´¯`•. October 11, 2016

Happy Ark Day!!!

Today is Yom Kippur for those who are celebrating the Jewish (2 Adar) year, but it’s also Ark Day for me (celebrating a 2 Tevet year, next year, instead).  Keeping things in their natural cycle in accord with the seasons?  We’re in the October ‘latter rains’ of the year – and of the world, for that matter, symbolically speaking!

On Ark Day, Noah and his family entered the ark and started living there, working there.  They were stowing animals, preparing different areas, and while they were not yet ‘shut in’ – that didn’t happen until Flood Day – they were dwelling in a safe place, in the world, but not of the world, ordained by Ha’Shem for them as they reached the final week.  There’s a lot of end times symbolism to that, as well.  And you probably already know how much I LOVE it!!!

Ironically, we re-started the OT in our schooling this year, and yesterday reached chapter 6 of Genesis.  Dealing with the Nephilim the day before, we’re AT Ark Day in our studies, on Ark Day.  I swear, I didn’t work it that way, it just happened!  But the kids are seriously geeked.  And I’m sure you know what we’ll be watching, tonight!  🙂

I’ll be posting the Bible Study portion of 1 Corinthians tomorrow – I’ll work it up today and auto-schedule it.  I know there are a lot of people who are curious as to what I do with the hot headcovering debate.  I’ve got a LOT of verses to sling at it, and was STUNNED to find male pattern baldness in scripture!  I swear, every time I open the Book, I’m blown away…!!

May your ‘Ark Day’ be blessed!

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