´¯`•. October 14, 2016

Post Pumpkin Patch!

((( ↑  That’s punny.  You just don’t know it, yet.  But I’m giggling… FYI.)))

Actually, this story is convoluted in a lot of ways.  It starts out with issueful-ness that marks me as… well, me.  I don’t do people.  You know this.  Everyone knows this.  BUT… I keep trying to find a homeschool ‘place’ where we might be able to a) have fun, b) get discounts as part of a group, c) have access to field trips I can’t do without a group, and d) get along with other homeschooler moms and/or kids.  It never works.  At the moment, we ‘fringe’ to three groups… a monthly activity meeting out of county, the local group, and the regional group.  It was thru the regional group that I got involved with QWMAaaa… and we all know THAT didn’t work.  I had a problem with the activity description.  They attacked my character in retaliation.  I left.  End of story, there.

Well, here’s where it gets fun: QWMAaaaa apparently isn’t really working for anyone, so the two women running it seem to have decided since their group flopped, they’ll just take over the running of the regional group.  And no, I’m not kidding.  There was a ‘not back to school party’ at the beach… QWMAaaa ladies turned it into a potluck, etc.  Naturally, we didn’t go.  They planned a Halloween party… QWMAaa leaders are doing the crafts.  Like that.  There’s not an event that QWMAaa isn’t neck deep in, anymore.  Which sucks, because I was hoping to still be able to do things with the regional group, and leave QWMAaa well enough alone… them having their group, and me doing something different with the other 241 people in the regional group.  NOT. WORKING.

Then, about a month ago, one of the ladies (not a leader) from QWMAaa posted on the regional page, and said she’d like to put together a group for middle and high school aged kids to get together and do things.  That’s what QWMAaa was supposed to be… so I was a little confused.  Could only assume that she wasn’t getting what she’d hoped from QWMAaa, and was trying to put together something different, but I wasn’t sure.  So I asked.  I said, “Forgive me, but isn’t that what QWMAaa is supposed to be?”  After all, QWMAaa formed out of the regional group’s membership to offer a ‘club’ for older homeschool kids.

You know what happened?  One of the QWMAaa leaders showed up and said, “It’s something different… and WE’RE INTERESTED.  Oh, and you’re forgiven.”  ((!!!!!!!!))  Holy Narcissistic personality disorder, Batman…!  I couldn’t believe that shit.  So basically, she was not only sabotaging me, by keeping me from forming friends by staking a claim on THAT newly forming group, too… but also lording out forgiveness when SHE was the one who’d attacked my character!  Screw it.  I hate people.  End of story.

Anyhow, so there was a trip to Schwalliers Country Basket with the regional group – an autumn activity involving picking apples, a pumpkin patch, games and animals and cider and donuts.  Sounds fun, right?  So I signed up… and saw that the QWMAaa leader was signed up.  And… and… I’m sorry, but I think she’s a nasty person.  And I get the feeling this is all on purpose, but that could just be me, paranoid and frustrated.

Long story short, I cancelled.  Couldn’t Didn’t want to do it.  And then I remembered that a family friend drives tractor for Post Family Farms, which is an autumn activity place, with wagon rides, pumpkin patch, corn maze, animals, donuts and cider, games and more.  So I shot off a message to my friend to see if he’d be there, and took the kids in the opposite direction, to have our own autumn adventure!

img_8317-520x555All ready to go!

img_8318-485x555Our friend, Terry.  I’ve known him since I was fifteen.
We used to camp every summer at the lake, our families, together.


We were so happy to be in Terry’s wagon.  Makes it special!


Out to the back forty for some fun.  Look at all the pumpkins!!


Are you smart enough to outwit the corn maze?


Clues at each corner, in case you end up at the same place, twice.


Goodness, that corn is TALL!!  Up over my raised arm!


Cutting back across the pumpkin patch to the wagons.
We decided to wait for Brian to pick our pumpkins, and passed on these.


