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Patchwork Blog

G’morning.  Astoundingly, I’m not feeling horribly rushed or pressed or anything else… and usually this time of year I’m absolutely frantic, about the end of October.  Instead, it’s crunching thru leaves and caramel coffee, relaxing with books and doing little crafts with the kids.  It’s really, really good, by the way.  Instead, it seems like everything has shifted to November.  Just looking at my November calendar scares me!

Lisbeth Salander.  A long time ago, my mom bought me the second two books in the ‘Millenium’ trilogy, knowing I’d read the books and loved them, and she saw them at a yard sale.  (Actually, she didn’t know what they were, and she didn’t know I loved them, but she’d seen me with one, and saw the title later and picked it up, just ‘cuz… and she happened to hit it right, unintentionally.)  But I didn’t have book #1… and it’s taken me years to break down and spend the $6 on Amazon to get a used copy.  So this week, I’ve been curled up and reading all of the Steig Larsson books.  Then, to my great thrill?  I found out another Swedish author took up after Steig died, and wrote another book.  It was GOOD!!!  So I did some hunting, and it turns out he’s doing a trilogy of his own (books 4-6).  I’m thrilled.  No, THRILLED!!!  Also, Sony Pictures has bought the rights to the new trilogy.  (Sweden did a film series of the first three books, and the US tried to do it, too, but failed miserably next to the Swedish version.  Apparently they’re going to give it another, better go… doing the second trilogy.  Happy!!!!

Once Upon a Time.  Last night we finished the fifth season of a TV series we’d fallen in love with a couple years ago.  We don’t watch television, but we will occasionally get a season of a show, and blitz it.  It’s been ‘Once’, recently.  But I didn’t care for this season.  To the point where we’re thinking we’re not going to continue watching further seasons.  The pentagrams, the demons, the undead, the purgatory references… and then they led into a whole ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ thing for next season, that seriously wigged the kids out.  That’s… not fairy tale, that’s classic horror, and done in a way that *isn’t* family friendly.   We’re out.   I’m leaning towards taking up Smallville, in the wee cold, late hours of the winter.  I think the kids might like that.

The Not-Going-To-Happen Penpal.  I did a dumb thing, this week.  I went to the site where I’d met last year’s pen-pals, and looked around.  I haven’t been in half a year… mostly because things moving along fine here at the blog, again… and I don’t really need to write about a LOT (although a private vent may be coming up, soon).  But the weirdest thing.  I typed in my ‘search’ items (I have certain things I look for in a pen-pal)… and there was someone there that I swear was fishing for me, specifically.  An ad requesting correspondence with a married white woman, between 40 and 60, slightly chubby, happily married (it’s not a dating thing, it’s a writing thing), who wanted to write daily (he was adamant about the daily part of things), who was into music and literature and history and…  You ever feel like something’s just pointed at you?  I’m probably paranoid (in fact, yes.  I’m slightly admittedly paranoid), but it really felt like being targeted.  Which is why I would never in a million years answer that ad. It’s been wigging me out, ever since.  Need to NOT go back and browse, anymore!

When Death Draws Near.  I said last week that my grandmother passed away.  (Technically step-grandmother, but she’e been with my grandpa since I was seven, so pretty much all my life.)  Well, we went to the visitation on Tuesday.  (Brian can’t get off work for the funeral of a spouse’s step-grandparent, and I wouldn’t want him to have to, anyhow.  We weren’t close to her.)  Anyhow, we got to talk to my aunt/uncle, and cousin Aaron/wife… but that’s all that showed up.  No other family bothered.  I heard another cousin [John] was driving down for the funeral (<< the one who was my bestie, every summer growing up), but he’s changed so much, I just didn’t see the point of going to see him, specifically.  It’d’ve just depressed me, and I’m doing SO well, these days.  Anyhow, the night of the visitation, we found out that the guy who hosted the 40th birthday party for [another of] my cousin[s] up north – that we went up to Buckley for in September?  He had a heart aneurysm and died.  He was 37 years old and had four children under 10.  It hit my cousin Steve pretty hard.  It bothered me, too.  So young!  So horribly unexpected.  Mercy, it was a week of sober reflection on mortality, lemme tell ya!

Costume Party!  Lydia’s dance class costume party went much better, this year.  Last year nobody dressed up (as she’d feared), so it was a good thing that I’d dressed with her, for camaraderie’s sake.  But this year a LOT of people dressed up, so it was much better.  She’s happier, now that she’s landed and is able to just dance.  No technique emphasis, no laissez-faire administration… it’s good for her.  Which is good for me.

Speaking of Costumes…  I got them pretty much ALL done, Monday.  All that’s left is some hot glue on shoes (should take five minutes, tops), and stringing rocks on twine… once Brian drills the rocks.  Hopefully this evening.  The costumes came together SO easily, and we got some compliments at dance.  I think it’s good for us, this year.  Mostly the kids love running around in them, at home.  That’s the kewl thing about these costumes: unlike ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Oz’, ‘Muppets’ or ‘Star Wars’, they don’t have to be careful with these costumes.  They can play in them, which is all the better!

Londonderry Air.  I’ve attempted to get back to learning a new piece of music every month, and for October, it was a very odd version of Londonderry Air (aka ‘Danny Boy’) done on three staves with the hands crossed for most of the piece.  May I just say that playing the piano cross-armed, is rather odd?  Probably something like reading music cross-eyed.  I’m not sure who comes up with these ideas.  Brian walked in on me, one afternoon, and said, “What in the WORLD are you doing?!?!”  Maybe I should pick something a little more trad for November, eh?

Travel Blogs.  I’ve discovered something new.  (It’s Facebook’s fault).  Some hiker dude did the entire PCT (Pacific Cresty Trail thinger… it’s a 2000+mile hike that takes about five months and goes from Mexico to Canada.  He took a one-second video every day of his hike, and we watched it… and I fell in LUST with this trail.  Not that I want to hike for five months straight, hello… I just thought it was amazing.  Anyhow, it turns out there are a TON of hike blogs about people’s experiences on this thing.  A divorced woman getting over her heartbreak.  Newlyweds taking the trail as their honeymoon.  Two kids (and their parents) from Scotland attempting the thing.  Hippies, photographers… I’ve got new reading material.  Yay!!!

Pumpkin Prattle.  We stopped and picked up pumpkins at our favorite place – it’s a house about six miles up the road, and pumpkins are $1, and all gourds and baby squash are free, so there’s stuff for a nice table decoration setting, too.  (Week after Halloween, everything is free.  I don’t have the freezer space, or that’d be fabulous for stocking up!)  Anyhow, the kids decided again to draw on their pumpkins instead of carve them.  I think they like that better, because they get to do it… I won’t let the boys at a pumpkin with a knife!  They turned out okay.

X-mess stupidity.  Trying to plan a holiday getaway in December is a PAIN in the arse, may I just say that out loud?!  People celebrate X-mess mid-November, apparently.  All holiday bazaars, festivals, parades, and events are between November 15th and December 12th, apparently.  Nothing anywhere near the actual X-mess holiday, and I don’t know why.  Dance class lets out for the holidays.  Schools let out for the holidays.  So… where are these people going?  What are they doing?  Nothing is happening to go to or do!!!  I’m frustrated as all-get-out, but nevermind…!!

Anyhow…!  I suppose I should go.  This has sat on the desktop all day, and while it started out ‘Good morning’, it’s ending ‘Good night’.  What can I say?  When the weekend comes, I hang more with the family and less on on-line.  Which is the way it should be, right?  (That’s what I thought, too.)

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