’.  They revived him (sort of) and trying to keep him alive, but he was unresponsive after 40 minutes of CPR, and there’s so much damage… even using the most expensive and rare of machinery and gadgets, it’s not looking good.  And then Friday night I learned that my friend CP’s sister had passed away.  She’s been in hospice for a while, and they knew it was coming, but it’s still hard.  I hate it when this stuff happens.

The Compelling.  Back in 2000, I got this weird feeling.  I was working at a bank processing center, and life was chugging along, but I had this compelling feeling that there was a big change due in our.  I had no idea at the time that we were pregnant, I just knew it HAD to happen, so I quit my job, cold turkey… and found out a week later we were having a baby.  Then, back in 2004, we were living up north, and again I had that compelling feeling that there was a big change due.  This time, I insisted to Brian that we HAD to move.  He hemmed and hawed a year (and in that time Frigidaire closed and the market in the area plummeted)… but we did move, even though our house didn’t sell for almost a year, after.  Again, in 2006, I felt a compelling to ‘prepare’.  I had no idea what for, but that was about the time that we started learning how to do things.  We called it ‘homesteading’… and we learned animal husbandry (and did beekeeping, goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits, dog, cat, and fish).  We made our own cider, learned to sugarbush maple from the trees, started having a big garden, and got into bread-making and canning and all sorts of things like that.

Time for Change.  Oddly?  I’ve been having that compelling feeling again for about three weeks, now.  It’s not time for us to move, and I know we aren’t having any more children… but I don’t know what is going to change.  I’m just kind of braced for it.  In that time, I’ve been talking a lot with Brian about downsizing.  I’m getting rid of things, a little at a time.  We picked the veggies, but I couldn’t seem to muster the ‘oomph’ to can, and it’s all going in the compost, apparently, this year.  (I might pick what’s left and take it to the garden pantry.)  I don’t know what it all means, but there it is: we’re about to experience another big change.

Gig Dump!  Brian said that our PC was full up, and that we had to do something about it.  So I started exploring our system, this week!  It’s fascinating what’s on a computer, you know that?  Anyhow, I was able to dump about 47gig from our PC, which I think is pretty good!  Some of it was stuff we got from other people, some of it was videos we downloaded and no longer use/need, some of it was clean-up of systems and other such.  Don’t worry – I looked everything up on-line and made sure I wasn’t going to do anything to the detriment of our system.  But man… that was kind of a mess!  And I sure learned a lot about computers!

Big Space Objects.  You want to hear something crazy?  While I was looking for pictures for this post, I keep finding pictures of big space objects.  For example, I typed in ‘full computer’, and got this pictureI typed in ‘orange world’ and got this picture.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Yehovah was trying to tell me something.  😉  Especially since the first one seems to have a Star of David in the middle of it!

School Stuff.  I really should be working on our next homeschool year.  But to be honest with you, for some reason, I’m just not motivated to do it, yet.  It’s kind of crazy.  It’s like those posts in the past that I’ve intended to write, but get the feeling that it’s not time yet, so I have to wait for something, but I never know what that something is?  It’s that kind of a feeling.  So I’m waiting.  Oh, we’re definitely starting our school year Monday – should we be here – but I’m just not sure why I’m being told to wait.  Mine is only to obey…

20th Anniversary!  We had a really good anniversary night out, by the way.  We were going to go to Red Lobster (where we went on our first date), and let the kids sample all sorts of different kinds of seafood – to wrap up our Oceanography badge.  But I couldn’t do it, when it came down to it.  I can’t intentionally eat what Yehovah told us not to.  Not even for the sake of ‘education’.  Besides, it wasn’t that great of a first date – I hit a guy in the head with crouton at the next table over (it ricocheted – it was an accident.  I was a terrible dater.)  Anyhow, we ended up at the Olive Garden – at this immense table in our own little dining room.


The food was delectable, and we even splurged on dessert.  Did you know they have tiny computers at the tables now to re-order drinks, call a waiter, ask for more napkins, and pay your bill?!?!?  Craziness!!!  Our waiter saw us coming (family of seven with FIVE kids) and must’ve groaned, but he ended up having a wonderful time with us – we stack/clear our own messes, and were having a glorious time with manners and being ‘formal’.  (The kids were stunned – REAL CLOTH NAPKINS!!!)  It was a great night out.

Pending Posts.  I’ve got other stuff from last week to write about, but they have their own posts coming.  Tuesday was… WoW.  And then Thursday Brian had the day off to do ArtPrize with us, and we ended up walking close to seven miles, by the end of the day – just to see art!  We missed Donald Trump by 24 hours – he was at the GRFord Museum exactly one day after us, seeing Artprize and visiting the presidential museum.  Ah, well!  😉  But I have a TON of pictures from both Tuesday and Thursday to share, of our adventures.

ANYHOOO….!!   I’ve been talking a lot.  Probably should wrap this up.  There’s a lot of other things on the agenda for today, and I just don’t know where I’m going to get the time from to do it all…!!!

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