Except as we were walking, this little guy called out to us.
We brought him home as our souvenir!


There were horsedrawn wagon rides, but the kids needed a potty break SOOOO badly.  The lady who took my ¢ for the little gourd said there’d be one more run, and we could just take that.  So we passed on the wagon for the watercloset.  Sadly, that WAS the last run, and so we didn’t get to ride the horses.  But while finding the bathrooms, we found THIS.  Apparently there’s going to be a wedding at the farm, and it was all beautified up for it.  Lovely!


Pumpkin wagon rides for the kids.  We had plenty yet to do!


Pump duck races.  You pump water and try to send your duck down, fastest!


Aaron, in a whole new kind of slide!


Rope maze.  Aaron made it thru, first.
(I had NO idea how abysmal Isaac’s sense of direction is.
He got lost in the corn maze, too… insisted he had the right way.  Nope!)


Lucky for us, he can find his way out of a tube.  ROFL!!


Swinging from ropes in a ‘haymow’.


How good is YOUR balance?  (I like the pumpkin tree, too!)

img_8402-247x555 img_8409-381x555

THE FAVORITE thing, though, was the ziplines.


And here’s where my trip went south, in a bad way.  See this nice gentleman?  He was helping the kids figure out how to get on, and for the little ones, he’d help them up, because they are just too small to do it alone.  My kids were thrilled someone was doing a mitzvah for others, and were grateful for his help.  Isaac figured out from him how to do it, so he could help Owen after he left.

img_8419-416x555Working together to make it happen.  🙂

Then this little boy comes along, and Isaac is helping Owen, and the other boy is just too small, so I move over to help him.  “I don’t need your help.”  He snaps at me, and he’s losing the rope, and I grab it and take it back to him, and figure, ‘Okay, I won’t touch him, I’ll just steady the rope.’  He screams RIGHT IN MY FACE, “I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Screams at me.  Holy shiiiit!! So I throw my hands up, and walk away.  A nearby guy saw, and gave me this, “Kids today…!” eyeroll.  I was pretty upset, though.  What ever happened to respecting your elders, and being kind to others?!!

Anyhow, he struggled.  And struggled.  And struggled.  And there’s a long line of kids, and he can’t do it.  And you’re OUT OF YOUR MIND if you think I was going to help that little shit again.   So he was starting to look for help, and I stepped out of his sightline.   Where was his mother, you ask?  Chitty-chatting and not paying attention to her kids, of course!  FINALLY, she shows up, and rushes over.  “OH, HONEY…!!  Do you need help?”

Yeah.  That.  This is why I’ve decided I’ll never work in customer service, again.   I just read an article yesterday about how – since vaccinations have been bundled and cheapened, behavior-related ‘conditions’ in children have increased in diagnosis by 90%.  Not that I’m saying it’s all vaccination – I think it’s half and half bad parenting… but I want nothing to do with other people’s kids.


We moved on to something else.  Tire horses!


Can’t not post a picture of this pretty girl.
She doesn’t get into the games and slides, but she enjoys herself, too.

Anyhow, we had a great time, overall… considering it was a venue with LOTS of people, and we’re pretty anti-social, anymore.  In fact, I’m asking myself more and more whether or not we really even NEED to be socializing in groups with other people’s kids.  Honestly, my kids are impeccably behaved [in public], well-rounded, and do just fine with each other as friends.  I’m just… not liking what I see out there, today.  It’s a different world, a world we’re trying to combat so that we can retain that which is good and upright and gracious.  And I don’t see that – definitely not in public school kids/parents, and not even in homeschool kids/parents.

I’m giving it until the end of the year.  And then I quit the social scene, altogether.  If we’re not raptured, first (Dear God, please?).

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  1. Ninnies

     /  October 16, 2016

    Vaccines have nothing to do with the kid’s behavior. Bad parenting is to blame…


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